What is included in the composition of concrete m200:

One of the most common building materials is concrete, this material is used for the construction of numerous structures, both in the industrial and private construction sector. Widespread use in the private construction industry is commercial concrete brand M200.

The photo shows concrete brand m200

The composition of concrete M200 per 1 m3 includes binders and various aggregates, such as:

  • cement,
  • sand,
  • gravel and
  • of course, water.

Material properties and specifications

The main components that make up the composition of concrete grade M200 are as follows:

  • Binder - cement;
  • The aggregate is gravel, sand;
  • And as a thinner - water.

Properly prepared and poured concrete mortar when curing has the following technical characteristics:

  • The design does not crackthat provides the strength characteristics of the entire building;
  • Properly prepared and poured into a preformed form, the solution quickly freezes.;
  • Concrete structures M200 produce a slight shrinkage effect.;
  • The material has a low thermal conductivity.;
  • In the temperature range from +5 to 300 ° C, the composition of concrete does not lose its physical and technical characteristics;
  • Of course, one can not say about the main advantage of concrete of this brand - its strength. It is high enough to use it as a material for pouring concrete foundations, forming load-bearing walls and reinforcing belts, of course, provided that the instructions and technology for preparing the solution is performed.
Strength control

Proportion plays an important role

In order to obtain the correct composition of 1 cubic meter of concrete m200, you will need to mix all the ingredients with the utmost proportional accuracy. It is important to consider the savings factor in the preparation of the solution. For example, with optimal mixing of the components, it is possible to achieve significant savings in the base material without losing its technical and operational characteristics.

For the preparation of concrete mass using various grades of concrete, depending on the required technical characteristics of the source material; and the higher the grade, the higher the strength characteristics of the concrete solution.

The ratio of the binder, aggregates and diluent is determined by the scheme and depends on the characteristics of the aggregates and the brand of the binder itself. Manufacturing plants in the production process of compositions take into account a lot of parameters, which actually determine the scope of the solution for various needs of the construction industry.


All grades of concrete produced have their own strength characteristics, which are determined by laboratory tests on a special test bench that acts on a material under a certain pressure, for example, strength units can range from 50 and up to 1000.

To the note: To achieve the required strength characteristics, all the components in the solution are mixed strictly metered, which makes it possible to obtain at the output exactly the type of material that is required. Accuracy of dosing for binder and fillers can be up to 1–5 kg per 1 m3.

To prepare the solution in the field with your own hands, it is often necessary to rely on the dosage of the components, which is called “by eye”, and therefore the quality of the composition will certainly decrease.

Concrete mixer

In the factory, the components are mixed at a qualitatively different level, all components are added in a strictly defined quantity, and the mixing process itself takes place more evenly and at certain temperature conditions, which is guaranteed to produce a solution with the necessary technical characteristics.

For the correct preparation of the solution, a diluent – ​​water is needed without fail, it must be clean, without any impurities. Under field conditions for the preparation of the composition it is recommended to add a small amount of diluent to the solution with each mixing, otherwise the solution may turn out to be too liquid and practically unsuitable for use.

Mixing using an electric concrete mixer

This is due primarily to the fact that an excess of water increases the setting time of the composition; moreover, the strength characteristics of concrete are significantly reduced, accompanied, as a rule, by cracking the structure and its shrinkage.

Components that make up concrete

Essential components

In concrete solution, the most important role is necessarily played by the binder and thinner, that is, cement and water. Water creates the conditions under which all the components are thoroughly mixed, and the cement in turn binds all the filler particles together, when dry, forming a single monolithic body capable of withstanding tremendous physical exertion.

The ratio of cement and water in the solution due to the peculiarity of moisture absorption of the filler sand, gravel, and their moisture characteristics. To prevent the appearance of microcracks, a portion of pure sand of a certain fraction is necessarily added to the composition, which increases the resistance to the deformation effect, which leads to cracking.

Thus, adding sand and crushed stone to the solution can significantly reduce shrinkage tensions, which inevitably lead to deformation processes in the material and, consequently, to the further appearance of microcracks.

Structural deformation

It should be noted that aggregates, unlike cement, are relatively inexpensive components. For the preparation of a composition using the appropriate brand of cement, as a rule, it is slightly higher than the concrete itself.

Some "experts" argue with conviction that with a high cement content, the strength of concrete can significantly increase; in fact, this is far from the case and numerous laboratory tests refute this fact.

Draw conclusions

Now you have an idea of ​​what constitutes 1 m3 of concrete M200, and for what purposes the material brand is used, as well as what physical and technical properties are inherent in the composition.

It should be noted that this type of concrete, for the most part, is used precisely in private individual construction, as in this area the technology provides for the construction of simple buildings for operation under small loads. In addition, the price of this material is relatively low, which causes the popularity of concrete M200 among private developers.

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