What should be the concrete cover on the well

The design of plumbing and sewer systems does not have a minor detail. Here every detail is important, irreplaceable and fulfills its functions. Concrete covers for wells - elements that are designed to ensure the protection of wells as water supply and sewer. It would be foolish to underestimate the importance of this element, because it is he who protects the well shaft from falling dirt and precipitation into it.

In addition, this design protects pets and people from falling into the well, which is also of great importance in the safe operation of wells. Despite the fact that the design of such a product seems fairly simple, its use is simply necessary to protect the wells from negative factors. It is simply impossible to operate well mines without such covers.

Concrete well cover

The main criteria for a quality product

Учитывая то, что изготовление таких изделий своими руками задача достаточно сложная, а цена на бетонные крышки на колодцы невысока, поэтому проще сделать заказ, тем более что конструкцию доставят прямо к вам домой (читайте также статью «Методы склеивания таких материалов, как пенополистирол и бетон, с целью создания качественного утепления»).

In order to make a competent choice of this type of element it is necessary to take into account some basic indicators of quality.

Note! In the production process of reinforced concrete well covers, powerful vibrating equipment is used for tamping the solution, as well as factory-made products are dried using hot steam. This type of production provides a high level of strength, which is impossible to achieve at home.

On a photo - the scheme of a design of a well

Advantages and main advantages of concrete products

Reinforced concrete covers for wells are designs that have a whole mass of properties inherent only in concrete products of this type:

  • The product has the highest level of reliability due to the fact that the production process uses the highest quality concrete, which is also reinforced to ensure strength. Use in the production of vibratory machines provides a tight and uniform structure of the cover, and the treatment with hot vapors provides an even greater level of strength;
  • The operational period of this type of construction is several decades.. Reinforced concrete is not threatened by corrosion, rotting, moisture or extreme temperature conditions, as well as pests and insects;
  • Ease of installation, despite the impressive weight. Installation is not fraught with anything difficult, just lay the lid on top of the well. In some cases there is a need to treat the seams to ensure tightness;

Council Installation of a concrete cover can be done by hand or with a rope and lifting equipment.

  • Large weight of the structure will ensure the impossibility of removing or moving the roof of pets or children. Construction safety is paramount;
  • Environmental friendliness. Concrete is an environmentally friendly solution that does not emit toxins and other harmful vapors, which is important, because the cover can be used for arranging wells filled with drinking water;
  • A huge number of possible configurations and dimensions of the hatch in the design allows you to choose the most suitable option for each case..
Installing a deaf cover is not recommended due to the difficulty of troubleshooting that may arise during the operation of the well.

The drawbacks of concrete covers

In addition to the obvious advantages of structures of this type, well covers made of concrete are also endowed with drawbacks, which cannot be silent about:

  • Great weight is both a plus and a minus design. The mass creates difficulties in moving the structure to the place of installation, due to the complexity of the work on loading and unloading;

Council In order to move such a product will need the help of 5 people or specialized lifting equipment.

  • Lack of aesthetic component. Such a product is not endowed with a specialized finish to give a beautiful appearance, so it is quite possible to install it on the manhole and water-supply well for pumping water;
  • High requirements for the production process. In the conditions of non-compliance with the production technology, there is a high risk to obtain a product that does not correspond to the required level of strength, which will affect the performance and service life;
  • If it is necessary to create holes in the product, diamond drilling of holes in concrete should be applied, and this procedure can be quite expensive.

How to choose a concrete cover

Considerable weight of the product and the difficulties associated with its transportation indicate the inconvenience of replacement, because The cost of the installation can significantly affect your financial condition.

That is why the selection process should take into account the following instruction or four main criteria:

  1. The size. It is necessary to check that the diameter of the lid is equal to the diameter of the well itself or to be slightly larger. A product that is too large will cost and weigh much more, and you don't need it;
  2. Thickness. This parameter can be equal to 10-20 cm. If people walk on the lid or drive cars, then a thicker construction should be chosen. A simple well enough cover 10 cm thick;
  3. Hole location. The hole can be located either at the very center or shifted to the edge. In most cases, this is not particularly important, but there are cases where the location of the hole can provide ease of use;
Large assortment of configurations
  1. Hatch shape. Often, the hatch has a standard round shape with a diameter of about 70 cm, but if necessary, a concrete well cover with a square hole for wells with a collar can be purchased.

Note! If it is necessary to correct slightly the form, such a method as cutting reinforced concrete with diamond circles can be used.

Installation Features

Инструкция по установке такой крышки не таит в себе ничего сложного (см.также статью «Крышка для бетонного кольца: материалы и варианты исполнения»).

The main thing in the process to take into account the basic rules of the production of this type of work:

  • If the weight of the lid is very large, you should take care of the presence on the object of lifting equipment or the required number of people;
  • After the cover is installed, it is necessary to ensure that a hatch is installed on the hole in it.
Plastic hatches are suitable only if the lid will not be a passage or passage of vehicles


В реальности выбор и установка крышки такого типа дело абсолютно несложное. А ввиду основных прочностных показателей изделия, можно быть уверенными в его долговечности (см.также статью «Выравнивание бетонного пола с помощью разных способов»).

The video in this article will reveal to you even more secrets of choosing such a product.

Lid with offset hatch

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