Installing a lock on the front door - it's not that hard

Если вы уверены, что installation of locks on the door – задача исключительно для профессионала, сразу звоните ему. Предложенная ниже информация предназначена для тех, кто знает: не боги горшки обжигают, и готов немного потрудиться для собственного блага.

No doubt, to install it on the front door, you need to have sufficient experience with tools, know how they work, and have patience and scrupulousness. Otherwise, it is better to really consult a specialist.

But if you are already reading this text, it means that you need this information, so we will continue.

How to choose a castle

Today, consumers are offered two types of reliable systems - cylinder and suvaldnye. They all differ in safety class, which must be indicated on the packaging.

If you have something to cherish, choose grade 3 or 4, and if there is no information about the security class at all, do not buy one.

Cylinder locks

Cylinder lock

The most common cylinder locks - pin type. There are pins of a certain shape in them, the response holes to which are located on the key.

Cylinder for entrance doors are equipped with a code mechanism in the form of a set of disks on which cuts are made, similar to the grooves on the key.

They have a fairly high level of secrecy, but hackers do not bother to open them - the cylinder of the cylinder lock is easy to knock out with a strong blow. Therefore, choose a lock device, equipped with an armored tab - it should be in the high-class security locks.

Keyless locks

choice of lock for the front door

The levers giving the name to another type are steel plates, which must be lined up in the order given by the key to open the lock. Safety class depends on the number of such plates, the quality of the material from which they are made, and the presence of armored tabs.

Такие замки уже так просто не выбьешь ударом ноги, но к ним при желании можно подобрать отмычку. Поэтому choice of lock for the front door – задача непростая.

Tip! Experts advise installing on the front door at the same time two locks of different types.

Electronic locks

front doors with electronic lock

Recently, electronic locks are becoming more and more popular, which are opened not by a key, but by a magnetic card. Other options - open a set of code on the built-in keyboard or remote control.

The very “advanced” door locks for the entrance doors are opened by reading the pattern of the papillary lines on the owner’s finger of the dwelling or retina of his eye.

How to insert the lock into the wooden front door

installation of locks on the door

If you have already inserted a lock or at least a handle with a latch into the interior door, then you can cope with this work.

You will need:

  • Drill and drills of different diameter
  • Screwdriver или отвертка
  • Chisel and hammer
  • Measuring tool

If you want to put a mortise lock on the front door, before you buy it, measure the thickness of the door leaf - it should fit in it, without loosening the door structure too much.


  1. Having defined the height at which the castle will standAttach it to the end of the door with its back and draw a line around it with a pencil. door lock device
  2. Drill a few holes inside the contour using a drill of a suitable diameter. to the depth of the lock, and then modify the groove with a chisel. The lock should fit tightly into the groove.

Tip! To drill holes of the desired depth, make a mark on the drill that corresponds to the length of the lock. The easiest way to wind the drill in a given place with tape.

  1. Insert the lock into the prepared slot and circle the outline of the lining. After removing the lock, carefully cut the seat for the lining so that it is flush with the end of the door.
  2. Attach the lock to the door leaf and mark the location of the keyhole or the larvae of the castle and the handle. Drill holes for them.
  1. Finalizing the locks on the entrance doors, fasten the trim on the end of the door and fasten decorative strips on the outer and inner side of the canvas.
  2. Mark on the door frame the location of the counterpart of the lockby closing the door and pushing the lock bolts forward. Just as at the beginning of work, drill a hole for the bolt and prepare a notch for the striker plate. Screw it in place. front door lock replacement

If there is a cylinder lock on your front door that you want to change for some reason, you do not need to change it completely. Your problem can be solved by replacing the front door lock cylinder, which is less expensive and does not require experience and tools. You only need a Phillips screwdriver.

Locate the screw that holds the grub on the faceplate and unscrew it.

Then insert the key into the lock and turn it slightly clockwise so that the flag goes into the body of the larva and stops holding it in the lock. After that, it will easily fall out if you press on it from the inside of the door.

locks for the front door

Attention! When buying, pay attention to the distance from the end of the larva to the mounting hole. It should be the same or slightly larger than on the old larva.

Having chosen a new larva of the same size in the store, install it in the lock in the reverse order.

How to insert the lock into the metal door

Если вам предстоит установка или front door lock replacement металлической, позаботьтесь не только о необходимых инструментах, но и о средствах безопасности: защитных очках, диэлектрических перчатках, переноске, соответствующей мощности электрического инструмента.

You will need:

  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Bulgarian
  • Set of drills
  • Screws for metal
  • Taps
  • Files

Приобретая locks for the front door, ориентируйтесь не только на их вид, качество и класс безопасности, но и на толщину самой двери и толщину металлического листа. Если она менее 3-4 мм, слишком массивный и тяжелый замок может деформировать дверь.

It is best to install mortise locks on the metal door so that the door leaf completely hides the locking mechanism and protects it from aggressive environmental influences.

You can independently install such a lock, the slat of which will be located on the front part of the door. Locks, fully located inside the door, in which only girths are visible in the butt, are more durable and reliable, but it is better to entrust their installation to specialists.

It is better to refuse overhead locks, since the inner leaf of a metal door usually does not have sufficient strength to fasten them. In addition, such a lock will not decorate the interior hallway.

Installation procedure mortise lock


  1. Determine the exact location where the lock will be installed. The recommended height from the floor is 90-110 cm.
  2. Mark the place of the tie-in size of the castle.
  3. Fix the top and bottom edges of the notch by drilling two holes of small diameter. Then drill them with a large drill. door locks
  4. On the vertical lines of marking make two cuts grinder with a cutting disc from top to bottom. Expand the hole if necessary and remove the burrs with a file.
  5. Insert the lock into the prepared hole and accurately mark the location of the holes under the fastening screws. Drill them and cut the threads with a tap.

Attention! Make the hole diameter slightly smaller than necessary. For example, for an M4 thread, drill a hole with a diameter of 3.8 mm.

  1. Attach the lock to the door on both sides and mark the position of the holes for the keyhole. Drill them and cut through the grinder.
  2. Insert the lock in place, fasten with screws and check its operation.
  1. Attach to the door lining, insert the key into the lock and determine the centers of the holes for their fastening. Drill holes for screws.
  2. Secure the lining on both sides of the door, and again check the ease of operation of the lock. Pads should not interfere with the key to rotate freely, and wedge it.
  3. Carefully approach the marking of the holes for the girders in the door frame. The easiest way to do this is to brush the ends of the bolts with paint or chalk, close the door and turn the key until it stops. You will have marks on the door of the door.
  4. Perform holes for bolts in the same way - using a drill and a grinder. Similarly, set and lining.

Alternative lock options

If you are interested in entrance doors with an electronic lock, you can safely buy them with the locking device already installed, since you yourself will be the author of an electronic “key”, which in most cases is a code of several numbers.

And no one can solve it, including the master who installed or connected this lock on the spot. But if you wish, and knowledge of the basics of electronics and electrical engineering to cope with self-installation of such a lock will be even easier than with the installation of the usual.

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