Replacing locks in a metal door - how do the masters

Door locks are things that are used daily. Their full significance can be assessed in case you need to replace the locks in the metal door.

In such a situation, you can use the services of specialists, or, having special skills, to replace the locks on your own. In this article we will look at ways to change the lock in a metal door with several types of locks: cylinder, disk and lever.

Replacement cylinder type lock

Replacing locks in the door when it comes to cylinder-type lock has some specifics. Such locks include a special mechanism of secrecy, located in the core, which has a cylindrical shape. When the key is turned in the hole of the lock, the pins of this mechanism go into special recesses.

It is necessary to note two main types of installation sites (see. Installing the lock on the front door): those that are the main ones - the lower ones (under the handle), and the additional ones - the upper ones (without the handle).

Для тех, кто решил, что replacement of the lock in the metal door будет проведена своими силами, полезно знать из чего состоит его комплект:

  • cylinder (or otherwise - the larva);
  • armored pad;
  • a pen.
replacement of the lock in the metal door

If a handle has been damaged, you only need to replace it. If the key is broken or lost, a lock change in the metal door is not needed, only the larva will need to be replaced, since it is the main structural part of the lock. In this case, the choice of the cylinder depends on which type of burglary the door is to be protected (see Breaking the door and countering this).

According to the types of burglary there are different variations of the larvae:

  • drilling;
  • use of duplicate key;
  • knockout;
  • opening with a master key.

Attention. Before changing the lock in the metal door, it is advisable to understand the installation methods of the larvae (end; through the fixation insert; through the fastening screw; internal). The same applies to the type of cylinder (disk, consignment note, cruciform, etc.).

The procedure for replacing the cylinder in the lock

To replace the lock of the metal door, unscrew the locking screw from the end plate of the lock.

  • Insert the key into the hole of the lock from the inside and, holding it, or by the turntables, take out the cylinder towards the inside of the door. Sometimes, in order to extend the cylinder, you need to rotate it using a wrench or turntables 20 degrees so that the dog gets into the dimensions of the cylinder.
  • We buy exactly the same cylinder size. The most important is the distance from the outer edge of the cylinder to the pawl.
  • We put the cylinder in the door from the inside, fasten it with a locking screw through a special hole.

Replacing the lock case

If, however, the problem lies in the mechanism itself, the replacement of the metal door lock is carried out in the following sequence:

  •  Fully slide the locking bolts, that is, open the lock. "Please note, in our situation, the bolts must be extended."
  • We take out the cylinder from the well of the lock (see the item on the replacement of cylinders)
  • We remove (if there are) door handles (see. Handles for entrance doors), armor-plate and latches. Decorative overlays for a keyhole do not need to be removed.
  • Twist two or four (depending on the type of construction of the lock) mounting end screws. In this example, we have four of them.

After these actions, the lock can be pulled out by hooking it under the end plate. Then we buy the exact same lock. The easiest way, if the purchase will take place at the door manufacturer. Replacing the lock in the metal door can be carried out in the reverse order of disassembly.

Replacement of suvaldny type of the lock

replacement of locks in metal doors

The level lock is a mechanism in which the secret element consists of a package of special plates (that is, a suvald) with cutouts in the form of figures.

Replacing locks in metal doors using suvaldnyh systems has a number of specific points:

  • If a domestic lever-type device is installed in the door, then even if there are problems with the keys, the whole mechanism will have to be changed, since recoding will then be impossible.
  • If an imported lever-type device is installed in the door, in which the recoding is provided, then only the secret part may need to be replaced. You also need to reprogram the levers under the new key set. Change the entire structure, in this case, just do not need.
  • The lever structures in their design are the most complex of those that a metal door can have - replacing a lock of this type always requires more time.

It depends on the cause of the breakdown whether it is necessary to completely change the devices or limit the update to only one of the unsuitable details. The reasons can be many: the handle is torn off, the keys are lost (see How to open the front door without a key).

The procedure for replacing lever type lock:

  • Before the lock is replaced, the metal door must be open. Fully move the lock bolt, that is, open the lock. "Please note that in our example, the locking bolts are extended."
  • We take out the key from the lock well.
  • Remove (if any) door handles, armor and latches. Decorative overlays for a keyhole do not need to be removed.
  • Twist two or four (depending on the type of construction of the lock) mounting end screws. In this example, we have four of them.

После этих действий replacement of the lock in the metal door состоит в его вытягивании, поддевая его под торцевую планку. Затем покупаем точно такой же замок. Проще всего, если покупка состоится у компании-производителя двери. Замок ставится в порядке обратном порядку его разборки.

If you are the owner of a suvaldnoy lock construction from the company CISA with functions of multiple transcoding, then you do not need to do all of the above. You just need to take the new keys and recoding the lock.

Replacing disc type lock

change the lock in the metal door

In the mechanisms of disk structures, the secret is made in the form of a cylinder, but inside there is a set of disks, not pins. The size and shape of the cutouts on them must match the shape and size of the cutouts on the keys. A feature of this type of construction is a key with a semicircular cross section.

If you need to change the lock in the metal door with the design of the disk type, you need to keep in mind these points:

  • If there is a breakdown of the domestic disk locking device, then it is more correct to replace it completely. It is recommended to buy a device from foreign manufacturers, as domestic are not very high quality and durable.
  • If there is a breakdown of the domestic disk locking device, then you only need to replace the larva if it breaks. Establish the causes of failure specialist.

Attention. It should be borne in mind that the level of security depends on the number of disks and the possible positions of the slots along their side surfaces. However, the secret function of the mechanism is leveled if the design is not strong enough, therefore protection against mechanical influence is necessary.

For example, a cylinder that does not pass through the body is more resistant to knocking. The armored cup will be extra wired, punched and drilled. We hope, after reading this article, you have no questions left how to replace the lock in the metal door.

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