Porch design to your taste

Дизайн крыльца дома может быть совершенно разным. Classic porch может представлять из себя навес по скату, точеные перила и стойки округлой формы. Также могут быть варианты различного оформления и стилей, которые придадут красивый внешний всему дому и увеличат его цену.

Design for the porch of a wooden house

The porch of a private wooden house is a platform at the front door, to which the steps are attached. The number of steps depends on the elevation of the floor level in the house. In houses on the ground - it can be one step, and in houses with a basement floor - steps (see Stairs steps: the original design of the main entrance) and their number determines the height of the basement.

The porch becomes very popular in houses that are built on rough terrain and the level of the floor at the front door is raised to a certain height. Here, the determination of the number of steps is for reasons of safety and convenience, as in other ladders.

Making the porch is directly related to the architectural solution of the house. The staircase of a country house can be located frontally, on one or both sides. This location depends on the position of the plot where the house is located. Also, the appearance and entrance of the house affects the appearance of the porch and its position.

What to consider when choosing a porch design


  1. Choose the size of the porch area no less than 120-180 cm at the front to open the front door
  2. Consider opening door entry to the outside
  3. If the porch is located frontally, then the axis of the door shifts with respect to the axis of the steps.
  4. If the size of the site is large, the location of the steps does not matter

Platform flooring of the boards should not be done tightly to each other, so that rainwater leaves the site. Therefore, the staircase and the platform must be performed with a slight slope outward of 1-1.5 degrees. This is also important for winter, since frost can form and movement will not be safe.

If the design of the porch of a private house and the stairs has more than two steps, it is desirable to install a railing, the same railing can be used for the porch area.

Types of railing for the porch:

  1. Railings that enclose a horizontal platform
  2. Railing along the stairs to the porch
  3. The railing can be located on one or two sides of the steps. house porch design

In order to prevent moisture from rain and snow from reaching the site, a carport can be installed (see. Sheds over the porch). For its roof is better to choose the material that covered the roof of the house. The dimensions of the canopy are calculated on the basis of protecting the entire porch from moisture and wind. Very good option when the steps of the porch are protected.

porch design in a private house

A porch attached to the house can lead to imbalances over time. The best design of the porch of the house is to connect the structures of the porch and the house (see How to fit the porch to the house correctly), which have a common roof and foundation.

As a result of this configuration, the possibility of distortions is eliminated, since the load is redistributed between the components. Porch area can not go beyond the area of ​​the house. There is a variant of the design of the porch, when it is under the common roof of the house.

Такой прием дизайна крыльца в частном доме позволяет защитить крыльцо от дождя и снега, от ветров. Если площадь достаточно большая, то образуется терраса и возможно дополнить porch interior мебелью для отдыха.

The design of the porch of a wooden house can embellish the look of your home and create an elegant and fashionable style throughout the house. Also, the appearance will affect the price of the house. In addition, the porch carries safety functions from snow and rain, frost, especially if the porch is covered with a canopy.

Basically, the porch of the house is performed in the style of the house, so that everything looks at the same time and is complete.

Design options

  1. Facade and porch. The porch is the main facade of a building or house.
  2. Porch combined with a terrace. This option is handy and beautiful, functional.
  3. The porch is intact with the facade and balconies of the second floor.
  4. One step in front of the entrance without a canopy. Used mainly in hot countries and resort towns.
  5. Classic porch. One or dvuhkatny canopy and turned railing, supported by carved balusters. Clear lines in the design, it is possible to paint with oil paints. wooden house porch design
  6. European porch, which is decorated with accessories. Possible glass door, decorated with carvings.
  7. Romantic Porch - openwork lergola entwined with grapes or lianas. There may also be lanterns or benches near the house. private house porch design

Options for the design of the porch can include the use of various materials in the decoration of the porch, such as wood, metal, concrete, sand, etc. Also, the craftsmen decorate the porch with beautiful patterns and flowers in bowls, figurines and figures.

Porch accessories

  1. Two pots of flowers that are set on both sides of the porch
  2. New outdoor mat for an attractive look of the porch
  3. Large picture above the seating area on the porch
  4. Curtains on the porch from the sun
  5. Bright cushions on neutral furniture porch interior

If we use elements of forged parts in the decoration of the porch, we will get a retro-direction and a beautiful exterior of the house. Most often, metal parts are placed under the railing. You can decorate forged elements of doors and stairs. Such decoration of the porch will be both attractive and durable.

If you decorate the extraordinary porch, you get an individual style and a memorable porch. To do this, instead of the railing, you can put a vase with flowers and make a bright ornament on the door and the space nearby.

You can also make a transparent canopy with colored inserts of polycarbonate. In addition, you can use various figures and figurines, arrange furniture and a table for rest as you want.

Make the design of the porch in a private house as you want! Create a unique style!

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