Style of interior doors: from west to east

Interior doors, like any other interior detail, are on sale in the widest range. Anyone, even the most picky person, can find one that fits perfectly into the overall style and mood of his home. And all thanks to the designers who designed the doors that fit into the theme of individual interior styles.

Various doors for every taste


interior doors in Provence style

You will discover the world of warm southern France, where the warm climate of the Mediterranean reigns. Provence can be attributed to the style of Country, which has many varieties. The main attributes of this theme are natural materials and colors and the use of authentic interior elements. The doors in Provence style have a slightly aged look and resemble those that we met on the canvases of ancient artists.

Distinctive features of such doors are:

  • pastel shades
  • natural materials
  • vintage look
  • rough surface

The main rule for the creation of such doors is the use of natural wood. Note! Other mothers

алы, имитирующие дерево, никогда не смогут послужить основой для настоящих дверей в стиле Provence. Ведь, как известно, сельские двери никогда не бывают яркими и ламинированными. Само название «Provence» означает «провинция», чем обусловлена такая строгость к используемым материалам.

What about shades - they can vary depending on which room it leads to, and in which colors the interior is made in general (see Interior doors in the interior). People who adore France will certainly get one for themselves.


Door interroom in modern style

Fill any home with refinement and aristocracy. They are also made of wood, but their appearance is very different from the previous one.

They have the following characteristics:

  • absolutely smooth surface
  • ash wood as basis
  • figured platbands (see. Installation of platbands of interroom doors)
  • large selection of colors

Ash wood is used as a basis. As a rule, they are decorated with curved smooth lines, which gives their design a special elegance.

The color options are quite enough for them to ideally fit any interior (see How to choose the color of the doors according to the interior) made in this theme. It can be found in the house of an intellectual supporter of the classics, both in music and literature, and in the interior.

Japanese style

Japanese Style Doors

They help to fully recreate the mysterious oriental design right in your home. They have a number of features due to which no one will be able to confuse with any others. They will always be interesting and in demand because of their uniqueness.

Distinctive features are:

  • predominant use of alder wood
  • Japanese motifs as decoration
  • sliding construction
  • using paper as a material

As already mentioned, the doors in oriental style are for the most part sliding and are called "sesd". Best suited for homes with large spaces. With them you can achieve the effect of one large room, if you open them.

They can be decorated with drawings on oriental themes, such as sakura, panda, and other Japanese favorite patterns. Especially popular with people who are somehow related or just loving the east.

Great thing

Will add an interior in style the hi-tech which was created in the 70-80th years of the last century. This interior is imbued with the spirit of advanced technology, so the design itself is very bright and informal.

High-tech door

Stand out among others by the following:

  • use of metal, plastic, concrete and other non-standard materials for doors
  • abundance of straight patterns
  • bright colours
  • non-standard approach to creating the appearance of the door as a whole

Сочетают в себе минимализм и конструктивизм, что можно заметить из их внешнего вида. Они действительно являются неотъемлемой частью интерьера в стиле Great thing для его завершенности.

Often made to order, since all the interiors of this type are unique and require their own "flavor", as which the door can easily act. Undoubtedly, most often such people are acquired by people of creative professions, since the mysterious and non-standard door personifies the entrance to the inner world of the owner.

Country music

interior doors in country style

Easily complete the rustic interior or create its styling in the apartment. As already mentioned, they can not be lacquered and perfectly smooth, because they are based on natural wood without excess impurities and coatings.

Tip! When buying a door in the style of Country, be sure to touch it, it should not be perfectly smooth.

Features such as:

  • natural materials
  • simplicity of design
  • lack of additional decorative elements
  • rough natural surface

They will protect you from the bustle of the city and create the feeling of being in a quiet wooden house somewhere far beyond the city. Bribe these doors with their simplicity and naturalness.

Oddly enough, among office workers and businessmen who are tired of the constant noise and movement of the city, they are not only the door, but also a kind of stone wall.

Thus, each person will be able to choose the door that is ideal for the interior of his house. A wide choice of colors will make it the main highlight of the entire interior.

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