Rolled doors: entrance, interior, garage

Just what new designs for the construction and arrangement of buildings has not appeared recently. These are plastic windows, suspended ceilings, and decorative wall panels, and much more.

Touched innovations and design doorways. One of them - rolling doors for the house, as well as gates, partitions and other structures of this type. Their structure, types and scope of application is a rather interesting topic worthy of discussion.

Blinds as doors and partitions

The simplest design that can be used to close an opening is roller blinds instead of a door. They are equipped with a chain mechanism to control the blade, which is wound on a shaft located in a special box. Pulling the chain, you start the spring mechanism that raises or lowers the curtain to the desired level.

Design of roller blinds

There are more advanced models in which the mechanism is driven by an electric drive.

The control of rolling doors with electric drive is carried out with the help of a remote control
  • The material for such soft doors can be flax, rayon or polyester. The fabric is impregnated with special dust-repellent compounds, so it is easy and simple to care for it.
  • Also, rolled partitions are often made from PVC film.
  • The choice of colors, textures and patterns is very large, which allows them to fit into any interior. In addition, you can order the production of curtains with photo printing.
Photo samples of fabrics for rolling doors

The area of ​​their application is very diverse. This includes curtains on windows and glazed doors, and separate structures covering the opening, and mobile partitions for dividing zones in the room. You can mount them as you like: on the wall, ceiling, in the opening, on parallel walls.

The main advantages of these structures are:

  • Space saving;
  • Cozy look;
  • Low price in comparison with traditional doors;
  • Easy installation and disassembly;
  • The ability to fully open or block the opening, to divide or combine the zones in the room at will.

Rolling shutters

Rolled doors of this type are also called role-shutters or role-gates depending on the place of application. They consist of interconnected plastic or metal strips, when opening the opening rolled into a roll. They can be divided into internal and external.


The design of roller shutters is simple, and resembles the design of roller blinds with the only difference that the canvas does not hang down freely, but moves along the guides.

Externally, the design resembles roller shutters on the door.

For reference. The mechanism for controlling roller shutters, as in the previous case, can be manual and automatic. Regardless of its type, it is very reliable in use, rarely breaks.

Thanks to an interesting design, a wide range of colors, convenience and practicality, roller shutters are used both in residential and in public and industrial buildings. Here are just a few examples:

The advantages of roller shutters, besides those already listed, include:

  • Unusual decorative effect;
  • Pretty decent characteristics of heat and sound insulation;
  • Ease of construction;
  • High protective properties - such a door is very difficult to break;
  • Easy installation with your own hands.
The shutters perfectly proved themselves as a reliable protection against hacking

If you have a standard set of tools and minimal experience with any installation work, you can save on the installation of roller shutters. Do it yourself is not difficult if they are made exactly according to the size of the doorway.

For this you need:

Installation steps Description
Step 1 Assemble the frame from the side rails and the bottom rail.
Step 2 Connect the box with the shaft with the frame.
Step 3 Insert in the lower part of the canvas rolls heck.
Step 4 Insert the canvas into the box, set the edges into the guides and unwind to the bottom.
Step 5 Push traction springs into the groove.
Step 6 Turning the shaft clockwise 5-6 turns, cock the springs.
Step 7 Fix them on the shaft.
Step 8 Install the box cover.
Step 9 Drill holes for pens.
Step 10 Install handles.
Step 11 Install the assembled structure in the opening and secure.
Step 12 Drill at the bottom of the guide holes for the latch.

As you can see, the instruction is simple and clear, and the design itself is so well thought out that it can be assembled intuitively, even without experience of similar works.

Note. Installation of rollers from different manufacturers may vary slightly, so check the technology with the supplier.


Outdoor shutters - the most modern and convenient solution to close the opening of the garage door, hangar, boxing, utility room. Their stylish and decorative appearance will decorate the verandas or gazebos.

As is the case with the internal structures, the lamellae of the web are wound on a drum hidden in the box. The canvas can reach 8 meters in height and 12 meters in width.

Lamella radius

But the lamellas themselves are made of stronger and wider profiles.

The material for them can serve:

  • PVC
Plastic profiles

For reference. At the request of the customer, the voids of the double-layer profile are filled with insulating material.

  • Metal - aluminum or thin-layer galvanized steel with a colored polymer coating that protects the lamella from corrosion and gives them additional strength and thickness.

The shape and geometric dimensions of the profile are different. Many manufacturers offer perforated slats to provide natural ventilation in the room.

Profile picture Description
ST-50 Steel thickness 0.7 mm, height 50 mm, profile thickness 10 mm.
ST-50П The same perforated profile.
ST-75 Steel thickness 0.8 mm, height 75 mm, profile thickness 14 mm.
ST-105P Steel thickness 10 mm, height 105 mm, profile thickness 21 mm. Perforated.
ST-115 Steel thickness 10 mm, height 115 mm, profile thickness 14 mm.


Rolled doors, depending on the type and material of manufacture, fit perfectly into the interior of residential premises, and in the exterior of suburban areas. They can serve as curtains from the sun, doors for interiors, partitions for zoning space. And outdoor shutters will also protect your home from an unwelcome invasion.

The video in this article shows the principle of the rolling shutters. Having looked at it, you yourself will be convinced of the convenience and practicality of such a solution.

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