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Stair railing

Developing architecture and design offer us today a fairly wide range of styles, both internal and external, which are based on modern trends of human development.

But there are some elements that came to us from distant times. That is, they are used for a very long time, and, in principle, they have not been subjected to constructive changes.

These elements can metal railings and fences.

  • First, let's start with the fact that the enclosing elements of this type are mainly used for fencing stairs and podiums. And since all this is used by people, according to the criteria of quality and strength, it is necessary to give due attention. And here the quality of raw materials plays the most important role. That is why the metal in this case wins over all other materials.
  • Secondly, the appeared heavy-duty synthetic materials could not force the metal out of this category. And even their low (relatively) price could not also affect the position of metal fences and railings.
  • Thirdly, the appearance of metal products is in no way inferior to other finishing materials. Moreover, modern processing methods make it possible to change the metal beyond recognition (in principle, it’s not necessary to do this, this material is good in itself). The surface of metal products can be very diverse: textured, inlaid, polished and so on. All this makes it possible to give the metal an unsurpassed appearance, which everyone likes, especially the designers.
  • Fourthly, we will immediately make a reservation and put a dot on it - the railing and the metal fencing is a classic.

What metals can be made railings and fences

Variety of shapes and designs

In principle, there are no restrictions. It all depends on the budget allocated for this type of work. If you are a millionaire, then order them from gold. Manufacturers of railings and stair railings are ready to supply such products to you, there are no problems here and there can not be.

But for most consumers who want to see these design elements in their own homes, there are not so many offers. Again, the case rests on the cost of the final product, which, by the way, is based on the cost of the raw materials.

What does the market offer today?

  • Aluminum;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Steel;
  • Cast iron.

Aluminum railings and railings

I would like to note that aluminum is not for nothing called "winged metal", because it is used in aircraft construction. So, it has the highest quality characteristics (especially I would like to note the strength). In addition, it is one of the most beautiful metals.

The advantages of aluminum fencing staircases to spare. And here their weight and ease of installation, where there is no need to apply welding processes, which obviously reduces the cost of the entire structure, comes to the fore. We add here and high rates of resistance to temperature changes, to resist corrosion, we add a high maintainability (to quickly and simply replace a failed element is not a problem).

Aluminum enclosing structures

Currently, all of the above products are made of anodized aluminum profiles, the surface of which is electroplated. Not infrequently, aluminum products are simply painted by powder coating. The second option makes it possible to diversify the color scheme, which allows you to enter the railing and fencing in any interior design of the premises.

Attention! Currently, designers have begun to offer a combination of aluminum and glass, which has made aluminum products very popular. But it should be noted that this approach is possible if there are no small children in the house.

I would like to dwell on aluminum fencing structures in terms of their design.

Immediately make a reservation that currently manufacturers offer three main types of design of railings and fences made of aluminum.

  1. Anodized elementsalready mentioned above. Surprisingly, aluminum products treated in this way are very similar to stainless steel, which clearly sets them apart from the variety of options offered. If there is a need to get rid of steel color, then manufacturers are already ready to offer gold-plated or silver coatings, which makes both railings and fences much more expressive in terms of the design approach to the design of these structures.

Aluminum handrails "under the tree"

It should be noted that anodized elements have high strength, wear resistance and reliability. Let's add here the attractive external data.

  1. Polymer coated. In this case, the powder coating method is used, where instead of paint a polymeric liquid material is used. The same method is used for ordinary dyeing, when using paints and varnishes. It is important to indicate here that this technology guarantees high bonding of aluminum and its covering material. This coating will last for a long time, it can be operated with all high loads.

Attention! It is necessary to clean such items carefully. And although there is a guarantee that it is almost impossible to spoil them, you should not use abrasive detergents and hard tools (metal grids and brushes) when washing.

  1. And the last, in our opinion, the most interesting design option for railings, handrails and enclosing elements, is the design "under the tree".

Let's stop on the last version in more detail. To begin with, aluminum in this case undergoes double processing. That is, it is applied to two layers of polymer coating. The first layer creates the necessary background.

The second layer creates a wooden structure (a very important point - the possibility of creating the structure of various types of wood is not limited).

Attention! “Wooden” aluminum railings do not feel like metal to the touch. It feels like a tree is actually at hand, warm and structured.

Currently, manufacturers offer several types of enclosing structures made of aluminum, which are installed according to different schemes. The first is the wall option. That is, the railings are mounted directly on the wall with special brackets. These are the so-called supporting structures.

Stair railing из алюминия с тетивой

The second option - this is the usual fence, which includes balusters and handrails. But the content may be different. For example, you can install glass, which has always been very beautiful. You can install bowstrings, made of aluminum profiles of circular cross section, you can put horizontal pipes.

That is, there are a lot of variants of forms and fillings. In addition, aluminum profiles are light, so they will not create a load on the steps of the stairs or on the platforms of balconies and terraces.

Stainless steel products

Stainless steel railing (photo below) is the most popular material to date, which is used as a design element. I would like to note that, if we talk about the classics, then this is about stainless steel.

The merits of this metal is more than enough.

Stainless steel products

  • This is a high reliability and safety factor.
  • This is a beauty and presentable appearance.
  • This is the ease of maintenance (care).
  • Regardless of the internal design of stainless steel fit into it. That is why designers are not afraid to use this material.
  • Manufacturers today offer brushed and polished stainless steel surfaces.

Steel products

This is most likely a budget option. But if you approach the design of steel railings and fences wisely and professionally, then they will turn out excellent examples. Here it is important to correctly consider the design features of the room where they will be installed.

Steel painted enclosing structures

Most importantly, manufacturers are ready today to supply a large number of steel products to the market, which are painted in different colors. This raises a question about the quality of coloring. It is not necessary to doubt the quality, because the newest technologies allow achieving high rates by increasing the strength of bonding of metal and paint surfaces. For example, powder coating.

This finish will serve for a long time, it can be washed and cleaned with your own hands (not by abrasive means). The service life is designed for several decades.

Cast iron

This metal due to its large proportion in the houses is no longer used. You can install on the street. I would like to note the high strength properties and high moisture resistance. The casting method makes it possible to manufacture products of various configurations.

Conclusion on the topic

As you can see, even for ordinary consumers, metal railings are available. The choice is not large, but in terms of the variety of shapes and designs, it is simply huge. So there is something to choose from. In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic, let it be a kind of instruction for you.

Beautiful and reliable

And one more thing, not related to the topic of the article. When it comes to metal fences, the question of their temporary use arises. That is, there are situations when they are needed only for a while. What to do?

Only one way out - use the service "rental fences for construction sites." If this seems expensive to you, you can purchase plastic nets for fencing sports fields. As a temporary protective structure, they will do (read also the article “Safety fences: a practical solution”).

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