Decorative curtains on the doorway in the premises of

Curtains on the doorway, are an excellent option to save space in the room, and exclusive registration of the entrance to the room. Failure to use the door leaf saves square meters, opens up great opportunities for the homeowner to implement creative ideas. What to choose decorative curtains on the doorway, their types and features will tell the article.

Functions of decorative curtains

The main functions performed by interior curtains are:

  • Protection of the room from inquisitive glances, light, drafts;
  • The division of the room into zones with different purposes;
  • Protection against the penetration of cold in winter and insects in summer;
  • Make the room more comfortable;
  • The originality of the interior. Showing your imagination, you can create your own unique curtains of paper, beads, wood;
  • Decorative design of the doorway, as in the photo.
Beautiful curtain in the doorway

For convenience of moving between rooms, the curtains can be intercepted from one or both sides with ribbons, braid or lace. In addition, it will increase the use of decorative curtains on the doorway in the original, attractive form.

Advantages and disadvantages

Curtains decorative on a doorway, most often, are used as independent filling, without installation of a door cloth.

Tip: This design option should be used in the premises of a small area.

Decorative curtains in a small room

Original door curtains can be used in apartments, in private homes, in the ultra-modern and classic interiors.

This is due to their features, which can be found in the table:

Benefits disadvantages
  • Beautiful appearance. They can transform any interior;
  • Relatively low price;
  • They fit into the opening of any shape: straight, arched or complex curved;
  • You can make yourself that will additionally give the room individuality;
  • Large selection of materials. These can be: textiles, plastic, PVC, wood. Bamboo and straws are very popular;
  • Visual expansion of space. In the absence of a solid partition, a visual illusion is created when light passes between two adjacent rooms;
  • Practicality. Space is saved, due to the lack of a door leaf that is unbuttoned, which requires a free territory.
  • It is not possible to completely isolate the space, which does not allow to create an atmosphere of privacy;
  • There are no sound and heat insulation;
  • There are no obstacles to the spread of various odors throughout the apartment;
  • Limited scope. They are not installed in bathrooms, bedrooms and offices.

Types of decorative curtains

Curtains on the door can be very different: interesting and beautiful, functional and practical, in a word, unforgettable. Very much depends on the material used for their manufacture.

They can be used in different styles, which for creative people is a springboard for the realization of desires.

The table combines the most popular types of decorative curtains for doorways:

Type of curtains Special features
Wooden This is an environmentally friendly material that brings warmth and comfort to the room. Curtains can be made of any type of wood, and the texture and weaving of the material depend on the master's imagination.

Curtains made of wooden elements have a lot of advantages:

  • Natural and ecological purity;
  • Beauty;
  • Organic in any style;
  • Natural colors;
  • Variety of forms;
  • Simplicity and ease of installation and operation;
  • You can paint any color you like.

Decorative wooden curtains on the doorway, in which the threads and wooden beads are combined, subtly emphasize the naturalness of the wood and the originality of the decorated threads.

Bambukova This is a type of wooden curtains. Their benefits are identical. The only difference is their preferred use for decorating rooms in a minimalist style:
  • Their basis is an environmentally friendly material;
  • Products give a luxurious look to the room;
  • Help to create an atmosphere of calm.
Kisey For their production are taken viscose, polyester. In the composition you can add small decorative figures, artificial flowers or other, not very bulky details.
Roll In this design, the woven fabric is threaded with laces that ensure the curtains are raised and secured.

This is an exclusive way for interior design. Designers recommend using roll curtains as a soothing product. They combine the practicality of blinds and aesthetics of curtains in a classic style.

Decorative curtain on the doorway Textile decorative curtain will emphasize the strict style of the room. For production you can take: velvet and jacquard, flax and cotton, silk and satin.
Bamboo with wooden beads The popularity of such decorative curtains due to the presence of a large number of natural, natural materials.

This interior looks quite organically and original.

Filament Decorative curtains of the filaments are used for zoning and dividing the room. They darken the room, but they do not interfere with the flow of fresh air into the room.

Such curtains consist of thin threads, which are combined into strong rope bundles, and make up a single thread ribbon. They can be:

  • Combined with sequins;
  • Bugle;
  • With beads.

Exclusive curtains of yarn "play" with each wind, make the room fresh and airy.

Magnetic This is a fabric sheet that is installed using double-sided tape or decorative buttons that are included in the product package.

Tip: When using curtains on the door of a weighty and thick fabric, you should pay attention to the hooks. This will provide more convenient penetration from room to room. To hide the door frame, you should use a pelmet.

The choice of decorative curtains for doors

When choosing curtains for the doorway, you should use some recommendations of experts.

For example:

  • For interior or entrance doors of glass or with glass inserts, curtains in the doorway make the space more private and personal. In other cases, the curtains are used as a decorative element, they add comfort and individuality to the interior of any room;
  • For openings of glass are usually taken the usual curtains, as for windows, and models, called the hourglass: the upper and lower edges are fixed along the entire length, and in the center the fabric is collected and decorated by sticking, which gives the opening an hourglass shape.

Roman and roller blinds can be used;

  • Classic door curtains are used in the interior to mask the door and create a more interesting and soft atmosphere in the room.
Curtains Classic curtains

Such a design solution looks good in any room and fits into all styles of the interior, the main condition is that the shape, color and texture be properly chosen.

Decorative curtains in different styles of interior

Tip: In order to choose the right decorative curtain for doors, you should get acquainted with the features of products for different styles of interior.

  • For classic styleThe ideal solution is curtains made from heavy, dense fabrics that look solid and expensive. They are harmoniously complemented by drapery, folds, fringe and tassels.

The assembled curtains are used as decorative, and when closed, they create a special, cozy atmosphere. A more interesting effect is created by multi-layer structures consisting of dense material together with light chiffon or of several shades of the same material.

An additional decoration on the door can be a single-level or multi-level pelmet. This will make the ceiling visually higher. In this case, the eaves must be attached directly to the ceiling;

  • Hi-tech and minimalism implies maximum lightness and simplicity, so heavy curtains are inappropriate here. The doorway can be decorated with light curtains, made of chiffon, curtains of beads, gum, which depends on the nature of the room. Monochromatic beads of the same size look more strictly, and colored, of different sizes and shapes, make the room more cheerful.

The doorway to the kitchen, it is better to issue easily washable materials;

  • The minimalist styles include Oriental and Japanese styles., pretentious details, artificial materials, such as plastic, are unacceptable here, which will not break the general stylistics. In this case, the concise light or bamboo curtains on the door are ideal.

A great option is to use classic Japanese panel curtains, but they need to be used very carefully. Such models are only suitable for wide openings, in standard doors, narrow panel sash will make the room look like an elevator.

To better present what kinds of products are better to use, it’s worth watching the video in this article

Changing the interior with door curtains

The original curtain in the interior of the room

The material of the curtains in the doorway, their color and texture can transform the interior of any room, change its proportions and correct the imperfect layout.


  • For the visual expansion of space, you need to use light, light, translucent fabrics, such as organza;
  • The wide disproportionate room can be visually narrowed using dark, deep shades;
  • Visually expanding the boundaries of space helps a small pattern on the curtains, and a large figure to reduce;
  • Visually higher to make the ceiling will help vertical stripes. More effect will create curtains when mounted on the ceiling;
  • In a small room need to apply light curtains. Here it is undesirable to use heavy materials, draperies, complex shapes of curtains.

Caring for curtains

Variant design doorways

Great effort door curtains do not require. At the same time care instructions and some rules should be followed:

  • Wooden curtains are simply wiped, they do not wash in hot water. Otherwise, the coating will become soft, begin to peel off and dim. In addition, wood does not tolerate excess moisture;
  • The bamboo is removed from the opening, rinsed in a soapy solution and washed well in running water. Natural joints are cleaned with an old soft toothbrush. Especially they do not need to be dried, simply hang in the doorway;
  • Fabric decorative curtains are washed according to the requirements for a specific type of material: they are usually soaked, without using a centrifuge. You should not iron iron, the threads are deformed;
  • Decorative bead curtains are soaked in a bucket of water, in which laundry soap and a pair of ammonia are added.

Decorating the doorway, curtains of any material, can make them a true decoration of the home, but it is necessary to pre-submit how they will hang in the doorway.

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