The decor of the facade of the house itself

The decoration of the facade helps to solve many problems: it hides the defects of the walls, gives freshness and newness to old buildings, warms and decorates the building as a whole.


For those who wish to create a house facade with their own hands, which will change the appearance of the house and highlight it among other buildings, it is important to remember that the paneling should last a long time and the choice of material should be taken very seriously.

Requirements, предъявляемые к материалам для отделки фасадов:

  • thermal conductivity;
  • air filtration;
  • moisture resistance;
  • heat resistance;
  • огнеупорность;
  • resistance to adverse chemical and biological effects;
  • integrity.

A large assortment of lining materials offered in the construction market allows you to think through any facade decor, to realize the most daring designer fantasies yourself.

Building Plaster


The most traditional finishing block facades is considered to be plaster and subsequent painting. The plaster is applied to the insulated, prepared surface. When the applied layer exceeds 10 mm, the use of reinforcing mesh is required, which eliminates the possibility of cracking of the cladding coating during the operation of structures. Distinguish decorative plaster, which is applied using rollers and dies, and smooth. There are also “wet formulations”, the production of which involves the addition of dyes or decorative blotches. The base, trimmed with a similar composition, has a complete appearance that does not require additional painting.

The combination of plaster and decorative stone, laid in fragments: the corners of the building, the projections or the door and window openings, looks original. Such a mixture looks especially beautiful when there is a stone in the lining of the basement or porch of the house.

A natural stone

Stone facing

The house, completely finished with natural stone, looks like an aristocratic medieval castle. The lining process is quite time-consuming, and the material has a high cost, but in the end, the owner of the house will get a durable and very effective facade, almost not amenable to wear. For laying stone used cement mortar and grout for joints.

Fake diamond

Fake diamond для отделки

Fake diamond – неплохая альтернатива натуральному материалу. Он может имитировать различные каменные поверхности и производится в широком цветовом диапазоне. По сравнению с натуральным камнем, искусственный материал более лёгок в укладке и имеет доступную стоимость. Fake diamond устойчив к огню и гниению.

Note! The optimum temperature for the work on facing the facade with artificial stone is from 0 to +20 degrees.

Clinker tiles

Clinker tiles

Facades, trimmed with clinker tiles, are not afraid of negative external influences and temperature jumps. If you need not only to create a beautiful, inexpensive decor that imitates a brick wall, but also to insulate the building, then you should purchase clinker thermal panels.

Note! The tile can peel off from the surface of the base under the influence of precipitation, so you should take care of the presence of drains on the roof.

Porcelain stoneware

Use of porcelain stoneware

Вентилируемый фасад из искусственного гранита – это надёжная защита стен от конденсата, появления плесени и грибка, перепадов температур, негативного воздействия окружающей среды. Долговечный материал можно укладывать в любое время года. Porcelain stonewareные плиты крепятся на предварительно смонтированные металлические профили. Между стеной и облицовочным материалом укладывается утеплитель. Porcelain stonewareные фасады отлично регулируют температуру внутри помещения и не требуют дополнительного ухода во время эксплуатации.

A tree or a blockhouse

Block house is the perfect solution

The front board or blockhouse is often used for finishing wooden houses and buildings from foam blocks.

Note! Wood materials must be acclimatized before the start of finishing work, so that they do not deform during operation. They also need treatment with special compounds: antiseptic, primer, varnish. After processing the wood is polished and paint or varnish of the desired shade is applied to it.

Lining is the cheapest material made of wood, easy to attach and has a neat appearance. Imitation of a bar (option of lining) looks as a glued bar. The facade, lined with a blockhouse, looks like a wall made of rounded logs, which has additional thermal insulation.

Siding Variety

Facade trimmed with siding

Siding imitates various materials: wood, brick, stone, and more. Inexpensive at cost, the panels are easily mounted on the insulation and without it. They are an excellent waterproofing layer that protects the walls of the house from the effects of precipitation.

Creating your own styrofoam styling

Decorative items

The advantage of decorative polystyrene lining is its durability, lightness, simple manufacturing and a variety of forms. With the help of elements made of this material, you can give your home any image and style. The only limitation during installation is a temperature not lower than 0 degrees.

By combining different materials or using one of them, you can superbly design your house, giving it its own unique look that will please the owners for many years.


This video is dedicated to the use of polyurethane forms for facade decoration:

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