Beautiful wickets and original gates

At the entrance to the estate, the beautiful gates and gates somehow set the tone at once, set the person in a major mood, forming the first impression.

Such a luxurious entrance, to whose territory or territory is most often made from a wrought openwork lattice, although you can get along with more modest materials, but use them with taste. 

Wrought bars on the gate and gate

Gates and gates

Sash made of corrugated

Of course, in order to hang beautiful sash on the fence it is not at all necessary to take care of the fence itself, but the composition must be complete, otherwise the gate and the gate will lose their appeal.

For example, no one would install a wrought iron gate on the fence of the Rabitz net, because this simply does not make sense. Nevertheless, we are now interested in swing and sliding designs of aisles, which we will talk about, as well as watch the video in this article.

Forged grilles

Openwork forging

  • Most often forged grilles for fences and gates are a transparent composition that complements the architectural ensemble of the estate and house. For this mainly use two types of metals - steel and cast iron. But although they always serve as basic elements, copper, bronze, and sometimes even gold are also used.

Grand entrance to the estate of Buckingham Palace

  • Pay attention to the main gates of Buckingham Palace, which you see in the photo above. There is a gilded coat of arms of Great Britain on the openwork forged lattice, but since we are not talking about heraldry now, just look at it as a work of art.

Fragment of forged gates of the Winter Palace (St. Petersburg)

  • If we talk about the cost of wrought products with elements of gilding, then this is certainly an expensive pleasure, but the historical value of some specimens far exceeds not only the price of the materials from which the composition is made, but also the work of renowned sculptors.

Forged products from modern craftsmen

  • Currently, there are many masters of artistic forging who are not inferior in skill to their eminent ancestors in the craft, so you can always order a wrought-iron fence, a gate and a wicket. At the same time, the price of the product will not include rare and historical mark-ups. You can even ask to reproduce a particular ornament that you like, or even copy something rare.

Deaf forged gates

  • It is not always desirable to allow yourself a transparent fence and, especially, the main entrance and passage through which you can observe the entire estate. Therefore, forged grilles can be “jammed” or hemmed one side with sheet steel. The value of the composition will not diminish from this, but the enclosure will hide what is happening inside from curious outside observers.

Council Forged products have a fairly large mass, and in a suspended state, it increases due to the lever pull of the sash. Therefore, the pillars on which you hang the gate or wicket must be sufficiently strong and stable.

As a rule, such supports are made of decorative brick, stone, concrete and / or metal profile. Butt of such a stand must be strengthened with a pillar foundation, the depth of which may be different, but not less than 80 cm.

Polswat paint for forged products

  • Paints and varnishes intended for artistic forging are somewhat different from other paints, since they are primarily intended to protect the metal from rust. Coloring gates and gates on fences and garages will allow to avoid corrosion as long as the metal is protected by a layer of paint.
  • Of all paints and varnishes sold on the modern market, it is possible to isolate compositions for coating forging products referred to as AQUA. Such paints are able to maintain the original freshness and expressiveness of tones up to eight years from the date of their application.
  • But no paint can prevent metal corrosion if applied to a rusty surface. Therefore, before each painting work it is necessary to process all the elements of the forging with a metal brush in order to exclude possible foci of rust. Such a reaction occurs when oxygen and moisture are simultaneously affected by the metal, therefore, by providing a reliable coating for the product and observing all the rules prescribed by the instructions printed on the paint can, you keep the object in a qualitative condition.

Profiled sheet

Gate with a gate from a professional flooring

  • The design of doors and gates made of corrugated flooring is very popular now, because it is an affordable and high-quality material, reliably protected from corrosion and quite attractive in appearance.. This sheet is used by making it with additional elements from the manufacturer, or interspersing it with elements of artistic forging, as shown in the photo above.

Edging of shutters by an intaking level

  • The use of the fence strips for valves is not only for beautiful scenery, but also for technological purposes. So, the edge of the profiled sheet, protected by a plate, will not be susceptible to corrosion after possible mechanical end damage (the end edge is the weakest part of the professional flooring). In addition, the strap gives the rigidity of the structure as a whole.

To give extra stiffness to the strip, both edges are profiled

  • Depending on the modification of the sheet, the width of the fence is also changing, so it can be from 10 to 20 mm. In addition, if the whole structure needs to be given additional rigidity, then a profile with inwardly curved and rolled edges is used. But such additional elements are applicable exclusively for straight lines.

Wooden crafts

Front gate and gate with wood carvings

  • Russia has always been famous for its skillful cabinetmakers, and now there are no fewer of them, but with the development of technology in wood processing (using different machine tools) this industry has acquired some very demanded, although rare, significance. Of course, wood cannot be compared with metal either in strength or in terms of service life, but wood in itself personifies life, which is always felt in handicrafts made from such material.

Doors are equipped with an automatic drive.

  • But if wood crafts at the moment are often referred to as rarities, this does not mean that such constructions cannot be automated. As an example of this, you see a photograph of the gate taken at the cottage - their doors are equipped with a drive for opening and closing. Such a device can be either pneumatic or hydraulic - it all depends on your capabilities.

Council Given the fact that wood products are exposed to the active influence of the environment (oxygen and moisture), they quickly go into the stage of decay. To prevent this, use antiseptics, which the chemical industry is rich in so far. So, you can cover the gate and / or gate with your own hands with such compositions that do not allow microorganisms causing rotting to be activated.

Garage sectional doors


In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to the garage sectional doors with a wicket, which can be either hinged or sliding and open either manually or automatically. As a rule, they are made of galvanized sheet steel with polymer coating. They are very strong and tight, and the gap between the shells is usually filled with polyurethane gaskets.

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