How to make doors glass do it yourself

Doors, without a doubt, the most important part of the interior room. Therefore, you should correctly treat the selection of this element. This is best done during the construction work, or when repairing the premises.

Many people want to make their home original. Therefore, trying to apply non-standard solutions. Now comes into fashion such material as glass, which can decorate the look of your apartment.

On our site you can see photos and videos on this topic, choose exactly the solution that suits you. The price of this design can be quite different, there are budget options and too expensive.

Virtues и недостатки конструкции

This material, however, like any other, has its positive and negative qualities that you should know before you make the right choice.


This construction sometimes happens and is not replaceable, it can be understood, having learned its positive qualities:

  • Glass doors will visually increase the space of the room. This is fine can partially solve the issue of small area;
  • There is an opportunity to realize a lot of author's decisions. and emphasize the uniqueness of the room;
  • Ease of care is also attractive. Almost any non-abrasive detergent can be used for this;
  • This design is perfect for which high humidity, for example, in a bath (see. Glass doors for baths and saunas - make a choice);
  • This material does not change its shape in any situation., even with temperature changes.


This design has its drawbacks, which should be considered:

  • The glass is chosen rather durable, but it is also afraid of blows, especially on the butt;
  • Items are quite heavy;
  • Installation difficultyin which no errors can be allowed;
  • They are afraid of high loads.

Types of glass doors

If you chose this particular construction, then you should know its variations. Such doors are divided into several types. Make your choice based on the premises.

Swing doors

This is the most traditional version of the execution. Their work is done in one direction only.

They differ in a number of ways:

  • Glass fixing is done only in one direction;
  • Glass installation is performed either to the wall itself with the help of hinges, or to the door frame;
  • The box has a fairly sturdy construction, which holds a considerable weight of glass cloth;
  • If the glass is mounted in a frame with the help of a sealant, then such a construction will have greater sound insulation.

Sliding doors

This design is suitable for premises that have a small volume:

  • Sliding doors give the room an elegant and original look;
  • It may have a hanging mount that eliminates the step at the bottom of the element;
  • The device can be closed and open type.

Attention: When choosing this design, consider the width of the wall for opening. It should be more than the door leaf by 15-20 cm. Remember, not back to back, but more. You will need this distance to install the structural elements.

Pendular doors

For some rooms this construction will suit:

  • Opening and closing is done in both directions. It is very convenient;
  • A closer is installed in the product, it is a special element that contributes to the smooth opening and transfer of the door to a closed position;
  • The fixing of the pendulum door is carried out by the closer in the lower part, in the upper part a special axial fixation is used,
  • This element can be made in two versions: single-wing and double-wing.

Do-it-yourself sliding doors

Here we consider such a construction as sliding glass doors, you can make them yourself. True, it will take time and attention. Will be given instructions for the implementation of this work. The simplest option is to install a single-door sliding door. It is on it that we will stop.

Only with one reservation. The installation of sliding doors is template, most of the moments coincide with other structures, we will definitely mention this in our manual.


Like most works, this one starts with the correct markup. If this is not done well, then the mechanism will not work well. The slightest inaccuracy can lead to jamming of the canvas.

Attention: The most important thing is to carefully measure the possibility of mounting such a design before buying. She may not always come up. Check that there is a proper distance for fixing and do not interfere with various other types of interior.

The very first thing is the execution of markup for fixing guides.

It is desired in two versions:

  • We measure the height of the door and begin to do it from the floor. After that, the size should be added about 15 cm. This will be a gap from floor to door. After this, we add the height of the roller mechanism and guides. Mark this size on the wall and put labels with a pencil. After that we connect them together:
  • The second option is about the same. Only in my opinion more accurate. We just put the canvas to the opening. We draw a line and we add the height of the guides and the roller mechanism to it.

Attention: After you connect the labels, this line should be checked with a level and corrected. The floor may not be even and the markings may not be done properly. Therefore, you should check the correctness of the marking. Do this qualitatively, so as not to alter later.


After the markup, you can proceed to the installation:

Accessories for the installation of sliding doors

  • Fasten the rail according to the drawn line. Fastening performed in such a way that the guide was under it. If the wall is wooden, then it is enough to use screws to make the joint. If the plane is concrete, then the use of dowels. To install them need a punch. And one moment. The door has a certain weight, so the connection must be made quite tightly. Do not purchase the dowel in the kit. Take pacifiers and to them, purchase self-tapping screws separately, with a diameter more than the pacifier opening a couple of mm. Such a connection will be tough and reliable;
  • Installation guide is done at some distance from the wall. It is selected on the thickness of the door. It should not cling to the opening and the slope when opened. Carefully select the guides, if the door is located from the floor to the ceiling, then they are mounted on the ceiling. Before buying, make sure that you get exactly what you need;

Caution: When choosing guides, note that their length should be twice as long as the length of the door. And to this size should still be added about 5 cm. This design saves free space, but the wall must comply.

  • Now we collect the carriages and check their work. To begin with, bolts should be screwed into the carriage, but not tight, the ends should look out a little. After that, each carriage must be inserted into the groove and try its work. Nothing should interfere with the movement. Note that the groove itself is not required to lubricate, in this case the friction will decrease and therefore the correct movement of the mechanism will not be. In this case, we get a slip;
  • After installing the guides, insert a bolt inside the roller carriage, and then put the whole carriage mechanism into the guide. For a one-sided construction, only two mechanisms are required; for other types of doors, it is required to acquire similar mechanisms for all the doors;
  • Now we fix the brackets for roller carriages, they should be on top of the door leaf. At the same time, it is necessary to retreat about 5 cm from the very edge of the door;
Check the operation of the mechanism, if necessary, make adjustments

Attention: If you chose a full glass door, then the fastening mechanism will be somewhat different, their installation is performed using a mechanism that consists of two legs. Glass is placed between them and tightened with screws. About this, do not forget to put special pads on the jaws of the clips on both sides. They will secure the glass under compression and will not allow it to burst. If you chose a heavy construction, then you should install two guides. One fits from the top and the other from the bottom.

  • When we have fixed the rollers and fasteners for them, you can install the door leaf itself. Raise the door, insert into the groove and tighten the bolts in the bracket, which is located in the upper part of the canvas. To do this job, you will need outside help that family members can provide. Need to support the door. After that you should check the horizontal mounting. If something is wrong, it is necessary to make adjustments that are not difficult to do;

Attention: When buying, pay attention to the adjustment holes in the carriage. They come in two forms: round and oblong. Give preference to the second option. In this case, it is easier to adjust. In the first version, lengthening of the holes may be necessary, and this is laborious work that you can avoid.

  • Now you can hide the slopes and doorway, this is done using the trim (see How to install the trim on the door) and dobor. The door mechanism can also be hidden; a decorative lath that can be purchased in advance can help;
  • Now you can fix the fittings.

As you can see this installation is not a difficult job. Here the main thing is to properly perform the adjustment after installation.

You can install and glass doors for a bath with your own hands, the location does not matter. The main thing is to check the equipment when purchasing and take the time to install and the product will serve you for many years.

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