Design of stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Finally decided to make repairs in the bathroom? Almost all the people reach this room at the time when the repair process is already ending. The reasons for this are very simple: during any repair and construction activities there is a need to draw water, wash the tool and perform a number of other actions, the implementation of which in an already repaired bathroom can damage the new tile, washbasin or the bathroom itself. In this article we will discuss the design of suspended ceilings in the bathroom - an important part of the room with high humidity.

Rescue in unforeseen situations

Will save from flooding

Tension cloth copes with high humidity and frequent temperature changes, therefore, it will not mold, turn black and be covered with an unsightly coating. In case of serious flooding, the room will not suffer - if the installation is done correctly, all the liquid will remain in the cavity under the ceiling.

No less attractive is the wide choice of the cost of ceiling canvases - every consumer will be able to purchase a stretch ceiling suitable for him.

Design options

Textured ceiling

Almost any option looks good: various textured compositions or unusual shapes. No less interesting is the idea of ​​combining an ordinary ceiling and stretch. Fantastically unusual is the combination of colors and hand-painted art. A touch of surrealism allows you to make a multi-level composition.

Through these unique canvases any custom solutions, unusual lines and different angles are recreated.

Embedded air conditioning and ventilation can be beaten with various shades, colors and textures. In addition, you can achieve a special color with the help of the correct installation of spotlights or a beautiful chandelier. Significantly decorate the overall interior can be a multi-level, undulating surface or arched stretch ceiling.

Marine theme

Marine themeтика

When creating a certain interior in the bathroom, many designers use marine motifs. In such an environment it is pleasant to breathe, the air as if is refreshing and relaxing. In the room you want to stay as long as possible, because mentally a person is on the warm seashore, next to the pleasant caressing water.

Underwater world

Stretch ceiling, which by photo printing caused blue sky, blue sea, sandy beach and small waves, for a long time will create a comfortable environment.



If the most preferred is the classic version, then you can choose a matte or glossy canvas. Glossy canvas is assembled using a seamless method, which is why it looks particularly beautiful and aesthetic. Using matte canvas allows you to transfer the infinite depth of the sea. To do this, you must create a multi-level composition of a dark tone.

This transformation can be achieved with the help of glossy paintings. You just need to install some low-power spotlights and the bathroom will become unrecognizable. Light streaming from the ceiling will create the feeling that the waves are moving. Even more effect can be achieved with the help of LED strip or multi-colored spotlights.

About the spectacular photo printing

A photoпечать

Absolutely any design idea can be transferred to the stretch ceiling by means of photo printing. For example, you can diversify the design with the help of a fantastic space distance, sea depth, or even your own photo. The rich color palette contributes to the creation of a luxurious interior. Stretch ceiling can be any: glossy, matte, combining several colors or even having a metallic sheen.

Heavenly vault

Starry sky

For the manufacture of the celestial vault (twinkling stars or flying comets) uses a special technology that requires the use of fiber-optic cable. Such a ceiling requires a glossy, varnished or velvet cloth, equipped with holes in which the fiber-optic fiber is inserted.

The most interesting design is the inclusion in the composition of LEDs and crystal, which has a different cut. A special panel allows you to adjust the flicker and play of such a ceiling, as well as adjust the speed and intensity of light.

Why tension technology

Five reasons explaining the need to install a stretch ceiling in the bathroom:

  • he is not afraid of the jet of water from the shower, randomly directed upwards, drops of foam from the jacuzzi;
  • fungus and mold will never settle in the bathroom, as in the production of PVC a special coating is used that prevents the development of harmful microorganisms;
  • it is possible to wash the tension cloth with the help of an ordinary cleaning agent, and an ordinary dry napkin can get rid of stains;
  • nobody and nothing can restrict designer imagination;
  • you can not be afraid that neighbors will flood you from above - the suspended ceiling is able to withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1 m2.

How to choose the right color

Glossy bright ceiling

The opinion that the shade of the ceiling should correspond to the tone of the ceramic tile cannot be called completely correct. This solution looks beautiful, but it greatly simplifies the decor of the room, and you want to give the bathroom originality.

When choosing the color of the frieze, you need to consider that it must be combined with the ceiling, and the tile can be of any other color, otherwise the room will become quite boring and monotonous.

Harmonious color scheme

The presence in the bathroom of the vertical contrast strip allows you to perform the ceiling in the same color. This design move allows you to make the room original and modern.

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A photo

Blue sky The right choice of color In harmony with the decoration of the walls The color of the ceiling coincides with the decorative details of the wall decoration. Two-level backlit With color insert Color accent Classic white Lizard Huge flowers

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