Fencing for polycarbonate beds - a combination of

Country plot - a great place to relax. And I want this holiday to be not only useful, but also enjoyable. For example, a suitable situation in the house, the very landscape of the site, colors and materials should be selected.

But let's not talk about everything, but let’s focus on the materials used - after all, they are the basis of the suburban area.

Nothing extra - everything is reserved and strictly

Polycarbonate for a country site

Before we get acquainted with the process of manufacturing polycarbonate fencing, let's look at its specifications.

Positive traits

  • Perhaps the main advantage of polycarbonate is increased fire resistance.. The material does not burn, its surface melts only when directly exposed to fire.
  • Also worth noting is the increased strength to mechanical shocks.. Of course, if you hit it with a hammer, then the material will be damaged, otherwise, all random contacts will only scratch the surface.
  • Polycarbonate has another technical advantage - flexibility.. This allows him to take almost any form.

Note! It is very important to consider also the load that will be carried out on the curved sheet.

  • In addition, another important advantage is the ability to do it yourself.. This is what will be discussed after you become familiar with all the qualities of the material.
  • For many, appearance is very important, since polycarbonate has this quality.. There are several shades on the domestic market: from standard red and blue, to expensive metallic colors.

Negative properties

Although the price of the material is quite democratic, there are some unpleasant flaws that you should know in advance:

  • Polycarbonate is afraid of ultraviolet rays. Of course, its surface does not deform when exposed to the sun, but the colors become more faded and muddy.

Note! Buying more expensive material that is produced with a special protective film, you can avoid the adverse effects of the sun.

  • Lack of warm expansion. This is important to consider when carrying out installation work during the cold season; the material loses its former elasticity and becomes more rigid.
  • Any damage to the polycarbonate, whether it is a scratch or a dent, will stand out against the background.. It is not subject to restoration, only to be replaced.

Installation of fencing for polycarbonate beds

In this section, we will tell you in detail about what needs to be done so that the polycarbonate fence is reliable and beautiful. The process consists of several stages.

Preparation of tools and materials

Required tools:

  • Be sure you need a drill and a set of drills.
  • Screwdriver significantly speed up the workflow.
  • Jigsaw is very effective when cutting polycarbonate. If a jigsaw cannot be purchased, it can be replaced with a hacksaw for metal with fine teeth.
  • Roulette.
  • Building level.

As for materials:

  • Polycarbonate sheets.
  • Material for the frame.

Tip! It is better to use lightweight and durable aluminum. It is the fence for the beds of aluminum and polycarbonate is considered the most practical and effective for country houses.

In the photo, you can replace how strong the aluminum frame can be.

  • Fasteners: screws, metal corners.
  • First of all it is necessary to prepare a plot of land where installation work will be carried out.
  • After that, proceed to the installation of the aluminum frame.
  • For greater strength, all the elements among themselves should be fastened by welding.
  • Initially, vertical racks of the required shape are fastened together.
  • Then the whole frame is pulled by horizontal crossbars.

Preparatory work

Now that the frame of our future greenhouse fence is ready, you can proceed to install it on the site.

  • In those places where vertical pillars will be installed on the ground, it is necessary to prepare the foundation.
  • It is not necessary to use cement and sand, it is enough to dig a trench 30-40 cm deep around the perimeter of the greenhouse.
  • Pour half of the sand with rubble and thoroughly tamp.
  • Now that the foundation is ready, the prepared frame elements should be placed so that the possibility of fixing polycarbonate remains.
  • Between themselves, aluminum racks are better mounted on screws using metal corners.
  • For greater reliability, it is possible to lower the lower part of the fence below the ground level by 5-10 cm.

Frame installation

Together with the frame should be made below ground level and polycarbonate

Important! Be sure to use diagonal braces on the roof of the structure. This will reduce the burden of snow in winter.

Polycarbonate mount

  • The first thing you need to cut the material in size. To do this, use a jigsaw or hacksaw, and scissors for metal and plastic will do.

Try to cut material on a flat surface.

  • The edges of the polycarbonate, it is desirable to process with sandpaper to remove all the irregularities and burrs.
  • Take in the hands of the screwdriver and screws for metal.
  • Press the material to the aluminum frame from the outside and screw in 4 screws in the corners.

The most convenient way to work on the ground

  • Check the evenness of the product.

Note! Polycarbonate should not overlap, it is better to leave a small gap of 3-4 mm between the sheets.

Now that everything is ready, it remains to scroll the material around the perimeter with self-tapping screws and the fence for polycarbonate beds is ready (see also the article Modern Garden Fences). As you can see, nothing difficult, the main thing is the phased planning of all actions.

Features polycarbonate fencing

The above instructions will help to make a greenhouse, but this is not enough, you must remember the three rules for working with polycarbonate:

  • First, it must be remembered that polycarbonate has a certain bend angle, after which the material may break. This is important in cases where the design of the fence has a rounded shape.

Pulling the screws should be as laying polycarbonate

  • Secondly, it is necessary to use galvanized fasteners, which over time will not rust, and spoil the polycarbonate. If you doubt the quality of fasteners, use self-tapping screws with a rubberized head, which eliminates the contact of the metal with the surface of the plastic.

Self-tapping screws can be replaced with bolts with special mounting plates.

  • Thirdly, it is better to cut the material in a warm time or indoors, in the cold its structure becomes rigid and the likelihood of chipping and cracking is high.


If you need not only a fence for the beds, but you also need to build a temporary fence for your site, then it is better to use low-cost materials. For example, plastic nets are perfect for fencing sports fields, which can be purchased at any hardware store (see also the article Plastic mesh for the fence). There is also a service - rental fencing for construction sites, an inexpensive pleasure for private developers.

In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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