Caps on the fence - we protect and decorate our fence


On the photo the fence and ready-made installed covers.

Usually, after a brick or rubble fence is built, the question immediately arises of what to do with the top of the fence structure. Understanding perfectly that in this form the structure does not look complete, we are looking for the answer to this question.

But the answer, as always, is near, and precisely in order to give the new structure a finished look, there is such a product on the building materials market, it is called metal caps on the fence. But these elements not only give your building a finished look, they also protect it. Let's do everything in order.

What are caps, coverings

Basically, nakryvochnye designs are made today of two types, it is concrete and metal which will be discussed today. But what you need to know about these products in the first place?

It turns out caps for the fence can not be called universal, each such design has its own purpose, hence the classification of this material.

  1. Umbrellas on the fence posts - specially made construction, applied directly to the pillars of brick or stone. As a rule, protects the base of the column from moisture ingress in the form of precipitation into the structure. Such products are usually made by the individual order. After the construction of the column is completed, measurements are made and, on the basis of them, caps are made on the fence columns.
  2. Flying nakryvochnye designs - direct defenders of spans fencing designs. It is also perfectly decorated the passage itself, paired with umbrellas on poles. They begin to manufacture after removing the exact dimensions.
  3. Chimney caps. Usually these products are used on chimney pipes. They do an excellent job with their task - not to let water in the form of rain or snow into the chimney. Also installed on ventilation shafts for the protection and decoration of pipes.
  4. Concrete covers on fence posts - not really the caps, of course, but the function is still the same.

Prefabricated umbrella span

Information! As a rule, such products are not always available at retail stores. If you also meet on sale caps or coverings on fences, then such designs will be of a certain size. Usually this type of product is ordered in specialized tin workshops, after the construction of the fence has been completed.

Types of protective structures

Usually in the manufacture of such products, the customer must choose the type that is right for him. Accordingly, in the workshop produce products of the same type for the pillars and spans.

What kind of assortment can we offer today? Here, perhaps, is the main line from the category of caps on fences that tin craftsmen can offer you:

  • Classical - the most demanded type of covering structure today (lids on the fence). It has the usual pyramidal shape, no frills.
  • Monumental view of an umbrella - The base is still the same pyramid shape, but the base is added in the form of a skirt. The pyramid stands on the ground and comes out of it. Great for fence of facing bricks, giving it austerity and grandeur.
  • Mont Blanc – тут название говорит само за себя. Идею такого дизайна подсказала сама гора Mont Blanc, а конструкция напоминает ее заснеженную вершину. Обычно выполняется из двух цветов металла, что придает ему необычную красоту и величие.
  • High pyramid - such a cap for the fence resembles two pyramids, where the first comes out of the second, as if continuing it. It usually looks very elegant on poles where forged products are present. It also looks good on high structures, where its performance emphasizes the greatness of the structure.
  • Flat design - basically it is a common plane, where there is nothing extra. Close the top of the structure and prevent premature destruction of the structure, that’s its main task. Usually the price of such a product is not high, as it is simple to manufacture and does not require much effort.

Mont Blanc, can be made of different colors of metal

As you can see the diversity of this type of material is quite large, respectively, and the colors may be different. So it is possible that it is for you that they will pick up something truly unique, such a product of which is not yet, nowhere.

Is it possible to make such a cap

It is not uncommon to meet on the net such a question, how to make a cap on the fence at home? Today we will try to help you with the answer to this question. But we warn you right away in order to make such a construction yourself, you will need a little patience and skills in working with metal.

You must clearly understand how to bend a galvanized metal, how to give it the desired shape. We, in turn, will offer you a drawing of a cap on the fence, focusing on which you will need to make your own cap, not like the others.

General view of the umbrella on the fence post

As you can see in the drawing, all the dimensions are marked with special symbols, the height of the umbrella is “h”, it can be any one of your choice, but always with the post ready.

The size of the landing of our cap "a" and "b", you can do a little more, it depends on the quality of laying brick or stone. That is, if at us somewhere the laying is wider, and somewhere already, you just can’t put the umbrella on the pole afterwards. To avoid this situation - it is better to make a stock.

The size of the angle “d” can be measured directly on the spot with a tape measure, so to speak, by eye, but you can use the formula below.

Tilt Angle Calculation Formula

Thus, we have a finished cap pattern for the fence, on the basis of which we will cut out a sheet of metal.

Further it is already easier - to connect the whole structure we drill holes. They are marked on the drawing as "F3.5". Then you should bend all the elements indicated in the drawing with a dotted line.

Information! It is recommended to do all the bends on the sheet bending machine. But if you don’t have one, you can do it yourself, from a metal corner. In this case, all the lines of bends you will have straight, which will make the finished structure neat and beautiful. When working with metal, namely, bend the corners, it should be a wooden mallet.

If you still bend the metal with a corner, then choose the fiftieth corner, and use it to bend the lines "A" and "B", after fixing the corner on the workbench.

Tools for bending rings, bending corners

After you need to start arching the edges of the cap itself, the “d” line, you should have the correct umbrella shape, which you wanted. Now you can check how the connecting sides of your product fit. If everything fits together, you can mark with a marker where the fastener hole will be. Then drill it and fasten it with a rivet.

Well, here you are almost that you made a cap on the fence with your own hands, and very little remains. Now, when the design is tightened by the fastening rivet, bend the planes “A” and “B”. This can be done by hand, holding the mushroom itself between a metal strip and a wooden bar.

If necessary, knock the design with a wooden mallet, this will allow you to maximally fit the plane in size. Theoretically, your cap is ready, but there is still a bottom belt left to do. As a rule, it is better to make it separately and then connect it with the whole structure.

To make the lower belt, carefully look at the drawings caps on the fence. We need to take a strip of metal, it should correspond to the length and width of the landing belt designated by the symbols "a" and "b". On this strip, bend the upper part, thus making the sides, which will serve as fastening and at the same time stiffness.

Such a finished product must be placed inside the cap that you have already made, before the final design is completed. Otherwise, after you can not put him there, he just will not enter. If the need arises, it is worth fixing it with a rivet.

Such an umbrella should end up

If you need large caps for the fences, then our pattern will need to be divided. It is necessary to divide it in such a way that the cap can be obtained in the assembly of two opposite parts. After these parts are connected with a lock, or stiffening ribs you create.

Recommendations for making

As you can see from the above, to make such a cap at home is possible, but difficult. You must have special tools or make them yourself. But having mastered such technology, intake caps will be given easier and easier each time.

Do not be discouraged if the first time you do not quite, what you wanted. Thanks to the diligence the next time you all come out right. The main desire and desire to achieve results. Our instructions should assist you in the development of manufacturing plugs on the fence posts.

Photo of machine for bending sheet metal

Before you start, you need to prepare all the devices that will be needed for bending galvanized metal. After all, it depends on them, what quality you get a fence cap.

In the end, to put everything in its place, we suggest you to watch the video of how such caps are manufactured under production conditions. This will help to more fully understand all the material covered.

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