Beautiful patterns on the fences

The fence is not only a fencing structure, designed to protect the site from prying eyes and uninvited intruders. It is also your home decoration. What it will be depends on you. And it does not matter, you will create beauty with your own hands or entrust it to specialists.

Forged fence elements always look stylish and beautiful.

You can fence your property with any fence: metal, wooden, stone, but it does not have to look like a fortress wall. It is a little imagination, and even a concrete fence or a chain-link stretched between the pillars can become a real art object, a decorative adornment of your home.

Ready decorations for fences

Today, many firms engaged in the manufacture and installation of fences, gates, railings and other enclosing structures offer their customers various options for decorating them. Consider some of them.

Forged Products

In the first photo you have already seen a wrought wrought fence. His drawing can be any - from floral to strict ornamental, with sharp peaks along the upper edge. But not all homeowners are willing to open up to outsiders so much, and besides, the price of wrought-iron fences is quite high.

Therefore, it is possible to use for decoration only individual forged elements made of metal rods and fixed on the front surface or along the perimeter of the fence.

Patterns of metal for the fence of bricks

Council Forged metal products will not lose their attractiveness and will last for a very long time if their coating is updated every few years.

Metal decorations

Due to the emergence of the technology of plasma cutting of sheet metal, today we have the opportunity to order any, even the most complex in design patterns for different types of fences.

It can be:

  • Overhead elements that are mounted on the plane of the fence;
  • Fence strips, mounted on the upper or lower slice;

Patterns for the fence of corrugated cut into a metal strip of rectangular section

  • Mortise openwork inserts in a solid fence, etc.

These decorative elements are covered with a special polymer composition of different shades that protects the metal from weathering, does not fade in the sun, does not crack from high or very low temperatures.

A novelty in our market is fences made from a metal sheet with a laser-cut slit pattern.

The picture is made by laser cutting.

Wooden decorations

Wooden fences regain their popularity after a brief oblivion. Now they have become more durable, as they are made from elements that have undergone a special anti-decay treatment and insect pests, are impregnated with compounds that protect them from fire.

Manufacturers of such fences in addition to structural elements - poles, picket fence, etc., make and patterns for the fence of wood, which are carved parts.

Wooden fence decorated with carved details

In addition, you can create a beautiful and unusual pattern from the shtaketins themselves of different heights, widths or shapes, securing them in a certain sequence, painting each one in its own color.

Several triangular cutouts at the edges of the picket fence give such an interesting pattern.

Council You can also use the metal fence designs mentioned above to decorate a wooden fence with them.

Independent decoration

Not everyone and not always have the opportunity to replace the old fence with a new one, but to make it more beautiful under the force of anyone, whatever it is made of.

Here are just a few examples that will help you decide or come across your own ideas.

  • If you draw well, use your skill. Drawing can be applied to any surface with the help of special facade paints that are resistant to moisture, sunlight, temperature. Do not know how to draw - use stencils or just make your fence multicolored and striped.

Such a drawing is under the power of any person.

Council If you like this option, watch the video on the site, and you can easily cope with the image of sunflowers.

  • Another interesting way to decorate is mosaic. It can be made from anything: shells, pebbles, bat tiles and mirrors, and even from the caps of plastic bottles. To create a pattern from the latter, you will not even need an instruction. Simply screw the covers with screws or nail them in a pre-arranged order, alternating in color.

Mosaic of bat tiles

  • If you cut off the bottom of the same plastic bottle and paint it, you get a cute flower, and you can cut out the stems and leaves from the walls. Several of these blanks, and you can "weave" on the fence any floral patterns.

Flowers from plastic bottles

  • Rabbit mesh fence can be a real canvas for "embroidery". Only it is necessary to embroider patterns not with threads, but with thin wire, electric wires in a multi-colored braid or even colored plastic bags. See how original it might look.

Floral motif from the packages


You can come up with a lot of ways to decorate the fences, so that they are pleasing to the eye at any time of the year, and not only in the summer, when flowering plants hover over them. Of course, iron fences with laser-cut patterns look luxurious, but they are very expensive.

But do not be upset if you can not put such a house. Beauty can be created on your own, and almost for nothing (read also the article “Fence of corrugated wood - the features of choice and installation”).

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