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Fences at the dacha plots

Each person who has a country site, tries to carry out a maximum of work on it independently. And the reason for this is often not the saving of money, but the desire to get closer to the ground, to feel its importance, the desire to do something other than office work. So many design and build a fence for the front garden with their own hands.

It should be immediately noted that the occupation is very troublesome, but, ultimately, very pleasant and even interesting.

We determine the design of the future fence

Before committing to the implementation of practical work, it is necessary to devote some time to project activities. Initially, you should define:

  1. Fence design;
  2. Its geometrical dimensions, above all, height;
  3. The material to be used;
  4. The color of the design.

Wooden fences - classics of the genre

Since ancient times, wood has been the main building material on the territory of modern Russia. It does not lose its attractiveness even today, primarily because of its environmental characteristics and relative cheapness.

Indeed, the price of wood is much lower than the same metal.

Wooden fence

When installing this kind of fencing should pay special attention to the distance between the pillars. It should not be too big. In this case, the design will turn out to be unstable and can “develop” even from a strong whiff of the wind, not to mention a mechanical effect.

In practice, there are the following types of wooden fences:

  • with a horizontal arrangement of boards;
  • with a vertical arrangement;
  • diagonally;
  • solid;
  • with gaps between elements.

Immediately it should be noted that the design option for a particular front garden should be chosen individually:

  • It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the relief;
  • It is important that the front garden fit into the design of the rest of the site;
  • It should be envisaged how the design and appearance of the fence will be combined with the surrounding buildings;
  • Ideally, you should consult with experts.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, people create so-called “leaky” fences - in this case, front gardens receive plants the necessary light in the border areas, and the whole structure looks much more attractive than a solid wooden fence.

And in conclusion of this topic. Do not forget to cover the complete design of protective equipment, such as paints and varnishes - is largely to increase the life of the fence.

Important. The tree should be used exclusively dry, without visible damage by insects and without various processes of decay.

Metal mesh - practical and cheap

A fence from a chain-link grid - very widespread option of a protection for country sites. The popularity of the metal mesh as a barrier is due to its low cost and, most importantly, the ease of installation work.

Even the most "impractical" person will be able to make such a fence with his own hands, unless, of course, the fastening is used by welding.

Rabbit Metal Mesh

Important! The latter option is certainly preferable, since it provides a reliable, fixed connection between the grid and metal pillars. The sequence and installation technology will demonstrate the detailed video in this article.

At first glance it may seem that this kind of fence looks very clumsy, one might say, too simple and unpretentious. However, in this situation, it is possible to take certain actions, which over time not only level this problem, but also give the fence a unique, non-standard and unusual look.

We are talking about climbing plants, which on the basis of the grid can create an excellent hedge that will please not only the eyes of the owner, but also people passing by.

Wicker Fence

Wicker fences for the front garden with their own hands - the most budget option of organizing fencing for the suburban area. But this does not mean that this kind of fence will look bad, cheap. Such fences are quite beautiful and elegant.

With the right approach, the fence from the vine can be a real decoration of the site, give it a certain charm, ethnicity, if I may say so. And if this also uses wooden carvings on the front garden area, the effect will be even more impressive.

Wicker Fence

The most interesting thing is that only wicker is needed for wicker fences, which grows in abundance in almost all regions of our country. In this case, thicker tree branches are used as posts.

Important is the fact that, if desired, you can build a fence of any height - from several tens of centimeters to a couple of meters for sure. Everything in this case depends on the taste and desire of the owner of the fence.

It should be noted that such decorative fences are very often used when solving design ideas to highlight individual zones within the site. For example:

  • can be identified garden shrubs and trees;
  • designate a recreation area;
  • to protect the space for the playground;
  • mark footpaths;
  • highlight flower beds and alpine slides.

Do not forget about the base

Stone foundation

As can be seen in the above photos, all structures, whether wooden or metal, are mounted on poles and recede from the ground for some distance. It is precisely this gap that is often enough for neighboring animals — dogs, cats, and so on — to enter the front garden. And the appearance of the entire fence is spoiled to a certain extent due to uneven terrain.

In this situation, the optimal solution seems to be the use of bases, most often in the form of a foundation. Again, the options for pouring the foundation, its height, type and appearance are determined directly by the owner.

In this case, it is advisable to get expert advice from a specialist:

  • The fact is that with different types of soil it is advisable to use different variants of bases;
  • The choice of the base is also influenced by the ratio of the width and height of the structure;
  • It is important to consider the degree of mechanical load from the fence itself.

By the way, if we talk about the choice of a fence for the front garden, the instruction here should be different for each individual case.


Choosing a fence for your own front garden is a serious enough matter in terms of shaping the appearance of the entire site. For this reason, it is worth taking it very seriously and responsibly.

Read the thematic articles on our portal, it is not a sin to peep some ideas from your neighbors or just at interestingly decorated sections along the road from the city to the country house. Dare, think, create - and everything will turn out!

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