How to paint the wall paneling on the ceiling

For finishing the ceiling can be used a variety of materials. The modern construction market is replete with options for every taste and wealth, with new ones appearing every day. But do not forget about the traditional materials, which are still able to perfectly perform their functions. One of them, of course, can be called clapboard. This natural material does not lose relevance and can be successfully used for finishing any surfaces and ceilings as well.

Note! The tree, in addition to a number of positive and unique properties, has low resistance to external influences, such as high humidity or insect pests and fungal colonies. In this regard, the coating requires a protective treatment.

We will understand how to paint the wall paneling on the ceiling.

What is lining

Even unpainted lining looks presentable

In order to better understand what works are to be done in the future, you need to familiarize yourself with some general information about what is lining and what are the features of work with this material.

Lining is a finishing material, presented in the form of planed plates, the design of which provides a locking connection on the principle of the ridge / tongue. Thus, a strong and reliable connection of the elements between them is ensured and a uniform coating is formed. As a finishing material, lining has good performance characteristics:

  • Lining is a completely natural material, the environmental friendliness and safety of which allows its use in any premises.
  • Work with the clapboard is simple, so mounting the clapboard to the ceiling can be successfully carried out independently.
  • The beauty of the appearance is also inherent in the decoration of the wall paneling. Due to the natural texture of wood material can become part of the interior of any room.
Cladding tongue / comb

But, as mentioned above, for all these advantages it is necessary to pay a relatively small resistance of the material to the external environment and a tendency to form a fungus, and therefore there is a need for additional processing with the help of various materials.

What to paint

Option of decorative coloring

In order to answer the question, what paint can be used to paint the wall paneling, it should be said that not only paint can be used for this. The fact is that the essence of processing is not only to give the material an attractive appearance, but also to protect it from external influence. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Antiseptic formulations. When processing of lining requires the protection of the material, without changing the appearance, the antiseptic composition is ideal.
  2. Varnish Another option for processing lining - it is covering it with varnish. It is possible to use both completely transparent variants and with the addition of various colors. Thus, the wall paneling will have a resistant protective coating, which at the same time will also emphasize the appearance of the wood.
  3. Paint. Here the choice is huge, and you can take any suitable color, based on aesthetic considerations.


Tinted wall paneling

When the installation of the ceiling of the wall paneling is completed, and the time comes to paint it, it is important to know that the work, despite its apparent simplicity, requires attention and accuracy. It is best to conduct them in stages.

  • First need preparation. Here it must be said that it is not only about preparing the surface of the ceiling, the room itself also needs preparation. The work associated with the paint, requires the protection of all surfaces not planned under the coating. This also applies to furniture. The fact that there is no possibility to take out of the room, you must close the film.
  • Next, the lining is covered with a layer of primer. You must understand that in the case of varnish as the primer will be the first layer of the coating.
  • The next step is to cover the paint itself or the main varnish layers. For these purposes, a roller or a wide brush can be used. Some paints require pre-cooking, which must be carried out in accordance with the attached instructions. It is necessary to apply paint or varnish along the arrangement of the lining boards. The boards are usually sawn along the grain of the wood, therefore, it is better to make the coating with their paintwork material in the same way. If you have to apply several layers of material, then each next layer should be applied only after the previous one has dried. This is necessary so that the layers better fit each other, and the coating is more qualitative.
Varnished lacquered

In this painting lining their own hands can be considered complete. As can be seen from the above, there is nothing extremely complex in the work and requiring special knowledge. Learning how to paint the ceiling of the wall paneling in the country, we can conclude that the main rule is to follow the application technology and caution when working. It is better to spend a little more time on work, but to spend it qualitatively.


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