Doors in the interior of the apartment

In the interior of the door are quite significant. And almost everyone knows that.

How to choose the door for the interior, we'll talk in this article. After all, you can make invisible doors in the interior, everything will depend on your desire and ability.

Also on the video in this article you can see the possible options and make the right choice. Their price is quite different, you can choose the size of any wallet.

Installation is done by hand and therefore it is possible to make cheaper repairs.

  • 1 quality door
  • 2 About the importance of details
  • 2.1 About color meaning
  • 2.2 We take into account the interior style

Quality door

You have to pick up the new interior of the door personally; nobody will do it for you. It is important that these are interesting doors to the apartment and correspond to the design.

You should also choose not just beautiful, but the doors in the interior of the apartment should be of high quality. Let's see what this parameter defines.

Choosing quality material


  • In its production only natural materials were used, therefore it is environmentally friendly and safe. The most preferred are wood, natural veneer (see Doors are veneered: what it is and how it is done);
  • Smooth surface. This sign of the perfect door is visible to the naked eye: this model is smooth, pleasant to the touch, covered with a uniform layer of varnish. If you press on it with your fingernail, then there will be no trace on the surface (in low-quality models, when pressed, the nail can “sink” into the varnish);
  • Perfect alignment: equal distance between corners;
  • Mandatory presence of L-platbands, L-box included;
  • She is beautiful: all connections of elements are made more than carefully: without gaps and layers;
  • Immaculate color. According to the color of the door, you can make an initial conclusion about its quality: a uniform, uniform color without stains, the tone is even, clear, the texture of wood is seen through the paint - this is an example of a real quality. If the color is dull, overly dense, then, quite possibly, it hides the marriage, or poor-quality wood.

About the importance of details

In order to make a choice in favor of a truly decent model of an interior door, you should pay attention to the details:

  • If the model assumes the presence of glass, then it is better to choose tempered - if it accidentally breaks, then it will crumble into large non-sharp fragments that are completely safe for children and pets. And the use of fusing technology allows you to get surprisingly stylish samples.
  • The seal should be soft, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve tight closing of the door;
  • The obligatory presence of a porch, without which the performance of sound and heat insulation is reduced.

Attention: Fire safety class is also important: the security of the room will largely depend on it.

  • An important factor in choosing becomes the material from which the model is made: the length of service depends on it. So, conifers, which look very expensive, require regular updating of the lacquer coating, and such arrays as oak, cherry, beech will ensure the durability of the door.

About the meaning of color

The color of the door in the interior of the house is of great importance for the owner, who takes care of the stylish and harmonious look of his apartment. How not to make a mistake when choosing a door?

What is first necessary to take into account - the color of furniture, wallpaper, flooring features or other characteristics? Do all the doors in the apartment have to be the same, or is fantasy allowed? The question is difficult, but interesting.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with a number of key points that will help you make the right choice and not be disappointed:

  • The simplest option is the door of neutral tones, which is in harmony with all the interior items. Ideal if it will be combined with the color of window frames.
  • The furniture and the door, made of the same wood, look great in the design of the room, but if this condition is not met, it doesn't matter: the plinths, window trims of the same species as the door, will help to achieve harmony.
  • The room where the doors and the floor are painted with contrasting tones looks stylish and modern (see Dark doors, light floor in the interior: the rules of choice).
  • Interior light walls dark doors will emphasize and highlight exactly the door. Here it will be necessary to take into account everything, because in this version they will immediately be evident.

However, there are no universal recommendations for choosing the color of an interior door, the owner’s taste and his preferences are at the forefront. You can fully express your imagination, not be afraid of bold experiments, and the result will be simply stunning - a unique unique design of the room to the envy of all guests!

We take into account the style of the interior

How to choose the right door to the interior interests many. After all, the design of the doors in the interior should not just be in style, but also emphasize it.

Instructions on this issue are offered below:

  • To emphasize your impeccable taste, when choosing an interior door, you should take into account the peculiarities of the room design. Not all modern apartments are designed strictly in the same style, as a rule, both different styles and their elements are combined.

Attention: In these cases, when choosing a door, you should focus on the general perception of space; first of all, on the features of the design of the living room (as the main room in the house) and the hallway (this is the room visitors first of all see).

Photo door in the style of Conti
  • The bright colors of the doors will help to create a warm welcoming atmosphere in the room, emphasize home comfort; They will perfectly fit into the interior in Ethno or Country styles.. For fans of the classics, a dark wood door will be an excellent choice: it looks very stylish, expensive and strictly. Saturated tones - the choice of lovers of the Baroque style: there will be appropriate as the light and dark colors of the door.
  • Light tones, especially cold ones - a great option for owners of a room in the Art Nouveau style - such models are very modern and elegant. You should not give in to the power of stereotypes - and dark models will perfectly fit into such an interior, the main condition is clarity of lines and lack of decoration! It is also appropriate to use bright colors: the doors of red, black colors and metallic tones will help to highlight the design. In order not to lose harmony, the color of the doors can be combined with various interior items of the room: pillows, curtains, rugs, vases. Thus, you can maintain the unity of color and make a variety.
  • A truly luxurious look will be a classic interior, if the design of the doors were used to sweat, special thin sheets imitating gold leaf. They can be made in gold, silver or bronze; due to the large number of shades organically fit to any color scheme. Fans of truly aristocratic chic can purchase products from many companies that use potal on furniture and doors. Doors with multi-colored or opaque stained-glass windows, which are also made by masters of this company, look very elegant.
  • Light doors will be an excellent addition to the room, decorated in the spirit of romance: they visually expand the boundaries of the room, the white color does not tire the eyes. Glossy doors will help to create a real aristocratic chic in the room, and models with the preservation of wooden texture look natural and natural.

There are many models, orientation to the style is rather conditional, the most important thing is that the door should please the eye of its owner, he likes it.

The door is an integral part of the interior, it helps to complete the stylish, unique image of the apartment. And it does not matter at all, it is the interior of the doors to the hall or bedroom, everything should be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

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