Concrete blocks for the fence: features of the material and

Stable and durable blocks - a proven modern building material for the construction of various buildings, which in its qualities significantly pressed the traditional brick. And textured concrete blocks for fences deservedly lead for several decades. They are produced by an improved method of vibratory casting.

The variety of surface texture of these materials is constantly increasing, expanding the range with each passing day. Therefore, we can build a beautiful and unique fence for ages, moreover, it does not require lining or annual painting.

Block fences are functional and aesthetic.

Features concrete fencing

The scheme of the use of various block elements

  • Decorative concrete block fences will surely benefit from combination with other materials. - it will perfectly decorate and greatly extend the service of these fences.
  • Such blocks are produced in various forms, textures, colors that imitate any natural building materials.: stone, brick, wood. But the concrete does not suffer from bad weather, as these specified originals, it is stronger and easier to install, and its price is much lower.
  • By adding high quality dyes to the concrete mix, elements of any color are obtained.. In addition, we can repeatedly repaint the fence at will.


Types of prefabricated elements with dimensions for the design of fencing

Any concrete block fence has important advantages.

  • Its insulating properties are great: the blocks inside the voids, retaining heat.
  • The number of joints is minimal, which speeds up the process of building a fence.

Fence of lightweight aggregate blocks can imitate any natural material.

  • A large assortment of lightweight aggregate and concrete precast fence elements ensures the exclusivity of the fence, the possibility of any decorative combinations.
  • All concrete blocks of fences have undeniable technical advantages: strength, fire safety, moisture resistance, frost resistance.
  • Durability provided the latest technology, increasing the operational life of up to 40 years.
  • These products withstand the load of metal gates.


  • Mandatory installation of the foundation for the fence.
  • Attracting investors is required if we are not sure that we will do it ourselves.

Application area

Different types of masonry will make the fence elegant and strict, luxurious and elite.

  • Ideally smooth or three-dimensional decorative plumbing, double-sided blocks of concrete increase the variability of the design, using, in addition, a multifaceted color palette.
  • Ribbon foundation of solid materials - a reliable basis for such a capital fence. He will easily bear the weight of wrought iron gates, spans, and massive pillars.
  • Bearing and aesthetic functions play support columns.
  • We also observe the external unity of the house, the entire site in combination with decorative spans, pillars, the foundation of this fence.

Prefabricated post

  • A concrete block fence, like any stone fence, is installed on a strip foundation, and we connect the separate blocks with masonry mortar, as shown in the video.
  • Clay raw and glass building materials can decorate the top of a concrete fence or its supports.

Laying concrete block fences

Section of the fence from these elements

Foundation laying

  1. We mark up the foundation with pegs and a cord, and outline its outline with chalk.
  2. Let's dig a trench along the contour.
  3. Make a solution of cement and sand (1: 5) to fill the foundation.
  4. Fill the solution in a trench, ram it and level the surface. After a day the foundation will harden.

Tip! Vertically embedded reinforcement rods in the foundation trench, which fall inside the hollow blocks of the first row, need to be poured with concrete - this will strengthen the structure.

Construction of the fence

Elements, as in the designer, we put one on another.

  1. We make the same masonry mortar.
  2. We will distribute it on the foundation, and on it, pressing or tapping with a mallet, lay the first row of blocks, then all subsequent ones. The thickness of the seams between the prefabricated parts of 1 cm, and remove the excess mortar with a trowel, and the seams are fixed by jointing.
  3. Eaves we will make of a tile for garden paths. Design instructions advise to use tiles that are proportionate to the blocks so that they do not hang over the fence, visually lowering the fence.

In the photo - the sequence of works on the construction of the fence

Tip! It is better to plaster the fence from the usual building blocks of concrete with a layer of 1 cm, and after an hour level off with a batten and smooth with a plastering line.

Installation of lightweight aggregate blocks

The scheme of the device of the fence of expanded clay concrete prefabricated elements

  • The factory posts on the left and right are equipped with grooves, push the plates into them (the weight of one plate is 70 kg with a size of 2 x 0.5 m).
  • To work you need a motor-drill, a shovel, level, level.
  • The top panel, as a rule, is decorative - a kind of brick arch or openwork columns.
  • And we will put the lower slab directly on the ground - and no foundation is needed.

Tip! The most simplified foundation is a channel between the pillars, which will include the bottom row of slabs.

  • For the supporting pillars we will make deep holes in the ground, and we will concrete the bottom of the pillars in them.

So from an inexpensive, but very durable material, we will create an elite fence that can only be broken by a bulldozer.


Designers successfully use wooden picket fence at the top or simply overlapped between concrete pillars.

Tip! Pine, spruce rocks are more durable and hold paint better, therefore they are preferable for the upper tiers of concrete fencing.

  • Decorative lightweight aggregate plates with imitation of natural textures and ordinary building we can combine in different ways.
  • Monolithic supports firmly hold beautiful vibro-molded panels on several basement rows of blocks that are not afraid of moisture or mechanical damage.
  • Luxurious imitation of ancient columns, wild stone, log cabins on concrete blocks will make our fence unique, always new and spectacular, and unusually durable.

Modern concrete fence units will reliably protect our site and guarantee us absolute calm and aesthetic pleasure for many decades with little time and effort for its construction and maintenance.

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