What are finished houses from glued timber and how is the

Your home is always a pleasant and long-awaited joy in any family. It is possible to build a cottage from a timber by yourself, but for someone it is difficult. Manufacturers come to the rescue, who are happy to offer ready-made designs of glued timber houses to order.

Modern two-story house of timber

It is precisely glued timber (for example, from larch) that has recently been increasingly used in the construction of cottages and private houses, since this natural material has several advantages over its competitors. Consider them in more detail.

What is glued laminated timber

In the photo - the same timber

Glued laminated timber is an environmentally safe material that is distinguished by its strength and durability.

The process of its manufacture is possible even for a home craftsman, as described below, and on a production scale this building material is made of high-quality lumber in several stages:

  • There is a uniform drying of unedged boards;
  • Next comes troubleshooting - leveling wood and removing defects;
  • The main step is the “fusion” of the lamellae on a special 4-sided machine;
  • After that, the finished lamellae are glued together with a special adhesive composition into a solid beam, which reaches a length of 12 meters;
  • And the last final stage is profiling and cupping, according to the chosen project.

According to the latest research, it was concluded that the manufacture of houses from glued laminated timber is much more profitable and 70% stronger than from the same solid wood.

It is also worth noting that this material has a very low percentage of shrinkage, approximately 1%, which also gives its advantages:

  • No need to wait until the house of profiled timber shrinks;
  • After erection of the walls and frame, it is possible to proceed to the installation of the roof and finishing works.
Ready house project

What is it most often made of

Glued laminated timber is used in the construction of any real estate objects - from a country mansion to households. buildings in the yard. This natural material does not always require finishing outside the building, because its texture itself creates a colorful design and can remain unchanged, at the request of the owner.

Just do not forget that the price of such a bar is much lower than the rest of building materials and anyone can afford to build a new house with minimal losses.

As the source of lumber in the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber is used:

  • Sosnu;
  • Ale;
  • Cedar;
  • Larch;
  • Fir and other conifer varieties.

Manufacturers opted for conifers because of their advantages over the others:

  • Needles are less prone to other rotting;
  • It is durable enough and has a high density;
  • Resistant to natural anomalies and temperature extremes.

Note! Making houses from laminated veneer lumber is a fairly quick process and after a couple of three months after the start of construction, new tenants will rejoice at their dwelling.

What is worth remembering novice builders

If you do not intend to build a house yourself and wish to entrust the whole process to any organization, then:

  • Be sure to check the license, certificates and diplomas from the material manufacturer and contractors;
  • Try to choose a company that has a smaller number of intermediaries and intermediate links between employees and manufacturers;
  • Be sure to read the customer reviews of this company and find out its reputation.

Only after that start the conclusion of contracts for construction work, so as not to be in the “minus” and get disappointed instead of happy minutes.

How is the process of building a house

How the house is made of laminated veneer lumber

Remember that the house of high-quality laminated veneer lumber is significantly different from the summer cottage. In this structure, you can safely live in summer and winter and not worry about the weather outside the window.

If you want to do construction work with your own hands, then you just need to purchase a ready-made set of glued timber houses and build it on the chosen site.

Here are a few points you should pay attention to, as well as instructions for beginners:

  • If you order a blank project for your future home in a factory, the assembly will take no more than 6 weeks.
  • With traditional construction, this process can take several months or even years, since it is necessary to independently trim the material and fit it.
  • When choosing a building material, do not forget about the quality of the product and its proper drying, on which almost everything depends.
  • Starting the assembly, be sure to invite specialists who will tell you where to start construction and how to finish it.
  • It is also recommended to hire several utility workers to help speed up all the work and your house will be ready much faster.
  • A plus of laminated veneer lumber is that it is safe to settle in such a house right after the end of its construction and not wait for the material to shrink. The photo shows in detail the layers of material in the house from a bar and you can get more detailed information from some additional sources and on construction portals.

Tip: construction always begins with the foundation and the first crown of your home should be properly laid, which will allow you to continue all the work quietly in the future. That is why the help of professionals in this matter plays a big role and you should not rely on your own strength and knowledge, especially if you are confronted with such a question for the first time.

How to make glued laminated timber by yourself

Many ask the question: "How is the manufacture of glued laminated timber with his own hands." There is a simple and simple answer to this - buy equipment for the production of glued laminated timber, all the tools, glue and sawn timber necessary for work, and then start your business boldly or just make the material for yourself.

If the machine is not, then you can do the following set of tools:

  • Planer or circular with a set of cutters;
  • Hacksaw, brushes, brushes and clamps;
  • Roulette, grinding machine;
  • Glue, acetone and very well dried lumber (any slats, unedged boards, parallel bars).
DIY - glued laminated timber in the country

Next, go to work:

  • Cut the workpiece with an allowance of 5 cm on both sides. Arrange them so that the annual rings are in a different direction, trim all edges and choose grooves for gluing.
  • Next, collect the timber without glue, to evaluate your work and in case of defects correct everything.
  • Treat all the parts with a grinding machine and a degreasing compound, and only then proceed to gluing.
  • The field of glue application should be fixed with the help of clamps and left until completely dry.
  • At the end of the whole process, your first timber is ready and you can adjust it to the desired size.


Do not be afraid to start some new business and if something does not go well, ask the advice of professionals. Do not trust the work of cheap and not quite reliable construction teams, because you can lose more than you save.

Watch our video in this article and get answers to a number of your questions, and if everything is clear, feel free to start building your new home.

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