Porch of a wooden house - decoration or necessity

The porch is a very important element of a wooden house. In addition to the purely decorative function - home decoration, the covered porch also serves as an excellent protector of entrance doors from the influence of external negative factors (rain, snow, direct sunlight).

The construction of the porch of a wooden house can be absolutely anyone, the main thing is that it fits well into the overall exterior of the building.

Preliminary work

Porch dimensions

wooden house porch design

The usual porch is a platform near the entrance door, with or without a canopy, with several steps (see Steps for the porch: the original design of the main entrance). Depending on the height of the basement is determined by the number of steps. It is very important to choose the optimal size of the porch.

Since the entrance doors open outwards, the area in front of the doors should be no less than their width (minimum 90 cm) and at least 1.2 m long - in order to have enough space to stand and open the front doors normally.

The steps are the same as for ordinary stairs:

  • The step width should be 270–320 mm;
  • Step height 150–180 mm;
  • Ladder width - 900 mm;
  • Railing height - 900 mm;

Materials for making porch

The best option for a wooden house would be to make a porch from planks or a bar (see. Wooden porch). Such a porch will look very appropriate, organic and beautiful.

porch in a wooden house

Also, the porch can be made of concrete (see. Concrete porch) and then the steps and the area to lay tiles.

porch to the wooden house

With properly selected tiles, such steps look very good and they will last much longer than wood.

Tip: cover the porch preferably the same material as on the roof. This will allow the porch to merge with the facade of the house and looks natural and beautiful.

Porch device

There are many ways to attach a porch to a wooden house. Depending on the material chosen - wood, concrete, metal, or a combination of them, the construction process is carried out.

extension of the porch to the wooden house

It consists of the following steps:

  1. Determining the material from which to build the porch;
  2. Creating a sketch of the future porch with the application of all sizes;
  3. Calculation and purchase of materials;
  4. Foundation device;
  5. Creation of steps and a platform;
  6. The device visor porch (see What and how to make the visor above the porch);
  7. Finishing work;

After the step-by-step execution of all the items, as a result, you will get a wonderful porch outside your home.

Porch device example

Next, we consider in detail how the extension of the porch to the wooden house is done with your own hands, which has the following parameters:

  • The dimensions of the site - 660? 1320 mm;
  • Width of steps - 300 mm;
  • The height of the steps is 180 mm;
  • Handrail height - 950 mm.

After determining the size and materials for manufacturing, draw a sketch of our future porch. For this project (see the project of the porch. Professional advice) we make an approximate calculation of the necessary materials.

Required Tools

In order to make an extension of the porch to the wooden house with your own hands you will need the following tools:

  • Welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Jigsaw or regular wood saw;
  • Concrete mixer;
  • Roulette;
  • Building level;

Necessary materials

For the manufacture of the porch we need the following materials:

do it yourself

Note: the above calculation is approximate. Some materials after the manufacture of the porch will remain, and some may not be enough. For accurate calculation of materials, it is necessary to calculate them using the sketch of your future porch.

Making a porch

Foundation creation

Foundation device


  • First you need to mark the plot. Put marks on the wall where the future frame will be fixed.
  • At this stage, the top layer of the soil is removed - 15–20 cm.
  • The formwork of the first step is made of scrap materials. It should protrude 180 mm from the ground.
  • A thick plastic film, roofing felt or geotextiles spreads to the bottom. From above the pillow from sand is poured.

Creation and installation of a metal frame

In size, taken from the sketch, the grinder cuts the corresponding billet from the profile pipe. Next, these blanks are welded and we get the finished frame.

The welded frame is set in place and leveled, checking the correctness of the position with the help of a building level and marks on the wall.

Important: the pillars on which the roof will be installed need to be made more by 10-15 cm from the calculated. After installation, the structure may sink a little. When the roof of the device they are circumcised in place.

Pouring concrete

Pouring the base of the porch

After the metal structure is exposed, we cast concrete.

Concrete is prepared according to the standard scheme:

  • 1 bucket of cement;
  • 4 buckets of sand;
  • 4–5 buckets of rubble of different fractions;
  • 1–2 buckets of water;

We fill with concrete after 120–130 mm of concrete have been poured, we put the pieces of reinforcement cut to size. Knit or weld it is not necessary. Next, pour the concrete to the upper edge of the formwork (60–50 mm) and level it.

To fill the next step we put the formwork and expose it horizontally (check the level). We fill with concrete, and 60–50 mm before the upper edge of the step, we put the pieces of reinforcement cut to size again. Each level is aligned.

Tip: formwork can be done immediately on three steps.

Making a roof porch

Wooden frame making

After cooling the concrete we remove the formwork and proceed to the manufacture of the roof. Cut the wooden block 50 × 50 according to the dimensions of the drawing and fasten the metal frame with screws. We trim the rack to the size we need. Fasten the metal structure to the house.

Roof installation

Metal roofing (the same as on the roof) with special roofing screws are fastened to the wooden structure.

Finishing work

Installation of handrails and forged items

Installation of handrails and forged items

  • The next stage is the installation of decorative forged elements that are attached to the frame by welding.
  • Next, install a wooden rail. We cut off the handrail of the appropriate size, process it by impregnating Dufatex and apply one coat of lacquer. After the blanks have dried, we place them on the metal railing and fasten the bottom with self-tapping screws.

Installation of wooden lining

It was the turn of the roof - clapboard wooden clapboard. First, we need to cut the number of blanks, in the same way as with the railing, it is processed by impregnation of Dufatex and we apply one layer of varnish.

Installation of wooden lining

Next, fasten them to the wooden crates from the inside of the roof with screws on the wood.

Laying tiles

The final stage of finishing - laying tile (see. Tiles for the porch). We mix the tile adhesive (according to the instructions on the package) and lay the tile, checking its horizontal position with a building level.

Laying tiles

A couple of days after laying it is necessary to wipe the seams between the tile fugue.

Tip: for laying tiles you need to use frost-resistant glue.

After finishing all the work, the porch will look like this:

Finished porch

Porch in a wooden house plays a big role. Properly chosen and built porch gives the house a complete look, serves as an excellent decoration and performs many other useful functions.

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