Art forging the fence - beautiful, reliable, durable

Art forging is a very ancient art that has not lost its popularity and originality in our days. Sometimes it is even hard to believe that so sophisticated and original products can be made from metal, which can decorate any interior made in the classical style.

Forged элементы могут украшать навесы над крыльцом и дверью, из них может быть выполнена изысканная мебель, но наиболее часто они применяются для создания прочных конструкций изгородей и ограждений для лестниц, о чем мы и поговорим в данной статье.

Forging fencing for stairs is perfectly combined with wooden railings.

Forged ограды – эстетика и надежность

In most cases, forged products nowadays are used only as decorations and decorative elements. But in the case of fences and railings for stairs, the situation is quite different, because the strength and reliability of forging is involved here.

These are not plastic nets for fencing of sports fields, which serve only to delimit the territory. Forged fence is able to protect your property from uninvited guests. And having established a shod ladder, you can not worry that the design will sometime fall off or be loosened.

Naturally, the beauty of such products also goes to the last plan, because if you just need a reliable fence for construction work, then renting a fence for construction sites will be much more beneficial.

Methods of artistic forging allow you to create beautiful and reliable hedge.

Art forging for fences

Such fences are sectional, since the structure is assembled from individual segments, reinforced on the fence pillars. Symmetrical forged patterns often do not represent a special barrier for robbers, because you can easily climb them up the stairs, passing even the highest fence.

Therefore, there are peaks for such fences, installed on their tops, which are the edges that prevent the intruders from entering your territory.

Peaks for fences.

Peaks come in two forms:

  • Forgedwhich are a great solution for such fences.
  • Cast - made of cast iron and not very suitable for forging, since they are quite difficult to strengthen on such fences. In addition, in this case some kind of visual contrast is created.

Совет! Cast изделия являются сугубо декоративными, поэтому, если вы хотите обеспечить изгороди дополнительную защиту в виде пик – вам следует использовать кованые элементы.

Forged изгороди могут быть таких видов:

  • For sections only art forging is used without combining with any other materials.
  • Forging with stone. Very often combined structures are erected, including stone elements. Their advantages are as follows:
    • A solid base appears at the fence.
    • The lower part of the fence is deaf, protecting the site from the wind.
    • Massive stone elements look very advantageous with sophisticated forging.

Forging with stone.

Tip! If you decide to install a stone foundation for your fence, then be sure to lay a strip foundation. Otherwise, the construction may squint over time.

  • With brick. The brick is distinguished from a stone not only appearance, but also lower price. That is, we can say that brick is a cheaper alternative to stone, allowing you to create strong and beautiful hedges.
    1. Reason. If you want to build a fence on a brick foundation, laying the strip footing is a necessary measure. And the point here is not only that with time the heavy fence will mow. Brick, unlike stone, is a rather fragile material, and therefore, if you do not foresee for it a solid foundation, it will surely crack after some time.
    2. Pillars. Brick pillars themselves are not supporting. Inside each brick pillar there is a firmly concreted metal rod around which the brickwork is built. The void between the pillars is also concreted.
  • With a tree. Wooden elements are in such designs purely decorative function.

Combined fence: forging, wood, stone, brick.

Create any of the above designs, you can do it yourself. Instructions for each type of fence should be set out by the manufacturer in the appropriate guide for the construction and operation of products.

Fences for stairs with forging elements

Fences for stairs are necessary for safety. But this is not the only reason for their installation, because it is the rail and balusters that determine the unique style of the stairs.

Forged лестницы являются, пожалуй, самыми надежными в своем роде. При этом они ещё и имеют изысканный вид.

There are such types of forged stairs:

  • Using only forged items without any other materials.

In the photo is a wrought-iron spiral staircase entirely made of metal.

  • Forging with wood. For handrails and steps in such stairs, it is recommended to use a warmer and less slippery material. And the best option would be a tree. Wooden elements on the forged frame look very useful.
  • With plastic. Plastic is also a good option. The variety of its colors and textures allows you to create very interesting products.


Looking at the beauty of the products of artistic forging, we should not forget about their durability and reliability. If you want your country house to get a note of mystery, then add to its classic style a few forged items. And a great choice in this case will be the fence and the stairs - the elements that are most conspicuous to visitors.

In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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