Arched doors: types and rules of manufacture

Arched doors в интерьере используются довольно давно. Но не все знают, как их можно сделать. Эта конструкция может выполняться из различных материалов. Есть арочные пластиковые двери, так же их можно выполнить из дерева, довольно часто применяется и гипсокартон.

Today we look at the manufacture of arched doors. The video in this article will help you find the right option. And on the photo you determine the best option.

We consider arched doors

Arched doors can perfectly fit almost any interior. In the building materials market, the arched structures somehow imperceptibly appeared, but after a short period of time they very quickly became very popular.

In principle, they are made with their own hands from wood. This gives richness to the whole interior of the room. Let's take a closer look at the positive aspects of arched structures.

What attracts

The main positive aspects of the use of an arched structure in the house:

  • With the arched opening you can visually enlarge the living space.
  • The arched design visually increases the height of the ceilings;
  • With the help of arched doors the unique uniqueness of the room is created;
  • The arched structure gives an unusual design to ordinary apartment doors (see Designing doors in an apartment is determined by all the rules);
  • Thanks to the arched doors, a large amount of sunlight enters the room.

Attention: There is one drawback to the arched doors. To install the arched structure, you must create a high doorway, which should be as wide as possible. A wide doorway makes it possible to safely pass through the arched structure.

What are the types of arched openings

To date, a variety of arches (see. Design of arches - a modern look at the classics) in various rooms have become very popular. All kinds of arched structures are used to separate rooms.

They can also perform the task of the entrance openings. There is a very large number of different variations of arched openings.

By classification, they are divided into the following types:

Gothic arches This species is also called lancet. They have an elongated shape that does not have smooth lines. A characteristic feature of this type of arches is the pointed upper part.
Получиркульный вид This type of arched apertures has the greatest popularity.

Получиркульный вид делится на следующие подвиды:

Art Nouveau style The use of the Art Nouveau style gives the archways very original forms, which are equipped with various projections and various transitions.
Ellipsoid view In turn, the ellipsoid subspecies resembles an oval shape, which is slightly elongated.
Classic option The classic version has the usual semicircular shape.
Arches in the form of horseshoes The horseshoe subspecies arches has a semicircular shape. There is also a variation of this subspecies with a pointed upper part. This kind of arches was popular in various national cultures around the world.
Romantic version of the arches One of the simplest types of arches is the romantic version. This type of arches has a rectangular shape, in which the upper part is rounded.

There are also swinging arched doors and single-leaf ones. It is selected depending on the size of the doorway. Arched swing doors are placed in the opening of more than 1500 mm.

Arched doors

Choose the desired view

The main classification of arched doors occurs according to the following features:

  • For the material used, which was used in the manufacture of arched doors;
  • According to the design features of arched doors;
  • At the place of installation of doors for arches.

In this article, we use the last item in the above list to produce another classification of arched doors.

According to the installation site, arched doors are divided into the following types:

  • Entrance arched doors;
  • Interior doors.

The option of entrance arched doors is used in many buildings that are intended for public use. Also, this option is used in buildings where government offices are located.

It is worth noting that this option is very popular in various shopping centers and buildings that are entertaining in nature. Entrance arched doors are made of plastic.

Interior arched doors

With interior doors - everything is extremely clear, since, based on the name, you can understand that they are located inside the building. There is a plastic version of the product, plastic arched doors, but quite often this type of door is made of wood.

Often the following elements are used as a design:

  • Glass;
  • Mosaic.

Attention: Arched doors can still be classified according to this attribute as the material from which they were produced. It is worth noting immediately that there is not much variety in the choice according to this principle.

This is due to the fact that it is very difficult and difficult to manufacture doors in the form of an arch, therefore there are only two categories, namely:

  • Arched doors из пластика;
  • Arched doors, изготовленные из дерева.

Profile structures are made of plastic. After that, these designs are used to manufacture doors and windows.

Doors are often made of wood for indoor use. Sometimes arched doors of this material are used for entrance doors. Another classifying feature is design nuances.

This type of qualification has the following types:

  • Arched doors, которые имеют форму проёма. Чтобы соорудить такую конструкцию нужно потратить большое количество времени, поэтому их стоимость не отличается особой дешевизной. Зачастую такой вид арочных дверей изготавливают из дерева.
  • There is still one option that implies that the door leaf has a standard extension with a decorated arch. The price of this option is more adequate. This option involves the use of different types of doors: swing type, sliding type.
  • Arched doors that have only one leaf. This type of door is used for interior decoration in the premises. They are also used as entrance doors.
  • Double-wing arched doors - this type of door is used if there is a wide opening. Such doors are fixed with a latch.

How to make arched doors yourself

It is necessary to understand that this is a rather complicated procedure, but if you make every effort, you can get the perfect arched door, which all your guests will admire. Below is the material that will slightly facilitate the independent manufacture of arched doors.

It should be noted that the box for the arched door must be made to order. To do this, it is necessary to make accurate measurements, after which all the information should be transmitted to professionals who will manufacture a high-quality door frame. To make the door leaf, you need a number of tools.

The list of tools that are needed for the manufacture of door leaf:

  • Electric jigsaw, which has special files for woodworking;
  • Electric router: disk, cylindrical;
  • Belt sander.

The list of materials that are needed for the manufacture of door leaf:

  • Wooden wedges;
  • Boards, the thickness of which should be 5 centimeters;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • medium bars;
  •  glue.

How to make the arch of the door leaf

In order to make the arch of the door leaf you need to know the exact values ​​of the width of the opening:

  • The next step is to determine the size of the arch. Often it is half the width of the doorway.
  • In order to make the door leaf need to use only dried material. By means of a milling cutter identical grooves are made. After that, all the grooves need to be connected with glue and wait until the design dries.

Next, a semicircle is made using an electric jigsaw and grinder:

Attention: It is worth noting that the fabric of the finished door consists of 3 parts:

  • Lower horizontal part;
  • Board of boards;
  • The top, which has the form of an arch.

The interior of the arched doors can be quite different, here it is necessary to proceed from the room. The price will depend on the volume of the opening.

Instructions are there and you can make the whole structure yourself. Here the main thing is not to hurry and do it in order.

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