Warming garage doors: what to do

How to insulate the garage door, we consider in this article. This issue worries many car owners. After all, it is primarily the safety of the machine.

In order to decide how to insulate a garage door, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the door itself and then make a decision. First of all, you should watch the video and see how others do it.

After that, look at the photos and imagine what each of the materials offered in retail markets represents. That is, we must have the concept that what, why, and how much, and only after that make a decision on how to insulate the garage door.

Completing of the work

All the work on insulation can be done with your own hands and without resorting to outside help. In fact, this is not so difficult, but this work must be done correctly. Otherwise, instead of avoiding the formation of condensate, you can achieve a directly proportional effect.

Choosing a material

We understand what to insulate garage doors and then determine how to insulate garage doors. The fact is that the finishing system itself will depend on it. For insulation, you can choose a different thickness of insulation, and this will change the material of the cladding.

As a material for insulation, you can choose from the following materials:

  • Heater foam. This material is quite common among garage owners;
  • Polyurethane foam;
  • Expanded polystyrene extruded;
  • Mineral wool is also often used.

Plane preparation

To begin with it is necessary to prepare the plane for finishing. It depends on the thickness of the insulation layer (see Insulation for doors: types and parameters) and a corner along the contour of the gate.

An example of making edging with wooden beams


  • First of all, we clean the metal door from the old coating and rust. To do this, use a brush for metal or a drill with a metal brush;
  • After that, we need to completely degrease the surface.. For this we use a solvent;
  • Apply a coat of primer. To do this, use a brush or spray;

Attention: For primer it is best to apply liquid rust. This is a fairly new material, but also effective. Only the manufacturer writes that you can apply the coating even on rust. This is not worth doing. This material can and will remove a rather small rust. But on the plane there are also shells into which he cannot penetrate. Therefore, the preparation and cleaning with a metal brush should be done.

  • If you have a gate made of the 25th corner and you want to make insulation foam, or any other insulation for 50 mm, then you need to make an edging along the contour of the valves. In order to be free to apply such a layer of insulation and then finish the inner lining;
  • If the corner is less than the thickness of the insulation, then we make a crate along the contour of the gate. For this, some use wooden strips. Other millet weld an extra corner, others weld the tire. Which makes the bead of the desired height and does not greatly increase the weight of the gate. Here you have to choose the material according to your specific design;

Caution: When performing this work, we should not forget about stiffeners. After all, our door will be harder. Therefore, it is necessary to provide and strengthen the door. To do this, the elements are welded not only around the perimeter of the frame, but also should be installed on the plane of the canvas itself.

Insulation fixing

Polyfoam or any other heater is selected according to the thickness according to the height of the edging flange. If you use mineral wool, then it should be borne in mind that it should not be deformed when overcoated, otherwise it will lose all its properties.

Fasten foam


  • First, try on the sheets of foam and make a mark on the edge of the cut;
  • After that, cut the material along the cutting line and cut the sheet;
  • After that, we take a can of polyurethane foam glue and apply lines along the contour of the joint and in the middle;
  • We attach and glue the sheets. At this stage, we need to properly cut the material and apply the smallest gap between the elements when fastening;
  • So do the facing of the entire plane of the garage door;
  • After that, we just need to replace all the seams. We are waiting for the foam to dry out and cut it off.

Here you can use other heaters. Their price is quite different. But the instruction is one, we first do the edging around the perimeter of the gate and after that we do the insulation. The most important thing is not to pinch and do not deform the soft insulation.

After complete work, it is necessary to close the insulation from above. To do this, you can apply thin sheet metal or you can make the finish just a hardboard. The most important thing is not to hurry and correctly perform the markup. Insulated garage doors are not difficult to do.

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