Doors from metal profile do it yourself

Gates fences made of metal profiles are increasingly common for arranging plots. And there are reasons for this. This is a fairly practical material and it is widely used in the construction and decoration of houses.

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Virtues и недостатки металлопрофиля

Such material is available in retail and has many advantages. And because of this, they also perform gates with metal profiles and fences, which are used for the manufacture of roofs. Let's first weigh the pros and cons of this product.


This material has a lot of advantages that are difficult to overestimate.

  • This is a fairly durable material., the design of which provides stiffeners on the surface of each sheet. Well resists external influences. Not susceptible to temperature changes;
  • Not a high price, it is also a big plus. The lack of drawing on the plane, makes it easy to install and reduces costs;
  • Ease of manufacture. For the work will require a tool that is in almost any household;
  • Good protection from exposure to the external environment;
  • There are always materials of various colors and shades on sale.that allows you to create the desired composition;
  • Durability of the materialwhich will serve for many years. Manufacturers give a guarantee of about 20 years, it depends on the thickness of the material. Although thin elements are covered with excellent protection;
  • It is possible to make products with forging (see. Do-it-yourself-forged gates do the right thing), which will give originality to the structure.


Like any material, along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages that you should know before making your choice.

  • With mechanical impact and damage to the outer layer, corrosion can develop;
  • When connecting the seam is required to perform quite tightly, otherwise water will leak;

Installation of metal doors

Gate oar from a metalprofile, it is rather widespread design. (See Metal doors of the gate) And it will be discussed. Below is a manual for manufacturing. To begin with, you should consider the appearance of the structure and reflect this in the drawing.

Decide on the decoration of decorative elements or forging elements. In your drawings, you will easily figure it out later and this will allow you to correctly calculate the amount of purchased material, which should be purchased before commencing work.

metal wall fences

Tools and materials

Decide on the installation site and correctly calculate the amount of material and the desired tool.

You will need the following:

  • Metal profile, the amount of which is determined according to the drawing. Do not take the material in the butt, there will always be waste, which should also be considered.

Caution: When determining the volume of purchases, always consider the length and width of the material. Which is different in wave width. Add and joints, where there will be connections, here you need to mount in an overlap. But it is better, of course, to do the work from a single sheet.

  • A metal pipe or profile is required for the posts; the cross-sectional diameter of these elements should not be less than 100 mm. Defining the length of the material, add one meter to the height of the structure, which will be concreted in the ground and 10 cm, this will be a gap between the gate and the ground, which will allow to use the structure freely in winter time;
  • Calculate the material for the manufacture of the frame, which can be made from a shaped pipe or angle. Get the same material for the manufacture of stiffeners and do not forget to take it into account in the purchase;
  • For the manufacture of the frame of the gate, you will need to take a corner or profile tube. The second option is more practical than the first, has less weight and has good strength. For the frame, its cross section must be at least 25 mm. If you have a large structure, then you will need to take the elements stronger, because the frame should be quite rigid and not allow sagging;
  • For the treatment of metal surfaces will need to buy anti-corrosion fluid or gasoline;
  • Paint and primer;
  • Castle and curtains.

Now we list the necessary tool:

  • It will be necessary kapron thread;
  • Plumbing;
  • Semiautomatic or electric welding;
  • A sledgehammer or a hand drill will be needed to set up the posts;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Scissors for metal.

Installing pillars

Gate leaves will be attached to the posts. They need to be set fairly rigidly. In doing so, take into account the dimensions of the structure, with their increase increases the weight of the elements. To avoid this, you can take a more powerful material and provide for mounting on three curtains. This will also make the design more reliable.


  • In the selected place we make the markup and install the pillars. To do this, first we dig holes with a depth of at least one meter and with a diameter greater than the pipe section by 10 cm;
  • We make cutting of material in the necessary size by means of the Bulgarian and a cutting wheel;
  • We degrease the surface of future racks with gasoline or an anti-corrosion fluid. Give dry and then wipe the white bloom with a cloth;
  • Installing pillars и засыпаем яму щебнем, for this you can use all unnecessary stones from the site. After that, thoroughly ram. At the same time, using a plumb bob, we set the pillars perfectly vertically;

Attention: When installing the pillars, pay special attention to the perpendicularity of the installation. If this is not done and the concrete is poured, the whole geometry of the structure can be broken, which subsequently cannot be corrected.

  • We make a solution of cement and sand. When using cement M300, we make the ratio 1: 3. Dry mixes mix until complete mass uniformity and gradually add water. We bring the solution to a liquid state, it must fill all the cavities between the stones. We fill the pillars with the prepared mixture;
  • We are waiting for complete drying in about a day.

Making brick pillars

Some buildings are much better suited brick pillars, which will strengthen the design and just look better. In this case, metal poles should be lined with bricks, but its thickness should be followed at the marking stage.

Swing gate of metal profile

Attention: When preparing for work and drawing up a drawing, do not forget to add the width of the material to the pipe diameter. You will also need to purchase and face brick for the manufacture of such a structure.

  • Making the solution for masonry, apply the ratio, as written earlier. Only when adding water, we bring the mixture not to a liquid state, but to the thickness of sour cream. Sand is better to apply the mountain;
  • Take the trowel and do the laying. The thickness of the seam should be of the order of one cm. Each subsequent series of ordering should overlap the seam of the previous one, this will give the required rigidity to the product;
gates with metal profile

Attention: When laying, do not forget to put mortgages in the attachment points of the curtains, the thickness of which should not be less than 5 mm. The mortgage is first welded to the pole by welding and then closed by ordering.

  • When laying, we check the parallelism to the ground with the help of a building level. Plumb we check the correctness of the laying of the corners;
  • Ordering is done up to the top of the pillars. Give dry, but not completely. We make jointing;
  • From above you can install decorative or metal caps. Which will give aesthetics to the construction and help drain water in rainy weather.

Making the sash

The technology of manufacturing the valves does not depend on the chosen material (angle, profile). It is about the same. We must have a rigid structure that will hold the elements of finishing and withstand bad weather.

We also need to perfectly fulfill the geometric shape of the structure. If this is not done, then all the work can go on a smack, the design will not work correctly. (See also Gateway - how to choose)

Preparing a place

The correctness of the preparation of the work site will largely affect the quality of the product. So take this job seriously. Well, if you have a welding table, but if you don’t have one, you’ll have to do it. It is not difficult.

  • Choose a flat platform, with dimensions of more than one meter at a minimum;
  • We take the channel and lay it on the site. The size should be less than 10 cm from the product. When laying, we apply a level and a thread. We should have an ideal plane that is parallel to the ground. If this is not done, then we will have a wrong geometric shape of the valves or a propeller will come out. This can not be allowed, because it will be impossible to fix it.

Making a frame

When the place for work is properly chosen and equipped, you can proceed to the manufacture of sashes.

  • With the help of the grinder we trim the profile according to the dimensions that are indicated in the drawing. We remove with the help of the grinder and a grinding circle the burrs;
  • We arrange the parts on the work site and seize the joints by welding;

Attention: welding places we catch. After that we measure the diagonal. She must be perfect. And we check it first with a square and then with a kapron thread.

Errors are eliminated with a hammer. And only after that we do the final welding. Before final welding, press the profile to the channel with clamps. During welding, the elements may lead, clamps will prevent it.

  • We make cleaning of welds from welding, for this we use a grinder with a grinding wheel;
  • After the frame is completed, the struts should be mounted. That will give extra rigidity to the gate. To do this, we cut the profile according to the width of the frame and weld it. Spacers are mounted after about 50cm. You will determine this according to the dimensions of the chosen construction;
  • If you decide to make a gate at the gate, then it is required now to make a frame for its installation. To do this, in the frame of the casement, weld two profiles of the required size and make a frame for installing the gate;
  • Do not forget to check the diagonal design;
  • Now try on the lock and latches. Making the necessary holes, after fixing the metal profile, this will be much more difficult. If the construction provides for installation of automation for the gate, now it is necessary to install the bolts and levers that will open the gate. The installation of these elements is carried out according to the instructions attached to the elements. Do this work before fastening the cladding;
  • We clean up the welding flux and process the metal with anticorrosive. After drying, wipe with a cloth;
  • We process the surface of the metal. Give dry. We paint

Installation of metal profiles

This work should be done in mittens. Sheets on the edge can be quite sharp and you can hurt your hands.

  • We cut the sheets according to the required size and after that we will surely remove the burrs;
  • Put the sheet on the sash and make holes for fasteners. If the work is not done with a solid sheet, then the material should not be put in the joint, but overlapped;
  • Making the mount with screws. Some do this work and use rivets. Should not be doing that. The rivet in the process of time is simply cut off;
  • Welding curtains in the right places. Apply special curtains that are designed for this. It is better to choose the design of elements with a bearing. They will ensure smooth running and extend the life of the entire structure;
  • Raise the gate, apply to the curtains and weld.
a photo

Attention: When hanging the shutters do not forget to provide for a gap between the gate and the ground, it should be about 10 cm. This will give free movement of elements in winter.

We told how to make a gate from a metal profile. The garage gate is made on the same principle. Only in this case it will be necessary to make a frame for the installation and fix it correctly in the opening.

About this you can read in detail on the pages of the site. Carefully check the dimensions before the final welding and the design will serve you for many years.

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