Fences-forging: originality and originality

Each owner of his own home seeks to emphasize the uniqueness of his estate. The desire to differ from the neighbors is quite natural, because when all around one monotony becomes somehow boring. As for your house, the most important difference here is the fence around the house.

It was he who first gets in the eye and emphasizes the originality of the structure. What can you choose from a wide variety of designs? Of course, this is a fence made of bricks and forging, only such a structure is able to stand out in the total mass of today's monotony.

Pictured is an example of a wrought decorative element.

The benefits of forged construction

Handmade products have always been in great demand. It is believed that the master in the manufacture of his masterpiece puts into it a piece of himself. As a rule, the attitude towards the blacksmiths was special, they could be said to work wonders and delight the people with their metal products.

Forged structures are durable, beautiful and durable

With special care at all times, forging was made on the fence. And this is understandable, because future art products should adorn the face of the building. Therefore, they had a special approach.

Why are such products so popular today?

  • Individuality - usually such a design is made on an individual order, all details are agreed with the customer. The customer wants his artwork to be in a single copy.
  • Durability - metal is heat treated, and after the hammer of a blacksmith is able to stand for centuries. Usually he is not afraid of precipitation, no temperature changes.
  • The original decor is an artistic style in itself, which is set by the master, very well combined with the elements of landscape design. When the forging of the fence begins, the master already has an idea of ​​how this or that pattern should look. Therefore, at the exit of the finished product we get a unique artistic element.

Information! It is worth noting that such art products are highly valued in the market for fencing systems. As a rule, not every homeowner can afford this luxury. If you want to decorate your facade in such an original way, ask how much it will cost, in advance.

What can we offer

Of course, times are changing, and today's technology allows us to diversify the range of forged art products.

But what exactly can modern blacksmiths masters offer us today?

In the photo is an example of a wrought-iron window grille.

  1. Fences and gates - perhaps the most sought after type of wrought metal products. As a rule, they are made in an elegant antique style, capable of giving originality to any building.
  2. Decorative forged grilles - you can often see these beautiful products on the windows. Give the windows an original aesthetic look, plus much stronger than the usual metal.
  3. Decorative products for furniture - all kinds of items that decorate furniture, making it look like antique masterpieces of antiquity.
  4. Forged fences - can be used for decoration of monuments and antiques.

Although if you are interested in products of this type, you will definitely be offered a choice of your choice. What exactly do you want.

Metal and brick absolute harmony

But, of course, the most original version of the application of such art products is considered to be a fence made of forging and brick. Such designs of fencing are in high demand from the owners of private houses.

Artistic forged items and wild stone bricks

Such buildings really look like works of art. Properly chosen combination of material is able to highlight and decorate your house and make it different from others.

Especially well it turns out if to use a decorative brick under a wild stone in construction. The very foundation of the wild stone already conveys the mood of antiquity and the grandeur of the structure. Well, and artistic forging of fences complements this design, making it majestic and unique.

Your original design and decor

But having built such a classic wrought fence, you feel that there is more to it than that something is missing. You are absolutely right, there are not enough of some decorative elements that you can do with your own hands.

Neat live cypress trees emphasize the severity of the design

Especially good with such designs look green spaces. And not some flowers, but strict plants. Very stylish looks like a small cypress, which emphasizes the originality of the design. Ornamental shrubs, which can be given a classic shape.

Also original landscape design can perfectly complement such a brick fence with forging. If your fence contains artwork in the form of flowers or acanthus sheets, it is recommended to highlight them in a special color. Thus, to give a contrast to the whole artistic design of the fence.

In any case, your design skills will help you in the design of artistic design. I would like to note some features of such structures. As we mentioned earlier, if you ordered a fence with an acanthus leaf, or with some flowers, the price of these items is quite high. So that the total cost of construction will naturally increase.

Recommendations for the care of forged construction

As practice shows, forged products are particularly unpretentious in maintenance and care, but still they require it. The most important enemy of this design is precipitation.

For such decorative elements need special care.

Rain and wind do their work, and over time your artistic decoration just loses its appearance. Of course, the forging for the fence itself does not suffer much, but after a while you will notice how the paint on your fence has faded and you will need to correct this picture.

Practically it is not difficult to do this, you just need to brush the metal elements with a brush on the metal, removing dust and peeling off the old paint. After priming for the metal all the elements. And re-paint the artistic design of the beautiful fence.

This manual is a small recommendation for the care of forged elements of the fence. Although they are very durable, you still need to take care of and maintain beauty.

In conclusion of our story, we invite you to watch a small video material. Your attention will present a variety of artistic metal products, and perhaps you will find something for yourself.

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