Registration of an entrance door: we decorate with taste

The house starts from the front door. This is the first thing that people notice and appreciate when they come to visit. The state and its appearance personifies the inner world of the owner of the house and the entrance to it, therefore the design should take the first place in the arrangement of the whole interior.


В первую очередь нужно заботить о работоспособности  фурнитуры и ее привлекательности (см. Fittings для входных дверей — полезная информация). На рынке входных дверей и аксессуаров к ним огромный выбор различных ручек, звонков и прочего, что поможет обыграть их в интерьере максимально выгодно.


  • Door knocker. Сделать home door decoration с помощью молотка – проще простого. В интерьер, выполненный в старинном стиле, дверь с молотком впишется идеально. Впрочем, в любой другой стиль такой аксессуар привнесет особы шарм.

In addition to the decorative canvas, there is also a direct functional component. Such hammers are presented in different variations, absolutely any shapes. Brass hammers, which are engraved with the name of the owner of the house, are very popular.

  • Door knob (see. Handles for entrance doors). This accessory is already more common, and you probably have it. But are you sure of its strength and reliability?

Check the handle and lock, maybe it's time to replace them. These protection systems must meet all modern safety requirements.

The handle must have a lock function, plus must be a bolt to protect against hacking. Entrance doors in the interior will look completely harmonious, if both the handle and the hammer and the lock are of the same material.

  • Festive decorations. Decorated in a festive entrance doors in the interior look very hospitable. You can find special metal hangers, garlands and more that can be hung on a hammer, for example. On New Year's holidays such houses create a feeling of warmth and comfort, while the owner seems to be a very hospitable person.
home door decoration

  • Constant light. A dark concrete porch does not give the impression of security, so make sure that there is always a light before entering the house. Change bulbs regularly, do not forget to turn on the light when it is dark outside. The location of artificial light sources plays a very important role, since different effects arise from different lighting.

Lamps above the door on both sides will look very beneficial. It is also nice to organize ground lighting along the path to the house. Electricity can get planted solar panels - will be economical.

As an excellent design can serve as a visor over the porch, the mailbox and the well-known rug with the inscription “Welcome!”. If the porch is large, you can put a chair on it in the summer. The more additional decor and lighting - the more hospitable and attractive entrance.

  • Door bell. If your guests prefer to use a hammer, do not give up the call. Be sure to check the operation of this accessory at least once a year. And not everyone is accustomed to the hammer, so give the choice to your guests.

Dressing a bell is no less important and interesting than its decoration with any other accessory. A boring white plastic lock is original and not attractive. There is a huge variety of different bells and other calls that look very interesting. For example, you can set a glow in the dark bell, to make it easier to find in the dark.

Door leaf trim

Everything is clear with the fittings, but how to design the front door so that the canvas itself looks attractive and unusual?

The most famous ways to finish the door are:

  • Painting
  • Clapboard cladding
  • Faux leather trim

But there is still a lot of modern methods of finishing other materials.

These include:

  • Powder Coating
  • PVC door wrapping
  • Veneer paneling
  • Facing panels of fiberboard
  • Facing lining of MDF (see Lining the entrance door: update the appearance)
  • Plastic cladding
  • Facing froparal alleles
  • Making fragments of lattices

As you can see, paneling is very popular.

The panels are of the following types:

  • Thin (flat). Their thickness is up to 4 mm.
  • Thick (bulk). Their thickness is from 8 to 20 mm.

Thin panels are made from hardboard, MDF or plastic. They do not differ in special strength.

Tip! To increase the strength of thin panels, cover them with natural veneer or plastic film.

Volumetric panels are made of thick plywood or DVA - in this case, the milled pattern is applied directly to the sheet, and then covered with film. Thick panels are made of solid wood. To keep the panel firmly and securely, it is installed in grooves around the entire perimeter of the web.

How to decorate, so that the finish lasts as long as possible? This method is considered metal graphics on steel doors. This method is still completely new, but it is actively gaining popularity due to the fact that the doors thus finished are very reliable.

How to decorate the old front door

Revive the interior of the front door in the easiest way possible by painting it. The old door does not always fit into the new interior after the renovation, so that the overall picture of the home environment is complete, you can paint the door in such a color so that it matches the color of the wallpaper.

The painting process is as follows:

  1. Painting something always begins with the preparation of the base. Old paint or varnish needs to be removed with a building hair dryer. The surface is cleaned with an emery paper and the resulting dust is removed. As a result, should form a flat and dry surface, ready for painting. How the painted door will look like as a result depends mainly on how well the base is prepared.
  2. Now you can paint the door in a single layer and wait for the paint to dry completely. If necessary, you can apply an additional layer to brighten the color. For painting use a roller.

To decorate the pattern will need masking tape. It is necessary to do the following:

doors in the interior

Strips of masking tape are glued so that they form inside the picture. If you want an abstract image, you can glue the tape absolutely arbitrarily.

Tip! If you want to make small patterns, then make a kind of stencil from the masking tape - as a result, it will be securely fixed, and the drawing will be neat. When the masking tape is applied, you can paint the door in the desired color.

Peel off the masking tape only when the paint is completely dry, so as not to damage it. The decor can be made by other interesting methods.

Wall mural

decoration of entrance doors

Everyone knows the wallpaper on the walls. And what if you do the same with the door?

At the moment, almost every company engaged in the production of wallpaper, produces them specifically for the size of the door. Decorating in this way is very simple, and the appearance will change drastically.

This is done as follows:

  • First you need to select the appropriate wallpaper. If you do not like any of the suggestions, find the desired image yourself (it may even be your photo). Firms that produce advertising products, have at their disposal devices, where you can make yourself this wallpaper. You can ask to make them on self-adhesive paper.
  • Then you will need a special varnish for wallpaper and varnish.

Tip! Use acrylic lacquers, as they are durable and transparent, and also have no smell - ideal for pasting wallpapers. You will need more sandpaper and a special brush for glue.

  • If the door was painted before, then the old paint must be removed, treated with emery paper so that the surface is even. If the paint is still in good condition, then sandpaper can work directly on it. The main thing - to achieve a smooth foundation.
  • Then glue for wallpaper is diluted in accordance with the instructions. Wallpapers better stick, if you first apply the glue to the surface, and then let it dry. Glue is applied to the wallpaper, then glued, smoothing the wallpaper gently with a cloth from the center to the edges. After the wallpaper has stuck, excess glue around the edges can be removed with a napkin.
  • Then it is coated with varnish. This is done in order to protect the wallpaper from damage that may occur during operation.

So with such uncomplicated ways you can make a decor (see. Doors yourself) and turn them into an integral part of the whole interior. All methods, as could be seen, are easily accessible, the necessary tools and materials everyone can afford.

When finishing, if you are not a professional, pay attention to the warranty period of the product, because if you do not like the final result, or the door is damaged, the manufacturer will not accept such a door back. Therefore, put experiments only on old ones in order to save money, because reconstructing the old one is much cheaper than buying a new one.

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