Low ceiling in the apartment

Apartments of the old building have one significant drawback, which lies in the low ceilings of the rooms. Such rooms create psychological pressure. Therefore, many owners are looking for different ways to arrange a low ceiling in order to visually lift it.

Ceiling finish

Low ceiling room design

You can often see a low ceiling in the apartment, especially in the “Khrushchev”, but this disadvantage can be minimized by proper decoration.

  • Ceilings that do not differ in height can be visually raised using a glossy stretch film, while the shade of the canvas should be cold. To make the ceiling look higher, along the contour of the ceiling near the walls, they make an understatement in the form of a strip. For the main ceiling are selected such colors that it is visually distant. For low rooms, light blue and white-gray shades work well. The surface of the ceiling is no worse than blue or green color, which adds visual depth. In combination with such colors, the walls need to be decorated more brightly. This will positively affect the perception of the height of the room.
  • Many residents of “Khrushchev” like to organize a mirrored ceiling in their premises, which visually strives for infinity and has an attractive design. But you need to know that such a ceiling structure is dangerous, so the mirror parts are mounted in a hanging metal frame on which the necessary elements are mounted. One of the ways to use mirrors is to create a decorative ceiling border. Mirrors will create an interesting illusion and make the room more voluminous. At the same time in the field of view of the owners will not get their own reflection, which may seem annoying. Recently, polystyrene sheets with a reflective effect are a good alternative to real mirrors. Although they will actually reduce the height of the room a little, the impression of the presence of an additional floor will be visually created, while the floor will seem transparent. 
  • Another solution to the problem of low ceilings in the home is a volume upper surface. This applies, for example, coffered ceiling. Here are small moldings that need to be fixed to the surface in the transverse direction. These elements should differ in a lighter tone compared with the space that is formed inside the geometric shapes. The resulting space should be given a relatively cold shade, which will allow the ceiling to visually deepen. 

Note! For the decoration of the low ceiling do not use stucco. She visually lowers the ceiling even lower. If you still apply this option finishing, then stucco should be thin.

Room lighting

Chandelier special design

The height of the ceiling in a certain way affects the lighting, with which you can create an optical effect. Therefore, for the illusion of a high ceiling you need to choose the right lamps. With proper selection of lighting fixtures, it is necessary to take into account some nuances.

  • Light must be abundant. The more light there is, the more visually the ceiling will appear.
  • It is better to use lamps, the luminous flux of which is directed upwards. Stretch ceiling looks higher, if along the contour of the room mount several lighting fixtures such as sconces, the openings of the lampshades of which “look” upwards.
  • The design plan looks positive spotlights. If you make light accents on the right things, the low ceiling is not so striking. The areas of the room that are less illuminated are becoming visually wider.
  • To raise the room as a whole will help lights, located near the floor.
  • A large chandelier suspended in the center of the room fits poorly into a room with a low ceiling. It is better to install several lamps, evenly spaced throughout the premises.
  • If, nevertheless, a chandelier is preferred, it should be not bulky, and of a flat shape, this is how the high ceiling effect will be created. You can also hang a chandelier with a dome shape, which immediately visually raises the ceiling.

Experiments with wall decoration

Wallpaper with vertical lines

With low ceilings, the finishing of wall surfaces is of particular importance. Properly selected design can visually increase the height of the room.

  • The most practical solution is to apply wallpaper with vertical lines or stripes. When using this technique must take into account the size of the picture. Wide strips of bright colors will not bring the expected result. Quite the contrary - the room will become more squat. Figure should not be evident. Stripes can be replaced with geometric fragments or floral ornaments. Vivid inclusions can be applied accented and appropriate to highlight selected functional areas. 
  • To increase the height of the ceiling, the walls should be finished close to the joint between two perpendicular surfaces. Wide stripes, not reaching to the ceiling, take the height from the walls, so it is better not to do them at all or leave them narrow enough.
  • To visually raise the ceiling, drawing on the walls can be brought to the surface of the ceiling. To do this, the ceiling and walls should be approximately the same color and visually merge. You can also decorate the walls with wallpaper starting from the surface of the ceiling. In this regard, a lot depends on the size of the room. With an overall room, the ceiling strip can be made wider, but it is not recommended to cross the line at 30 cm. For small rooms, this size should be 5 cm. For small rooms, such a strip should not be done.
  • You can also make the ceiling and walls in the same color, but for the first tone should be brighter.
  • To hide the disadvantages of a low ceiling, you can emphasize the advantages of the floor. It must be covered with a good varnish.

There are still many tricks by which you can raise a low ceiling and make a room higher. The photo shows all sorts of options.

A photo

Mirror stretch ceiling Unusual design Features of lighting in the apartment Curtains in the room with a low ceiling Multicolored wallpaper with vertical lines. The effect of the wallpaper with a vertical pattern Unusual design creates the effect of high ceilings.

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