What are the cutters for profiling timber

Profiled timber - the most popular lumber for low-rise housing and finishing. Every year it is gaining more and more popularity, leaving behind a more expensive option - glued lumber, and shielding its rectangular raw material with its shadow. However, the process of its manufacture is not so simple, it requires the use of a special tool, or rather, the use of cutters for wood.

Inexperienced person is easy enough to “get lost” in a wide choice of this type of product.

The merits of lumber

It is an environmentally safe building material with a number of qualities:

  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Good noise isolation.
  • Resistance to adverse effects of the environment.
  • Nice appearance.
  • Creating the most favorable and comfortable conditions for a long stay of a person in buildings made of wood.

Along with this, the profiled bar of natural humidity provides ease and convenience in working with it even to beginners who want to do everything with their own hands. Milled timber is mounted in the groove-thorn lock, this technology is somewhat similar to the children's designer, where all the blocks are fixed by a similar method.

Production of profiled sawn timber

For the production of profiled sawn timber it is not enough to have high-quality raw materials and process knowledge; here we need modern, accurate equipment - mills for profiled timber. Processing, or rather milling timber, can be performed on equipment of varying complexity.

There are several options:

  • Machine tools for enterprises - manufacturers of small and medium sized sawn timber. They occupy a lot of space, but practically do not require human participation in the production process.
This is what bulky machines look like that allow processing lumber without any human effort.
  • Heavy equipment for the production of wall profiled timber of large section, more than 250x250 mm (six-spindle machines).
  • Manual machines with which you can make this lumber yourself, for example, in your garage.
In the photo - one of the types of hand milling machines, which can handle various wood species

Note! As you already understood, the cost of machines for profiling a timber is directly dependent on its power and functionality, which it has. Therefore, hand tools are the most affordable option, although not as effective.

Cutter Kits

All the above equipment is equipped with cutters to give the wood the necessary smoothness and configuration suitable for construction. In the process of processing solid wood or glued raw materials, the bar cutters are under heavy loads, so they must be made of high-quality material.

Manufacturers offer several types of cutter kits for wooden material, plus detailed instructions for installation and use are attached to each:

  • Set type "40.12.70-220" for slotting cup-shaped locks. For double-sided lock using a set of two spindles cost from 82,000 to 123,700 rubles. For a quadrilateral - on four spindles at prices ranging from 144,300 to 226,670. "70-220" in the kit number means the available width of the sawn timber to be processed.
The milling cutter is made of high quality alloys, which practically does not allow it to grind and break
  • A set of milling cutters of the “40.02.R120” type with semicircular faces has become in demand for lovers of cottage construction from a bar - imitation of a rounded log. The raw material for the production of such material is glued lumber of rectangular or square cross section. The price of the set is 175,200 plus, if desired, you can purchase spare knives for 67,900 rubles.
Similarly, a timber treated with a milling cutter of the “40.02.R120” type looks like
  • Kit type "40.13" for processing the ends of the beam in the form of a dovetail. This technique is used for T-shaped links in the process of cutting partitions or extensions to the main structures of the house. It is worth such a set of two cutters 71400 rubles.
  • Universal sets of mills, allowing to produce a profile bar of different thickness and section with a certain step of grooves and section crests. The advantage of the latter is the breakdown of the required profile into components. This reduces cutting force up to four times and, consequently, the power consumption of the machine.
Thus, universal cutters work, they easily adapt to the thickness of any lumber

Note! Supplied fully assembled and designed for two spindles of a four-sided machine. The main part of the kit contains cutters that form the edges of the cutter profile, defining the next step. An additional part of the set is milling cutters processing the middle of lumber, giving a predetermined thickness due to a change in their number. All kits are equipped with special spacer rings to offset the angle of the adjacent dial disks.

  • A kit of the “40.01” type allows you to make a lock from two to seven slots and ridges, which makes it possible to build the warmest houses, even in the case of using a bar of smaller section. The heat-insulating effect is achieved due to the tight connection of the bars in the wall construction. It also eliminates the need for laying insulation between the rows, which can become a store of moisture inside the wall.

The price of 40.01 kits varies depending on the width of the beam and on average in the country is:

  1. For a width of 85 mm (set number "40.01.85") - 48,000, spare knives 17,000 rubles.
  2. Further, respectively. 85 ... 110 mm - "40.01.110" - 61 000 - 81 500 rubles.
  3. 85… ..135 mm - “40.01.135” - 72300 - 25 850 rubles.
  4. 85… .160 mm - “40.01.160” - 83,200–30,200 rubles.
  5. 85 ... 185 mm - "40.01.185" - 94 170 - 34 600 rubles.
  6. 85 ... 210 mm - "40.01.210" - 105 100 - 38 980 rubles.
Cutters are simply enlarged by the addition of additional knives using metal spacer plates
  • Kit type "40.03" - additional knives are used in the production of profiled bar 150x150 and more with a wide groove for filling with soft insulation. In this case, the external profile of the timber is formed by cutters from a kit of type 40.01, intended for this purpose.

Cost of additional set:

  1. The width of the product is 150 mm (the kit number is “40.03.150”) - 72,270, a set of spare knives - 24,300 rubles.
  2. 195 mm - "40.03.195" - 87,600 - 27,800 rubles.
  3. 240 mm - "40.03.240" - 102 930 - 31300 rubles.
  4. The “40.04” type kit serves for the manufacture of profiled timber with a thickness of 90 to 255 mm with a groove-tongue pitch of 55 mm. Extreme knives kit chamfer along the contour of the product and make out the first grooves and ridges.

Internal cut the remaining grooves and ridges in the amount depending on the thickness of the workpiece.

Prices for “40.04” kits designed for timber width, respectively, 90 mm, 145 mm, 200 mm, 255 mm:

  1. 90 mm - "04.04.90" - 37 230 rubles. - a set of spare knives 13,140 rubles.
  2. 145 mm - 40.04.145 - 52 560 rubles. - 18 400 rub.
  3. 200 mm - "40.04.200" - 69 200 rubles. - 23650 rub.
  4. 255 mm - "40.04.255" - 85,400 rubles. - 28690 rub.

Knowing the subtleties of the production of profiled timber, you can significantly save money and make lumber yourself using a manual router for timber. Such a machine is, depending on the power of 5-10 thousand rubles. and it pays off even with a small amount, at the second stage of the structure (for example, baths).


The market for construction equipment for the manufacture of lumber is quite diverse, so anyone who wants to buy something for themselves will definitely find it. On the other hand, it is necessary to understand that it is better to work with cutters with a high-quality tool, observing safety precautions. In addition, for larger-scale production requires huge areas, because machines occupy a lot of space.

Sometimes it is cheaper to purchase a finished product than to spend your time and effort on its production.

In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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