How to finish the ceiling in the country

Before the happy owners of a country house, sooner or later the question arises of how to ennoble him, so that he would look harmoniously on the site, and his stay in it would be as comfortable as possible for the family.

Any alteration should begin with the reconstruction of the ceiling. Firstly, he immediately "catches the eye" at the entrance, and secondly, if you start with the walls and the floor, then there is a chance that they will get dirty during the subsequent finishing works on the ceiling.

Among the variety of modern materials for repair in the country, I want to find one that combines practicality, durability, environmental friendliness, reasonable price and attractive appearance.

Material selection

What to choose

To date, the most popular lining, a little inferior to her in the ranking of drywall, followed by MDF panels, and closes the four plywood. Let's talk about each material in more detail, consider their pros, cons and the main stages of installation.



Это классика интерьера загородного дома. Она подчеркивает естественную обстановку деревенского быта. Linen – натуральный материал, представляющий собой цельные доски с боковыми пазами для крепления. Ее изготавливают из различных пород деревьев, поэтому цена варьируется от 150 до 250 рублей за 1 м?. Полосы имеют стандартную ширину около 10 см, в то время как длина может быть от 2 до 6 метров.

The main advantage of this material is environmental friendliness and safety. In addition, it has excellent performance, resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. It can be painted, but it is best to go with stain and varnish in order to eliminate the appearance of pests.

Note! For clapboard cladding, you will have to “lower” the ceiling level a bit, since wooden sheets are mounted on the batten. It is constructed from a bar, to which subsequently the clapboard is fixed with klyimers and self-tapping screws.


Plasterboard ceiling

Plasterboard является современным решением для отделки потолка, так как позволяет получить идеально ровную поверхность. На него можно наносить любую декоративную штукатурку, водоэмульсионные и акриловые краски, поклеить обои. Он изготовлен из тонких пластов бумаги и гипса методом прессования, поэтому обладает внушительным весом (1 лист – 30 кг), но это не мешает использовать его для сооружения сложных многоуровневых конструкций на потолке.

Drywall - a convenient material for work. From it you can cut the workpiece of any shape. It is harmless to humans, because over time it does not emit toxins. The undoubted advantage is the fact that drywall is not deformed due to temperature drops, but retains its original appearance. There is a special drywall, resistant to moisture. It could not be better suited for repairs in the country, as the humidity level in a country house is higher than in a city apartment.

However, finishing the ceiling with plasterboard will be expensive. The matter is not in the price of the material itself, it is small - 100 rubles per square meter, but in the cost of metal guides for building a framework on the ceiling to which drywall will be fixed. In addition, you have to spend money on materials for finishing.

Panels MDF

From MDF

Wooden and plastic ceiling panels are well suited for interior decoration of a country house. Do not lose relevance MDF panel because of the relative cheapness, ease of installation, as well as a huge variety of colors and textures. The disadvantages include the flammability of plastic. Poor quality material emits toxins, destructive for all living things. Therefore, plastic panels are more often used for finishing non-residential premises. In addition, the plastic does not allow air. For this reason, mold can build up under the panels. For a country house is better to choose wood panels, although their cost will be higher.


Plywood on the ceiling

If you do not decide how to trim the ceiling in the country, then pay attention to the plywood. It is best to mount thin sheets (3 mm) on the ceiling, since thicker sheets will be harder to fix due to their large mass. Plywood is laid on the same principle as drywall, only the frame is constructed not metal, but wooden. On top of the plywood is to apply a coat of primer, and only then paint or glue the wallpaper.

Plywood стоит недорого, но плохо реагирует на повышенную влажность, в результате чего разбухает и деформируется. В не отапливаемом зимой дачном домике она не прослужит долго, хотя при условии нормальной влажности и постоянной температуры способна держаться годами.

All of these ways to finish the ceiling is quite possible to implement yourself. At the same time, do not be afraid to experiment, invent original ways of decoration and combine different materials.

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This video provides an overview of the mirrored ceilings that can be made in the country, or in another room:

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