Dark doors in the interior: the rules of choice

In the interior of the dark door can be found quite often. But here it is necessary to choose the right shade, which can emphasize some features of the room.

Today we will learn how to choose the dark doors in the interior. On the video in this article you can see the range of retailers to choose the right option for themselves. Here you should not invite a designer, it is possible to do everything with your own hands. Then the price will be much lower.

Color schemes

Doors in the dark interior can have many shades and colors and they must be properly selected. Let's look at the different color schemes that can be used to design a room.

You can decorate the interior by harmoniously fitting the doors of dark tones into it in several ways:

Low contrast In this case the accents in the room should not be - it is assumed that there are a large number of dark objects that are not out of the general picture. If their number is not enough, you can balance the interior by adding color spots of appropriate size. For example, a large carpet or leather chair of dark brown shades.
The combination of "dark floor - dark doors" To inscribe white interior doors in a dark interior is rather difficult, and the combination of a dark floor and a dark door is a special chic style that not everyone can decide on.

If you are afraid of "overloading" the room with dark tones, but choose a similar flooring, give preference to the doors with glazing (see Replacing the glass in the interior door: tips experienced). With them the room will look visually easier.

One contrast If in the interior only the door is a dark object, it is not necessary to use black and dark brown colors - this may be inappropriate.

You can give preference to other, even unconventional, but interesting shades. For example, dark gray, purple, swamp or maroon. At the end of this article you can see several such options with a description.

Ways to feed the dark door in the interior

Special difficulties with the selection of such a door should not arise. Otherwise, you can pay attention to several design tricks that are guaranteed to help make the interior perfect and harmonious.

Distracting accent

Residents of small apartments may have a feeling of “crushing walls”, due to the presence of too dark doors. This is due to the fact that the gaze lingers on the most conspicuous object of the room, and does not disperse over it. To avoid this effect, you can stop the choice on the door with an asymmetrical decor.

Attention: For such a reception, a narrow bright vertical insert is often used, which breaks the door into unequal parts.

It attracts more attention than the dark component, and creates an optical illusion that makes the doorway higher and changes the perception of colors in favor of light.

Accessories, as possible addition

With the help of accessories you can beat even the almost black door:

  • For example, there is a dark floor and the same stair railing, so it would be logical to use dark doors.
  • If the walls remain light, it is necessary to fill the room with several accents in the achromatic scale.
  • Pictures or photos, both black and white, and placed in a dark frame will do.
  • The application of this approach would also be appropriate with dark brown, purple or gray doors.

How to choose a shade

In contrast to the situation when light interior doors are selected, when choosing dark it is necessary to focus on the shade of the floor covering. It is not necessary to look for an identical tone that is not different from the floor.

But it is important to observe the use of one shade - cold or warm. This is what affects the perception and, as a result, the creation of comfort in the house.

Doors of dark tones may be as follows:

  • Black doors
  • Gray doors
  • Dark brown doors
  • Wenge color doors
  • Dark blue, burgundy, purple and other non-standard doors

Black doors

For the history of its existence, the black doors in the interior of the interior doors managed to be classics, go out of fashion and come back into operation again, but in a slightly different form.

Using black in the door trim


  • Currently, designers are increasingly using lacquered wood, preferring the doors in the sparkling black plastic. The use of anthracite partitions interspersed with light elements is most often found on the compartment doors.
  • Those who pay tribute to the traditional style, fit the door in the interior black deaf. But, at the same time, the art of our time determines the existence of a more modern version - a combination of glass and a smooth black surface.

Gray doors

Dark gray doors fit well into the interior with a light floor of both dark and cold shades.

Use a gray tint when you make a room

Attention: It is worth remembering that often gray color may look official, because it is considered one of the most elegant.

At the same time, dark gray doors help to create a cozy atmosphere, therefore they are an excellent choice for children's rooms and bedrooms. But even so, the breadth of their application is not limited to: the addition of laconic metal elements helps to create a high-tech design.

Dark brown doors

Dark brown doors в интерьере можно вписать и в светлый дизайн. Необходимо лишь правильно подобрать оформление.

We use dark brown doors in the decoration of the room


  • It is not necessary to dwell on the standard frame of the door - you can make the whole wall contrast. For example, pick up tiles, stylized dark marble. This will help make the overall look more noble.
  • Contrast wall or part of it can be bright. This will allow the atmosphere to appear warmer than stern. For example, a great natural combination will create a green color.
  • Taking the chamber interior as a basis, for an interior door one should dwell on the color corresponding to it. So, the door of a red-red shade will suit the golden walls, ocher parquet and terracotta furniture. The correct combination due to the harmony of colors will emphasize comfort and soulfulness.

Wenge color doors

For several seasons, the doors of this wood keep the title of sales hit. It is not surprising, because this color is unusual, attracts attention and looks aristocratic.

Wenge color in the interior of the room


  • The use of wenge is popular in interiors where light doors are out of place.
  • Such universal applicability is determined by a wide range of shades of wenge-colored doors: chocolate, coffee with an admixture of violet, gray with a bias of brown and almost black with gold.
  • Interiors with wenge color literally rivet attention and create a special atmosphere.

Non-standard doors of dark shades

To create a more interesting or comfortable interior for you, it is not necessary to limit yourself to the doors of a brown and gray palette. In this case, non-standard design can be achieved even without the use of excessively bright and flashy shades.

  • Mysterious purple, noble burgundy and restrained olive colors will do.
  • In stores, such doors are much less common than standard ones, but large manufacturers periodically offer interesting collections.

Red doors

Fiery scarlet color is not so easy to fit into the interior, in contrast to the wine-red. For those who want to create a modern, stylish environment in the apartment, the choice of this color will be a great solution.

Red color for interior

Violet doors

Interior doors for blueberry interior are not suitable for every mood and not for every room.

Purple door color in the interior


  • But such a door is able to cope with the task of creating an unusual and bright detail in the room.
  • For example, she guarantees a good accent in a studio apartment, where there can be only one door.
  • A darker shades of purple, even close to black, will not look extravagant, even in the interior of a classic or colonial style.

When choosing a door, remember that natural wood and veneer have more advantages than glass and bare plastic. Textured details of the first look more attractive and more expensive.

And easily viewed texture will make emotionally warm and pleasant even the darkest door. Therefore, do not be afraid that there will be difficulties in selecting doors of dark shades for the interior - on the contrary, you can enjoy an individual design that is appropriate for your tastes and mood.

Dark doors in a bright interior look pretty nice. Now you can pick them up. Instructions for colors and shades are. Look at the photo and select the desired design.

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