Breaking the door and countering it

Protecting the door from breaking, this is probably the most basic question before its choice. Different methods can be applied here.

This is a door-pick and a simple knockout. This issue is particularly relevant in private homes. In order to provide for hacking of doors, master keys and other types need to know how to break the lock on the door and what methods are used for this. If you do the protection with your own hands then you can be sure that you will protect your room from penetration.

Ways to break the door

How to break the door lock, we now consider in different ways. So you can hack the door Elbor and others. Therefore, buying this design should provide protection against breaking the door.

On the video in this article you can see the various options for hacking. Also, a photo will be offered and you will look at what the consequences are.

Breaking an armored door can be done in two versions:

Breaking the door vandal It implies the use of physical brute force, locks and doors are destroyed, in the second method fine work is carried out, no trace remains.
Hacking intelligent door The intellectual way of hacking with the help of master keys or bumping concerns only locks, and we will talk about metal doors, so we will consider the vandal method, which is applied to locks and doors.

Bending (spinning) door leaf

Hacking of doors without a master key is carried out by folding.

This method includes the following actions:

  • One or more crowbars are inserted between the door frame and the door leaf, the door is bent up with their help until the lock bolts stop interfering with the door opening. This is the most common method of breaking metal doors, the cost of which is not very high. In these types of doors, savings are due to the thickness and the presence of metal. The result is a lack of rigidity of the door leaf, which is necessary to prevent not only pressing the door, but also inserting crowbar between the box and the leaf.
  • Metal must be used to prevent spinning as the skin and frame of the door leaf.having sufficient thickness - metal profile. There should be elements that will strengthen the design of the door - stiffening ribs, kerchief, horizontal strips.
  • The classic versatile locking system, which is called the crab system, is widely used to prevent bending.. In the door, devices with deviators (bolts) are mounted along with the main locks, which provide additional coupling (locking) points of the door leaf and the box, most often from below and above. Bend the door becomes almost unreal.

Attention: An anti-burglary labyrinth on the side of locks, infrequently used in typical door types, is considered to be not such a popular anti-spin method.

Bending (spinning) the door frame

Cracking doors with a master key requires certain skills, so this method is often used. Breaking of the armored doors by this method will not work. After all, the box in them is tough. But if the corner is applied less than the 45th.

Then this option also applies:

Note: The method is similar to pressing the door leaf, but in this situation, scrap is inserted between the box and the wall.

  • The pursued goal is to bend and unscrew the entire door block from the doorway. In this way, doors that have been improperly installed are cracked, because there are large gaps between the door frame and the wall, which were sealed with mounting foam.
  • If you put a crowbar in such a gap, high-quality fastening is no longer able to save, given the fact that most of the doors are fixed using flimsy anchors. The door effortlessly twists together with the door frame.
  • To protect against this type of spinning, it is necessary to properly install the door (see Installation of iron entrance doors: instructions for use), there should be no gaps between the door unit and the wall, there should be metal bends on the door frame that will prevent the installation of a mount or a scrap.

Destruction (cut) hinges and bending the door leaf

The door is hacked by cutting loops, then scrap is inserted between the box and the canvas, opens in the opposite direction.


  • The anti-burglary labyrinth protects the door from the hinge side, anti-shear pins, which are widely used in all household doors, can also prevent this method.
  • When the door is closed, the pins placed on the canvas entered the box.
  • In the case of cutting loops, they prevent spinning if they are correctly positioned and fit tightly in the box. Loops are cut very rarely due to the fact that this process is very noisy.

Attention: In this way, they break open the doors mainly in new buildings, where repair work is taking place, and the house is not fully occupied by residents.

Cutting door leaf

Only thin and raw metal, which is used in Chinese-made doors, can be cut with metal scissors. They are not protected from cutting in any way; they cannot be used as entrance doors.

Cut the door leaf


  • In the case of manufacturing a door leaf of high-quality metal, cutting is carried out with the help of a killer knife, a rather serious tool, analogous to a can opener. The process is more like ripping up a metal surface than cutting.
  • You can protect the door from this method by strengthening the area around the locks or use a more thickened metal. Essential is the design of the canvas, which is able to make it difficult or impossible to rip the metal.

Door punching

Breaking through punching

The door paneling material is broken through in order to damage the locks, most often of the lever type - in the cylinder locks it is easier to knock out the cylinder, this will be discussed further. In the picture you see a lock damaged by the way of punching, it has a curved shape, due to this, its bolts almost completely retract into the door leaf.

Attention: It is possible to protect the door from punching with the help of door fittings, which in combination with durable, thickened metal doors will protect the locks from penetration.


Breaking of armored doors in this way may well be accomplished. There is no breaking of the door larvae, but simply its removal.


  • A burglar can drill a door anywhere, depending on what he set before him. Most often drilled cylinder lock and lever lock. Consider in more detail each of the ways.
  • The cylinder is drilled in the case of the use of cylinder-type locks. The cylinder is the most unprotected place in such locks, which cannot withstand vandal methods of opening the door, meaning cylinders of the lower and middle price segment.
  •  Basically, the material from which the cylinder is made is brass, which is very soft compared to metal. Drill cylinder is possible without much effort by two known methods.
  • The first method is to drill a huge diameter of the core cylinder with a drill, thus opening access to the drive mechanism, which can be rotated with a conventional screwdriver.
  • In the second method, a hole is drilled with a thin drill where pins are cut or deactivated. What makes the lock secret disappears, the core can be turned with any key. The results of the impact in two ways are shown in the figures.

Attention: In order to protect against burglary by the method of drilling, high-quality cylinders with red-hot bodies, washers and pins are used.

  • Outdoor fittings with protective properties increase resistance to cracking, but there are situations when a cracker drills a pin with a thin drill by inserting it into the key slot. The best protection option is the combined method, that is, external protective fittings and a cylinder with hardened elements are used at the same time.
  • To drill out the level lock, you need to drill a hole through the door at a certain point, as a result of which the lock’s secrecy is lost.
Hacking drilling

The pictures show the marking and drilling of the suvaldny lock. Using this method of opening the lock loses secrecy and opens with any key.

Attention: In order to protect the level locks from opening by drilling, armored protective fittings, protective elements in the form of hot lining and a hot body that will protect weak points and design features of doors are used.


  • To this end, along the drilling axis, a stiffener is installed, which will knock aside the drill, preventing drilling. It should be noted that the figures show the results of tests carried out in laboratory conditions, but they are suitable for a visual demonstration of drilling methods.
  • In fact, it is not so easy to drill down a level lock or a quality cylinder, as is often shown on the Internet. The network delivers deliberately incorrect, custom-made videos: in thirty seconds, the cylinder of a lock with a hot case, a pin or a core or some other method far from reality is drilled without problems. These videos are intended to drown a competitor.

Knocking out

The way of churning does not require much effort. The action logic is elementary - why waste time picking up master keys, if you can make a series of powerful blows to the cylinder, when it breaks, the lock mechanics can be turned easily with a screwdriver or something else.

Knock out the cylinder

The blows are made at different angles, it all depends on the type of cylinder, which most often breaks in the thinnest place (it will pay attention to the image), then the front part is removed. There are cases when hacking is carried out by knocking out the cylinder completely inside the room. In both situations, the burglar opens access to the lock mechanics.

Cylinder breaking out

We break the cylinder

This method involves the execution of the protruding protruding above the door, the outer part of the cylinder and its further breaking out.

The damaged part is removed, further actions are carried out by analogy with other methods of hacking. The need for protection against breaking out is also relevant, as for other methods.


Level locks are most often subjected to such a method of opening, which is to expand the keyhole, where the bundle is further inserted, so is the specialized tool of thieves. It is also called Medvedka; it looks like a thickened key for a safe.

Breaking with the help of a bear


  • So that he entered the keyhole without problems, the expansion is made. When Medvedka is inserted into the well, it is twisted with force, as a result, the secret mechanism is cut off or removed, and the lock is opened. The lock design itself can protect against the method of coagulation by blocking access to the suvald section of the curtain of hard metal.
  •  In certain types of locks, lug levers are used that can prevent breaking through coagulation.

Attention: In such a situation, it will not hurt to use an internal protective headset, which will prevent the keyhole from being easily expanded to collapse. Expansion of the hot lining is a very difficult process.

Drilling and knocking down protective armored lining

Drill the door

Lining can be perceived as a good way to protect against hacking. But despite this, the outer (outer) hardware itself is subjected to an autopsy, it is drilled or strays.


  • Knocking down armored covers is a popular method of organizing access to a cylinder. With one blow of a sledge hammer the slip gets off, further it is already possible to be engaged in the cylinder.
  • The possibility of knocking overlays depends on certain points. An important factor is the very shape of the armored lining. The cone-shaped form removes the blow of a sledgehammer to the side, and does not take it upon itself.
  • The method of fastening the lining is very important. It will fulfill its direct purpose only if it is completely recessed into the door, and not superimposed over the canvas, the worst option is to overlay an armored overlay over a decorative coating.
  • The drilling of protective hardware is puzzling, because it must protect against drilling, and not be exposed to it. But there is statistics, against which you will not trample. A lot of tests have been carried out, which confirm that the drilling of protective fittings can be performed in a period of time from twenty seconds to five minutes. Tests were conducted in the laboratory with the help of a machine tool and special drills, but the fact remains. And this fact should be given due attention when you select the protective accessories for quality characteristics.

Sawing bolts

It is difficult to attempt to present a method of sawing crossbars, but not a grinder, breaking open a modern metal door. Locks are tested, among which there is a test for resistance to sawing crossbars.

In some models of locks, it is possible to saw through the bolts in ninety seconds. For an intruder, such qualities as the ability to perform such an action, which is even difficult to imagine, is not something to perform. Therefore, it is necessary to use locks, the bolts of which are made of hard metal.


  • We looked at common ways to open the front door. There are different variations and deviations, it makes no sense to talk about them. If the front door is able to withstand the methods of illegal entry into the territory listed above, then be sure that you will sleep to some degree.
  • The resistance to cracking and the countering of forceful methods of opening are seriously affected by the thickness of the material (metal) from which the door leaf is made, the correct installation of high-quality protective fittings and the rigidity of the structure itself are the determining factors.

Hacking doors with master keys is much less common. To avoid this, you should purchase locks with secrets. They are in retail.

Now you know how to break the door with a master key and improvised means. Protection instructions will help you choose a quality door. And the price here will play a role. Therefore, choose the right.

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