Horizontal bar in the doorway: how to install yourself

Hypodynamia, that is, low mobility - is the scourge of modern humanity. But what to do if a person has such work or study that requires a long sitting at the table. Although, many comrades even without special need choose a sedentary lifestyle, “talking” with a computer all day.

This is a personal matter for everyone, but, nevertheless, the body suffers from everyone, and stretching the muscles to maintain their physical form will not hurt anyone. The easiest solution to this problem is the horizontal bar for the house in the doorway. What is this device, how to choose and install it?

You will learn about this by reviewing our material and viewing the video in this article.

Horizontal bar in the house

Paid sports complexes and home fitness equipment - not everyone can afford such pleasure. And even if the price of a person’s question is quite satisfactory, there may be no time for going to the gyms, and at home there is simply nowhere to put a wall or any other sports equipment.

  • But, horizontal bar in the doorway, and is inexpensive, and does not require a separate place. The advantage of this device is that, if necessary, it is easy to remove.

Crossbars with different types of fastening

Of course, the horizontal bar permanently located in the doorway may not fit into the interior of the room, and simply interfere with walking if people of tall are living in the apartment.

In such a situation, the horizontal bar will rescue a removable doorway. There is another convenience in it: since the crossbar can be easily moved, not only adults, but also children can use it - you just need to set it at the right level.


  • The size of the mobile horizontal bar corresponds to the standard width of a single-floor interior door (see. Sizes of interior doors: width, thickness, height), and is 90 cm, and it weighs no more than three kilograms. If the doorway in your apartment is quite wide, do not worry. The design of the crossbar is adjustable, which allows it to be adapted to any depth of the opening, or the height of the door cornice.
Horizontal bar in the doorway without drilling

Note! By installing such a device at the very bottom of the aperture, you will also get a comfortable support for the legs, and you can gladly swing the press. And in order to push out, even the installation of a horizontal bar in the doorway is not needed, because it can be done on the floor - which is what we see in the picture below.

  • Consider, for example, the model that you see in the photo. This small horizontal bar is able to withstand a weight of at least 200kg. It can perform pull-ups with different types of grip, for which it is equipped with moving polyurethane linings.
Horizontal bar for the doorway, used for practicing on the floor
  • Such devices are sold unassembled, in a box, inside of which every detail is in its plastic bag. Attached to it is assembly instructions, which even a child will understand. The elements are bolted together, after which the structure is simply put on the door cornice (upper platband).
  • The only disadvantage of removable devices is that the degree of their fixation in the opening is not so reliable that you can perform any exercise. As a rule, manufacturers do not recommend that when operating such a horizontal bar take a position upside down.
  • In this regard, the horizontal bar in the doorway is much more reliable. Its difference from the previous version is in another method of attachment. Spacer horizontal bars can also be removable, and they are attached by a spring mechanism. It is quite static fixed, but still with an excessive load, too, may not be kept in the opening.
Horizontal bar sliding in the doorway
  • The most reliable device can be considered a telescopic crossbar, which is fixed to the door slopes using anchors. But to remove, install it every time will not work. The removable horizontal bar telescope is moved apart in accordance with the width of the aperture, and, setting it at the required height, it is fixed with rotating movements up to the stop.

The stationary version is mounted similarly, only in those places that are adjacent to the slope, there are mounting holes through which mechanical fastening is performed. Fastener usually comes with a crossbar.

Homemade horizontal bar

With the purchased options figured out, but how to make a horizontal bar in the doorway yourself? Here, too, there is nothing difficult: you just need a piece of pipe and two eyes.


  • If you do not find such supports under the pipe that you see in the picture, they can be made of wooden bars measuring 10 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm. The diameter of the pipe should be such that you feel comfortable holding it - on average, this is 25- 28 mm. Thus, you get a removable projectile.
Homemade horizontal bar на дверь
  • If you want a horizontal bar to be stationary, do so. Measure the distance between the slopes of the opening, and, adding 6 cm to it, cut a piece of pipe. At its ends you need to make cross-cutting cuts with a depth of 3 cm, which will give the opportunity to bend the segments by 90 degrees.

As a result, there will be four petals on each side. Two of them, located on opposite sides, are removed, and holes in the two remaining are drilled for fasteners. It remains to clean the pipe to smoothness, and paint with alkyd enamel. Everything, the horizontal bar is ready - install it, and push for health!

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