Glass pendulum doors: choose, do the installation

Pendulum glass doors can often be seen in the arrangement of the room. This design has only recently gained its popularity.

Glass двери маятниковые иногда бывают просто не заменимы, особенно для отдельных видов помещений. Но они имеют и свои недостатки. Поэтому надо сначала полностью все это их изучить и только после этого применять окончательное решение.

Today we will consider glass pendulum doors from all sides. We define their positive and negative sides. A video in this article will show clearly all the details of this design.

We select and install

Pendular glass doors can be made from several materials. Therefore, it is worth considering what it is better to apply. After all, they can be trimmed with wood in a room with high humidity for a long time.

Varieties of pendulous types of doors, their features

Doors pendular glass can be of several types and in each of them can be used seklo. Therefore, before buying is to get acquainted with each of the species.

Choose exactly what you need. Pendulum doors, by and large, are one of the types of swing doors.

These doors have their own variations. Often, their subspecies are determined by the material from which they are made.

Glass Application of glass for swing doors

Especially suitable for interiors in a futuristic style and modern style. The advantages of glass are obvious - it is easy to clean, not subject to scratches and other mechanical damage.

Even strong blows with thick tempered glass are easily transferred. Also impact resistance can be provided by a shock-resistant reinforcing film. The film, by the way, uses it also to give the glass the desired color and transparency.

Aluminum The use of aluminum in the manufacture of swing doors The difference between these doors and glass doors is only in the fact that in them the glass “bag” is clad in an aluminum frame (see aluminum pendulum doors: installation features). The exterior of these doors is somewhat inferior to the doors of glass, although if the use of these doors is due to the interior of the room, then they have a right to exist.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) The use of polyvinyl in the manufacture of the door This is a modern plastic door that is inserted into the balcony opening. Such doors, most often, are equipped with double-glazed windows or, if the door should not be transparent, a PVC panel.

The external aesthetic qualities of the door, of course, is not different, but it is her, perhaps, the only drawback.

Wooden Choosing wooden doors These doors saw every inhabitant of the planet Earth. This is the very first door that humanity has made, so they are the most common. There is no time or desire to describe wooden doors.

Pendulum doors, in addition to belonging to the material from which they are made, are single and double doors. The use of certain doors is caused, as a rule, by the interior and design decision.

But for convenience, it is customary to install single door doors in a doorway less than 1.2 meters wide. Otherwise double doors will be more relevant.

Pros and cons of pendulum doors

Like any thing, the pendulum door can be appreciated only by comparing it with other types of doors. Without doing this, it is almost impossible to judge the advantages and disadvantages of this type of door.

But still, let me save you from comparison - these are the qualities of the doors that can be attributed to their merits:

  • I would like to start with their most important feature - the complete absence of the door frame. This is a multiple relief and acceleration of the door installation. Well, like any medal, this virtue has a downside. The absence of stops makes the doors of the pendulum type absolutely incapable of retaining sounds and smells.
  • Canopy typeused when mounting doors of the pendulum type, distributes the load from the weight of the doors on the lower axle. She can take on a very large weight, which means that the door itself can be much larger than normal.
  • Another indisputable in terms of practicality, plus swing doors, is that they can be opened and closed in both directions.. In essence, this type of door was invented for this.
  • Another positive quality swing door lies in its lower axial canopy. Its main purpose, except, of course, to hold the door leaf, is to correct its speed of movement and to bring it to the closed position. Some models of canopies for swing doors allow you to create a fixed position of the door leaf.

Now a few words about the shortcomings:

  • One of them is bad, but rather almost no sound insulation. In passing, it was already mentioned about this shortcoming and the reasons for its presence were revealed.
  • The next disadvantage is the high cost. This applies particularly to doors made of glass. For example, or, if you will, for comparison, let's take the cost of buying and installing ordinary wooden swing doors (see How to install a wooden door yourself) and exactly the same pendulum. The cost of the canvases of the pendulum doors will be slightly lower. But this quality is lost only due to the absence of a wooden box.
  • After the installation of doors, pendulums, there will be an acute question about the improvement of the place where the ordinary doors have a wooden box. The most acceptable would be to use for this purpose a durable material, such as wood or metal. Soft spackling materials may flake off due to changes in temperature, humidity or the play of the building itself. Also, the putty can be upholstered by mechanical impact on it with any objects. As a result of finishing, the cost becomes noticeably higher than the cost of ordinary doors.
  • Another unpleasant quality of the pendulums is that they require a certain amount of free space on both sides, since they work in both adjacent rooms. But if, nevertheless, the decision to install the door of the pendulum type was made, it means that their advantages dragged the scales “over”. And this is the right decision.

Self-installation of pendulum doors

There is nothing difficult in installing such doors. The main thing is to adhere to the technology outlined below and to correctly measure and mark. All work is done perfectly with their own hands, and therefore the price of the whole structure will be much lower.

First, check whether all the tools and accessories from the list below you have. If something is not, then all this can be found in the hardware store or (if you are lucky with your neighbors) ask your neighbor.

So, for installation you will need:

  • Level;
  • Plumbing;
  • Perforator;
  • Hexagons;
  • Bulgarian (angle grinders with discs for metal and stone tiles);
  • Screwdriver (door + screwdriver set)
  • Alabaster (1.5 to 2 kg)
  • Hardware, fittings and fittings.

We do training

Before starting work on the installation of the door, carry out work on the preparation of the doorway.

Here is a step by step technology preparation:

  • Measure the height of the doorway at three points: left, right, and middle.
  • Similarly, make three more measurements, but already the width of the opening: below, in the middle and above.
  • After applying the level, determine whether the adjacent sides of the opening are perpendicular to each other.
  • Also, with a level, make sure that the lower and upper sides are parallel to each other.
  • Make sure that there is no hidden wiring in the immediate vicinity of the future installation site. Find out the location of the embedded bars.

Warning: The markup in this matter is quite important. If it is not properly executed, the entire system will not work. Distortions when carrying out fastening should not be.

Completing of the work

After all the preparatory changes and inspections of the opening, you can proceed to the installation of glass doors, the technology of which is described below. For example, take a single glass door with a door closer.

Installation usually begins with the installation of door fittings from the “Classic” series. This series is ideal for installing classic glass swing doors.


  • Installation of the axis T-133 (upper axis). It is mounted on the top of the opening. Install it so that it is pressed against the right (or left) side of the opening. The wide part of the axis is located closer to the edge of the opening.
  • Fastening is done on the screws. If the doorway is made of wood, then immediately fasten it. If the surface is made of concrete or brick, then a hole is made first with a perforator and a dowel is put. After that, only the connection is made
Making a hole for the dowel
  • Installation of door closer T-84D.

Attention: Before installing the closer, you need to determine its place. It is located in the floor, under the upper axis. Determine its exact location with a plumb line. Attach the plumb line approximately in the center of the upper axis. We hollow out the bottom of the bath for fixing the door closer. Install the door closer in the tub. The closer spindle must be on the same axis with the upper axis. If so, freeze the bath with alabaster.

  • The next stage is the preparation of glass doors. In the special cutouts in the glass, install the lower fitting T-110. Next, at the top of the glass door, find the special cutouts for the top fitting. Install part T-120. In the center (height) of the glass door leaf are cutouts for the door lock. T-150R - detail of the castle. Install it on the door.
  • Properly prepared door insert in the same prepared doorway. Align the lower T-110 fitting with the T-84D closer, and the upper T-120 with the upper T-133 axis. After removing the technological plug of the upper fitting, set the door leaf in its place and screw the insert part back into the door.
  • Following the example of the lock, in the installation places specially cut into the door leaf, attach the T-633 handle.
  • The mate of the castle are mounted in the floor. When the door is in the “closed” position, mark the location of the counterpart, focusing on the location of the lock itself.
  • Now close the seam from the wall about to the box with foam. If it is indoors. If this is not a heated room, then it is better to make a cement mortar. It does not absorb moisture and perfectly tolerates temperature extremes.
We make the seam processing
  • After that, install decorative caps on the fittings.

It is so easy and simple installation of glass swing doors. Before starting the installation, carefully review all the photos and correctly determine the amount of work. When buying a door should pay attention to its completeness.

Pendulum hinges for glass doors should not jam initially, after installation they may not work, they will just be an additional load. Instruction is and you can get to work.

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