Aluminum doors gost: manufacturing and installation

Doors, especially entrance doors, are designed to restrict unauthorized access to buildings and individual premises - but this is not their only function. They are part of the interior or facade design, therefore, rather strict requirements are imposed on their appearance.

The theme of this story will be aluminum doors - GOST, which regulates their production and installation. We will present our readers with the requirements of this document in a more compact and understandable version.

Complement his video in this article on the topic: "GOST on the installation of aluminum doors."

The advantages of aluminum doors

Before GOST "aluminum doors" will be subjected to detailed consideration, I would like to pay tribute to the doors of aluminum as such. Most often they are associated with the entrance groups of public buildings.


  • Indeed, glass and metal doors are most often used at the entrance, as well as internal doors in some institutions. This, of course, is not an interior option for residential premises, but the apartments have balconies and terraces. Here for them aluminum doors perfectly approach.
  • As far as the balcony blocks are concerned, they are not produced according to the state standard, but according to technical conditions, and most often under the order. The front surface of the aluminum profile does not necessarily have to have a traditional silver shade, it can be painted in any other color, which we see in the photo below.
Installation of aluminum doors according to GOST

  • Since in the aluminum doors only the metal box and the frame of the canvas, and the rest - glass or dull filling, they fit perfectly into the now fashionable glass facades. And today they decorate not only all kinds of offices and shopping centers, but also appear in the projects of private mansions.
  • Glass and metal are an integral part of such architectural trends and styles as high-tech, minimalism, techno. They are used not only to design the interior of the house, but also for its construction as a whole. You can judge how beautiful it is by the example we have presented, and maybe he will give a good idea to those who are only going to build a house, but do not know which project to give preference to.
Modern residential mansion with facade glazing
  • Not the fact that the price of a house with facade glazing will be higher than, for example, with brick walls. But the house has excellent natural light, plus savings on interior and exterior - and this is quite obvious. The glazing of the facades is made on an aluminum profile, and in a house like this one, in general, all doors can be aluminum. Just on the interior doors of the glass set opaque, opaque.

Note! On private plots it became fashionable to build gazebos, pavilions, designed for recreation and reception of guests. Often these are fully translucent constructions or wooden glazed gazebos that are glazed to the maximum. In this case, they also fill windows and doorways with glazed constructions - and most often they are aluminum stained glass windows.

So, aluminum doors have a wide range of applications. Next we will talk about the GOST for the installation of aluminum doors - this is an annex to the same standard that regulates their manufacture.

Let's see what requirements it puts forward with respect to strength, appearance, sound and heat insulation properties - all those qualities that these products should possess.

Standard on aluminum profile doors

GOST 23747 * 88: "Doors from aluminum alloys" was developed almost thirty years ago, when they only began to come into use. Nowadays, a lot of new constructive options have appeared, which were not mentioned in that standard.

  • Therefore, in 2014, the document was finalized and presented in a new edition. Now it applies not only to the door with a porch, but also to other structures: sliding, pivoting, folding. Do not include here only balcony doors, as well as fire (see GOST: installation of fire doors) and other special-purpose blocks.
Sliding doors on the glazed facade

How are doors classified

Like other types of door units, aluminum doors are classified by purpose, filling canvases and constructive solution. The fourth classification sign is the option of facial finish profiles. The fifth is the door opening mechanism.

  • As for the purpose, there are only two categories: “A” - entrance groups to the buildings and “B” - doors intended for installation inside buildings. The second group includes doors that open onto the terrace, entrances to the rooms from staircases, as well as sliding doors (see How to install sliding doors are your own master) and folding doors-partitions.
Aluminum doors with deaf filling
  • The second sign is the filling of canvases. Like any other doors, aluminum can be filled with various types of sheet glass: reinforced, laminated, colored, with a pattern. As a filling can be used and already familiar to all windows. Door leaves can be filled not only with glass, but also with any opaque material, for example, sandwich panels, or be combined.

This standard provides six design solutions.


  • Doors left and right, with one cloth
  • Blocks with two blades (horizontal impost)
  • Break resistant construction
  • Cloths with transom - deaf or opening
  • Options with a threshold fixed on mechanical connections
  • Design without a threshold, on a closed frame

The facial finish of the profiles can be done by painting paintwork or applying powder enamels. As an option, it can be an anode decorative protective coating.

As for the ways of opening, the aluminum doors can be not only swing, sliding and folding, but also revolve around its axis. They are usually placed at the entrance to a building with a large flow of people.

Requirements for construction, strength and appearance

The aluminum door unit is a construction based on a single frame module assembled from profiles. They are fixed in the corners with screws or adhesive method - combined assembly methods are allowed. Glue joints are made using a two-component glue and must be pressed.

  • If there is a threshold in the door, it should have a solid contour in cross-section, openings for water drainage and a corrosion-resistant coating. Aluminum sills are fastened through mechanical connections. The instructions for manufacturers and installers states that the threshold should not create a barrier on the passage and cannot be higher than 2 cm.
Anti-panic device: emergency door opening
  • Aluminum doors, designed for installation on the escape routes from the building, should only be swinging, with canvases opening in the direction of movement of people. They should not have thresholds at all, and in addition, it is recommended to equip emergency doors with devices for emergency door opening.

Note! The device, which was called the Antipanik, helps to open the door not only with your hands, but also with your foot or by pressing the body on a special push handle without using a key. Thus, even a small child or disabled person can open it.

  • If desired, such a device can be installed with your own hands on any door in the house. From the outside, a device is placed to restrict unauthorized access inside the building. By the way, lockable doors must be designed so as to eliminate the possibility of dismantling the outside.
GOST: installation of aluminum doors in the institution
  • The size of one door leaf recommended by the standard, in a maximum is 2300 * 900 mm. If the customer requires an individual version, it can be manufactured, but only if additional tests are carried out, confirmed by the relevant act. As for deviations from nominal sizes, they can not exceed 1-2 mm in width and length.
  • In the production process, aluminum doors are tested for dynamic effects, similar to the impact of a slope when opening and sharp slamming with acceleration. Only multi-layer tempered glass should be installed in doors intended for installation in children's institutions.
  • Regarding the appearance of the doors: the standard states that differences in gloss and color, as well as surface defects should not be visible when illuminated at 300 lux, from a distance of 60-80 cm.

Completeness of the aluminum door block, as a rule, is as follows. In addition to the main product, it can include: additional profiles, a lock or a latch, a door closer.

They are mounted already in place, but in some cases can be supplied by the manufacturer in full factory readiness. Keys are transferred to the customer in sealed form and under painting.

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