What are the projects of country houses from timber and

We decided to build a cottage with your own hands? In this case, wood is the best material for country construction today. But, in order for the finished result to meet your expectations, you will need summer cottage projects.

What is the project documentation, who is developing it and who can be trusted to do this kind of work?

House built according to the standard design

Project availability - construction success

It is not a secret that the construction of a country house is a multi-stage work requiring substantial material and temporary investments.

In order for the finished cottage to meet the expectations of the owner, it is necessary to pre-form a general idea about:

  • how the object will look like;
  • where it will be located;
  • from which it will be built;
  • what means will be required;
  • how much time will be spent on construction.

The project of a country house from a bar will be able to give exhaustive answers to all these questions. The development of such documentation is carried out by specialized design bureaus, uniting a number of qualified specialists.

Taking into account the fact that the planning of a low-rise building is a complex work, in addition to the architect, engineers who are responsible for geodetic analysis, summarizing various communications, etc. take part in the project implementation.

Features of the design of log houses

It should be understood that the projects of single-storey country houses from timber differ significantly from the plans of traditional buildings erected with the use of brick, stone and concrete. As a rule, the differences are explained by the features of the building materials used. For example, the weight of a complete assembly is very important and, as a result, its effect on the foundation and on the ground.

Dacha cottage project

If you are planning to build a summer house from a timber project, you need to make up in advance. After all, the only way to make a timely estimate and purchase the required amount of building materials.

Tip: in order to save, you can use typical (finished) projects that are an order of magnitude cheaper than drawings made in accordance with individual sketches or ideas of the customer.

The advantages of typical wooden buildings

Regardless of the modification of a wooden structure chosen by you, the ready building will guarantee a set of advantages among which we will note the following:

  • environmental cleanliness and safety;
  • the comfort of living;
  • short construction time;
  • the possibility of rapid settlement;
  • low cost of housing;
  • reliability durability of finished construction.

Traditionally, country houses 6x6, 6x8 and 6x9 are typical objects with similar architectural solutions. For example, according to project documentation, such houses have a ceiling height of 240 cm on the first floor and 220 cm on the second. Depending on the customer's wishes, these parameters can be revised and changed. However, such improvements, as a rule, affect the increase in the cost of the project.

Construction of the country house from a bar

Again, the instructions for assembling a wooden cottage may include the presence of an attic floor or opposite to its absence, the presence of one or two terraces, etc. In other words, by applying to specialized design bureaus, you can order both the exterior of the building and the interior layout of the rooms, according to your needs and preferences.

Standard projects of country wooden houses from a bar can be one-storeyed, one-storeyed and two-storeyed.

The building plan without fail includes:

  • appearance;
  • total area;
  • number of floors;
  • the location of the rooms;
  • exterior trim;
  • interior trim.

To achieve optimal competitiveness, typical project documentation is developed taking into account modern requirements for functionality and comfort of buildings.

Photo: everyday architectural design bureau

Important: ordering a standard project, you not only save money, but also get a plan of the cottage, tested in actual conditions. In other words, you can be sure that the house will be quality durable.

For the most part, typical construction projects are divided into several categories:

  • economy;
  • Business Class;
  • premium class.

Belonging to a particular class indicates how affordable the price of a built house will be. Thus, you can choose a suburban housing that meets not only the aesthetic preferences, but also your financial capabilities.

Construction, in accordance with the standard or individual project documentation, provides the following list of works:

  • laying of the support and column or tape base for a log house;
  • installation of bearing walls;
  • installation okosyachki;
  • installation of internal walls;
  • installation of stairs;
  • manufacturing ceilings;
  • flooring;
  • arrangement of the roofing system;
  • seal integration;
  • installation of windows and doors;
  • carrying out internal finishing upon the demand of the customer;
  • exterior wall treatment.

As a rule, project bureaus have catalogs with a sufficient number of standard designs. But, no matter what you choose, a new wood house will be warm and cozy.

Selection of building materials

Before ordering the plan of the future wooden house, it is advisable to determine the materials from which it will be built. Currently, the construction market presents a wide range of lumber. These products differ from each other in operational and technical characteristics and, as a result, in cost.

Construction from a bar at any time year

If until recently, most of the wooden buildings in the post-Soviet space were erected with the use of rounded logs, today the timber is most in demand. This is a category of long sawn timber, made from softwood.

Basically, spruce and pine are used in production, since these species of wood are considered the most environmentally friendly and easy to process. This type of sawn timber is a beam with a rectangular cross-sectional shape.

Today bars are made everywhere:

  • traditional edging;
  • strugannye;
  • ground;
  • profiled;
  • composite.

In addition, these lumber are solid wood and glued. When designing your house, it is important to take into account the degree of moisture of building materials, since the weight of the structure as a whole and the time it takes to shrink walls depends on it.

Wait for the shrinkage to end for long

We build from wood without nails and glue

The best choice for the implementation of standard and individual projects are profiled and composite lumber. Ordering the design of the house with the use of profiled or composite beam, you get the opportunity to build a unique cottage without nails and glue.

The special type of tongue-and-groove joint provides the strongest and durable abutment of lumber to each other. As a result, the walls of such buildings have virtually no gaps. Due to this, you will be spared the need to caulk the gaps, which is relevant in relation to log buildings.

Profiled beam connection

A separate type of sawn timbers are composite bars. Using such products, it is possible to build energy-efficient cottages according to standard designs. Composite lumber constructively represent two boards, between which is placed a layer of insulation. For ease of installation, the boards are equipped with tongue-and-groove locks.

Today, it is easy to find building plans on the Internet, which can be downloaded for free. But such an approach to the creation of a cottage log or cottage impractical.

Order design only professionals!

The design of a log house or cottage should be done by professionals certified to carry out such activities. If you do this work unprofessionally, it is likely that difficulties will arise at the stage of coordination of documentation in the cadastral registration authorities.

Tip: ordering the construction of a turnkey cottage implies that the professional development of the project is included in the range of services.


Have you started building a house in the country? Mandatory order professionally designed project. Only in the presence of such a plan is it possible from the outset to organize construction with minimal time and material costs.

Of course, only the availability of project documentation can guarantee that the erected structure will be sufficiently strong and durable. On how to build log houses on standard projects, show the video in this article.

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