External blinds on the windows

Blinds are placed not only on the inside of the windows, but also on the outside, such constructions are called roller shutters or roller blinds. They are installed on the window openings of apartments, country cottages, shopping pavilions. The stylish design of the product gives the facade of the building an attractive and original look. External blinds are not only decorative ornament, they have several practical functions:

  • protection of glass and window frames from hail, snow, rain, rashtorator prolong their service life and retain the original appearance of the structure;
  • creation of an additional barrier against intruders, the presence of a lock allows you to securely fix the blinds;
  • cutting off most of the sun's rays before entering the room, so that the temperature in the room does not increase;
  • closed blinds protect the glass from contamination during rain and wind;
  • roller shutters protect the privacy of the house from prying eyes.



Products in their appearance are similar to the models used inside the building, but their design is more durable and rigid due to difficult operating conditions. Blinds installed outside have lamellae of various materials, lifting threads, control mechanism. In the upper part of the rashtora, a special box is installed in which the lamellas are placed when lifting.

Rashstor design

Where and for what set

  1. Installed on the windows of a country house or summer cottages, blinds will not only provide excellent protection for the premises from the summer heat, but also keep the property from breaking and entering. Durable metal blinds will reduce the risk of house robbery during the long absence of the owners. Modern and attractive rolling shutters will replace the grilles on the windows.
  2. In the apartment, outdoor blinds provide optimal distribution of solar flow and protection from overheating. When closed, they reduce heat loss and penetrating noise.
  3. Shops, shopping pavilions, cafe - installation of anti-vandal structures increases the security of the room. Rafshtora protect large windows from adverse weather effects, and visitors from direct sunlight.
  4. Office rooms - external blinds provide a favorable atmosphere in the room and make the building's facade attractive.

Protect from sun exposure

Materials for production

Для производства надежных рафштор используются материалы, отличающиеся прочностью и стойкостью к внешнему воздействию. Металлические внешние жалюзи изготавливаются из оцинкованной или нержавеющей стали и алюминия. Конструкции из стали обеспечивают высокую степень защиты от взлома, они массивны и имеют существенный вес, поэтому устанавливаются только на первом этаже. Aluminum жалюзи отличаются стойкостью к влаге и перемене температуры, они легкие и прочные, не подвергаются деформации и рассчитаны на долгий срок эксплуатации. Стильный дизайн и разнообразие цветовых вариантов позволяют оригинально оформить фасад здания. Aluminum сплавы не боятся воздействия коррозии, не горят. Благодаря безопасности, их использование рекомендовано для жилых домов, медицинских и детских учреждений.


Недорогие и практичные наружные жалюзи из пластика (ПВХ) имеют декоративную функцию и защищают от солнца. Такой материал не станет эффективной защитой от взлома. Полимерные конструкции отличаются влагостойкостью, они предохраняют оконные рамы и стекла от загрязнения, являются дополнительным барьером от холода. Срок их использования меньше, чем у металлических аналогов, но цена более доступна. Plastic рафшторы легкие и аккуратные, их используют в квартирах, офисах, учреждениях.


Note! Seasonal outdoor blinds are made of bamboo and fabric, they are not designed for year-round operation and difficult weather conditions. The constructions are removed in the autumn-winter period and are used for sun protection in the warm season.

Wooden blinds have an attractive appearance and become a decoration of the exterior of the building, to increase the service life and protection from moisture, they are covered with special compounds and varnish.

Control methods

Some rashstor models can be controlled from the iPhone.

The movement of the horizontal lamellae is carried out along guides located on both sides. To raise or lower the blinds, roll up and hide in a box, use manual control or electric drive. With manual adjustment, a cord or a knob is installed, with which all operations are carried out with the roller sweaters.

The electric drive has indisputable advantages, it does not require leaving the room to adjust the external blinds. Control is carried out by a switch or remote control. Automatic adjustments do not require the presence of a person, special programs adjust the degree of illumination at a specified time. Intelligent systems are characterized by the presence of precipitation and temperature sensors, built-in timer. Such blinds are expensive, but provide full comfort of living.

Rafshtora adorn the building

Design flaws:

  • The possibility of icing mechanism in the winter, the ingress of debris that will prevent the movement of the lamellae. In order for the product to maintain its good condition, timely care and cleaning is necessary.
  • The implementation of care from the outside of the building is difficult when placing blinds on the upper floors.

External blinds - effective protection from the bright sun, heat or winter cold, they will prolong the life of the window construction and protect the building from the penetration of outsiders.

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