How to install entrance doors

The main functions of the door, in addition to the aesthetic, are to ensure the safety of residents, the creation of a barrier to external noise and thermal insulation of the dwelling. All these functions directly depend not only on the quality of the door itself, but also on how correctly the installation of your entrance door was carried out.

The basic principles that govern the installation of the entrance door:
  • The door must be mounted to the wall in such a way that its plane does not create cold bridges;
  • Elements of the box must be exactly horizontal and vertical:
  • The door box must be securely fastened with anchors located in the structural parts of the walls of the house;
  • When installing, you need to use elements specifically designed for the door frames that have enhanced resistance to shear.

Installation of a door in a three-layer wall

Today we will tell how to install the front door in a three-layer wall.

The three-layer wall

  • Brick wall
  • Anchors
  • Vata
  • External wall

The three-layer wall содержит в себе такие слои:

  • Construction layer from hollow blocks, porous or traditional ceramics, expanded clay concrete or cellular concrete;
  • Thermal insulation layer mineral wool and polystyrene foam (see Insulation for doors: types and parameters);
  • Clinker or cladding bricks. The facing layer around window and door openings sometimes comes out forward, forming a ledge - a quarter.
door installation

From the point of view of thermal qualities, the installation of doors will be ideal if it is mounted to the thermal insulation plane. It is there and you need to put the door box (see How to assemble the door frame without problems). However, this creates some problems with its installation. In addition, a similar arrangement of the door box makes the door open at an angle of more than 90 degrees.

It is more convenient to open the door outside. It is necessary to clarify with the seller whether the door being purchased is adapted for installation in a three-layer wall.

Preliminary measurements

Before you install the front door, do the markup. For the convenience of users, the height of the door should be two meters, and the width - 90 cm (see Dimensions of entrance doors). Accordingly, the opening should be slightly higher and wider, taking into account the elements of the box and the gaps.

The level of construction floor plus is taken as zero:

  • heat insulation - about ten cm;
  • screed - about five cm;
  • finishing layer of the floor - two or three cm;
  • the upper beam of the door frame is five to six cm.

As a result of the addition of all values ​​with the height of the door, we obtain the desired height at which the jumper will be (approximately 2.24 meters). It is better to take with a margin of a couple.

Fastening the door connecting elements

The door box is fixed to the wall with anchors. Anchor can perform its functions only when securely attached to the wall. Depending on the strength of the walls, the anchors are mounted to a depth of 10-15 centimeters.

installation of doors of input video

In walls of cellular concrete, it is advisable to increase the depth to 20 centimeters.

Installation on anchors is made:

  • during construction - installed in the wall under construction;
  • in ready doorways - installed in the prepared holes.

The anchor is a steel anchor and an anchor mounting plate. Fastening for screwing into the wall is a dowel and steel coupling.

We recommend watching the video lesson:

Basic installation methods

There are three ways to mount:

  • Installing the entrance door to the finished opening. If the doorway is ready, we fix the box with anchors and anchor plate. The plate is fastened to wooden boxes with screws, or welded to steel ones. The lower mounting point will be near the lower loop, the upper - at the level of the upper loop. The box is attached to the wall construction element with anchors. This is the most frequently used method of mounting to a three-layer wall.
  • Installing the front door for a quarter. The box can also be mounted in the construction layer. In order not to let the bridge of cold penetrate, constructing a wall, we create a three-cm projection from the cladding and heat-insulating layer.
how to fix the entrance doors
  • Installing a layer of thermal insulation on the box, making the wall look like a two-layer. This method is applicable if the facade is prepared for plaster. Following the installation of the wall box, the quarters are reinforced with reinforced mesh and plastered. This method is used when installing doors that are particularly resistant to breaking (see Breaking into the door and countering it). In the cavity between the cladding and structural layers, we lay and fill with a profile a profile of steel with thick walls, filled with thermal insulation. This should be either a closed profile or an open profile - channel. Pre-solder the mustache of metal rods to it. You can not solder the profile, and pieces of the profile. It will serve to reinforce the vertical girders of the door box.
front door install

Tip! Before mounting to the wall in the box install metal brackets. Thanks to them, the box, reinforced in the insulating layer, is attached to the structural layer of the wall.

General instructions on how to install the front door:

  1. Measurements. Measure the width and height of the doorway. Take the smallest sizes. In the absence of a finishing floor, we add their height to the calculations.
  2. Сборка коробки. Раскладываем фрагменты коробки, проверяем все детали. Перед тем how to fix the entrance doors, соединяем детали в углах, крепим саморезами. Ставим коробку на петли.
  3. Foaming. Fix the frame with wedges in the corners and in the center. We believe the horizontal and vertical level and ruler. Put the struts in front of the wedges. Fill the space with mounting foam.
  4. We are waiting for the foam to dry. After half a day, remove the extra pieces. We remove wedges and struts. Install the trim. We cut out the necessary length at an angle of forty-five degrees. Drill holes for nails. Fix the casing with finishing nails before installing the front door. We put the door.
  5. We fasten the handle. It is better if the lock is pre-inserted into the door. So much more convenient.
  6. The door is ready.

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