Balcony door adjustment - if the warranty period has passed

If problems with a balcony door or window arise during the warranty period of service, they are solved by the installer for free. At the end of this period, calling the master can be very expensive. Therefore, adjusting the balcony door with your own hands can save your money if you know how to do it correctly.

Windows and balcony doors made of metal are the leaders in modern construction. They are installed literally in each new building, and the owners of apartments of the old building most often change the old windows and doors to plastic ones.

Как правило, первичная adjustment of plastic balcony doors производится монтажниками сразу после их установки, и в течение некоторого времени их эксплуатация не вызывает нареканий со стороны жильцов.

However, sooner or later the balcony door stops closing well, it starts to blow from it, other problems and malfunctions arise. Moreover, it happens with windows much less often, as they experience a lower operating load (less often they open and close) and have less weight.

In most cases, adjusting the balcony plastic door allows you to troubleshoot, but many do not know how to hold it correctly. In order to make adjustment actions no longer mysterious and incomprehensible to you, carefully read the tips and instructions given below.

How to determine the quality of the installation of a balcony door

Be sure to monitor the installation of the door

It goes without saying that the better the installation of the door was, the longer and more reliable it would serve.

The quality of the installation can be determined by external signs, which include:

  • Tight pressing of the plastic door to the profile of the box around the perimeter.
  • No sash offset vertically.
  • Static door leaf in the open position. In other words, in the absence of wind, the door ajar should not change its position — strive to close or swing open even more.

If you control how correctly the balcony door was installed plastic - adjustment will be required very soon (see How to adjust the plastic entrance door). True, this statement does not apply to new buildings, since new houses very often shrink, as a result of which doors and windows can not only shift, but also be deformed.

When adjustment is necessary

You should not wait until the door to the balcony completely stops closing. As soon as you notice that the door leaf is not so tightly pressed against the frame or slightly sagged, immediately adjust or call the master. Otherwise, the door sealing will soon become even worse and damage may occur (see Entrance door repair).

Чтобы проверить, нужна ли adjustment of a clip of a balcony door, вам потребуется обычный лист бумаги. Поместите его на раму открытой двери и плотно закройте створку, а затем потяните листок на себя.

Repeat these steps around the perimeter, fixing how hard you have to pull out a sheet of paper. If you feel that it is pulled out quite easily in a certain place, it means that here the door leaf is not pressed tightly against the frame.

To determine how smoothly the door leaf is installed in relation to the box, will help another way. Close the balcony door and circle the sash with a pencil.

Open the door and see if the drawn line is offset from the parallel with the frame. These methods will help you respond to problems in a timely manner when they are not yet visible to the naked eye.

Instructions for adjusting the balcony door

The device of a plastic door allows you to adjust it according to different parameters, and this is one of its advantages over a wooden door. In any case, you need to know how to adjust the plastic balcony door, as this may be required at any time.

But still, we want to remind you that until the warranty period has expired, it will be better and cheaper to contact the installer company - it is its responsibility to eliminate any faults during this period.

Unfortunately, most often the problems begin just after the expiration of the warranty, and if you do not know how to regulate the balcony door, you will have to pay the master's call.

Therefore, make sure that in your arsenal always have the following tools:

  • Phillips and flat screwdriver.
  • A set of hex keys of different sizes.
  • Passatures.
  • Roulette.
  • Plastic pads.
adjustment of plastic balcony doors

To begin, you should determine the essence of the problem by visually inspecting the seal and the door leaf. The displacement of the leaf can be determined by the depressed seal or by the fact that the door handle is difficult to turn or not fully.

Despite the fact that today many manufacturers produce plastic doors of various designs, the principles of their adjustment are very similar. Therefore, the following instructions on how to adjust the plastic balcony door will help you to easily deal with this process.

  1. The door travel can be adjusted using the hinged adjustment screws. There are three pieces on a regular door. Open the balcony door wide open and unscrew the decorative fixing screw of the screw with Allen key number 3. Now close the door and remove the covers from the hinges. You will see a long horizontal screw, whose task is to adjust the balcony PVC door in a horizontal direction. If you need to raise the lower edge of the door from the hinges, tighten the horizontal screws in the upper and middle hinge. As a result, you will eliminate sagging, and the door will again tightly enter the frame. If you need to move the entire door left or right, adjust all three hinges.
  2. In the case when the balcony door needs to be shifted up or down vertically, you need to adjust the screws located at the bottom of each hinge. This will require the hexagon number 5.
  3. Another 2.5 mm Allen key, as well as a flathead screwdriver, will be required to adjust the upper and lower strike plates. A Phillips screwdriver - to regulate the main striker. By adjusting the bottom hinge, inserting a hexagon into the groove and turning it clockwise, you can lift the door.
  4. To move the lower corner to the left or to the right, it is also necessary to tighten the screw of the lower hinge, and then bring the horizontal out by turning the door leaf around the upper hinge. In more detail will tell about how there is an adjustment of balcony doors, video on the website.
  5. If the seal began to deform at the bottom, the door leaf also needs to be lifted, adjusting the bottom hinge. If the dents on the seal were found at the top, the door should be lowered, adjusting the screws of the upper hinge. adjustment of a clip of a balcony door

    Attention! To lower the sash, the screws need to be rotated clockwise, and to raise it - against it.

  6. The adjustment of the clamp of the plastic balcony door can be done in different ways, it depends on its design. If there is a special pin on the door fittings, it must be turned while holding the pliers. For minimum clamping, pin is positioned parallel to the profile, and for maximum clamping - perpendicular. If the clamping plate on the profile is responsible for adjusting the clamp, insert a hexagon into the corresponding groove and make it half a turn.
  7. If a little bit remains before the final adjustment of the door, but the screws no longer allow you to do this, try to “pull out” the door: carefully remove the glazing beads and insert the plastic gaskets between the double-glazed window and the profile.

We have described the standard situations in which self-adjustment of a plastic balcony door is possible - the video below will help you understand them even better. We specifically picked up a video on adjusting PVC windows, since they have a similar design and principles of adjustment.

If your problem is not described in this article, it is better to call the wizard to solve it. In this case, you will be able to carefully observe his actions, find out incomprehensible moments, and next time cope on your own.

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