We understand how to calculate the volume of a concrete ring

This question is more often visited by those who are associated with the construction, renovation or arrangement of suburban areas, but it also happens that an ordinary man in the street has to look for an answer. In our article we will try to help you with this, tell you not only about the formulas and calculations themselves, but talk a little about the concrete rings themselves.

Pit under the well do after its final design

Ferro-concrete rings

Reinforced concrete rings are special designs for constructing wells of various sizes, which are most often used on external water supply and drainage networks.

Production of standard products is carried out in the factory from high-quality concrete in strict compliance with GOST "Reinforced concrete plumbing structures".

The process of manufacturing rings of concrete is not particularly difficult, for this we need:

  • The reinforced steel with a diameter up to 10 mm.
  • High quality concrete.
  • Mold for casting.

Reinforced concrete products for the device of wells are available in standard sizes with markings reflecting the purpose of the ring and its size. We will tell about varieties below.

As for how the price of each specific product is calculated, here it is necessary to understand how many cubes in a concrete ring, in fact, the more, the higher the cost.

Calculation of reinforced concrete support ring

Knowing the size of the product it is easy to calculate the amount of concrete in the f-ring, which is necessary for its manufacture.

But since there are many different options on the construction market, take, for example, the KO 6 support ring - the concrete volume of the product is calculated as follows:

  • First we need to write down the parameters (dimensions), in this case they will be equal to the following indicators - 840 x 580 x 70 mm.
  • Calculate the area of ​​a circle of larger diameter by the formula -? П d2 = 1/4 x 3.14 x (0.84 x 0.84) = 0.553896 m2. Where P = 3.14, and d is the outer diameter (in our case, 840 mm). We translate everything into meters.
  • Now, using the same formula, we calculate the area of ​​a circle with an inner diameter -? x 3.14 x (0.58 x 0.58) = 0.264074 m2.
  • Find out the area of ​​the product itself, for this you need to subtract from the area of ​​a circle with an outer diameter to subtract the area with an inner diameter of 0.553896 - 0.264074 = 0.289822 m2.
  • Multiplying the area by the height, we find out its volume - 0.289822 x 0.07 = 0.02028754 m3.

So, we calculated the volume of concrete for the KO 6 support ring, as you can see, there is nothing difficult in this, the main thing is to know the formula and the parameters of the product. However, it is always easier to make calculations than to build a well with your own hands; special equipment is needed here.

At a minimum, a crane is required capable of lifting a load of half a ton or even a ton (see photo)

Varieties of concrete products for wells

We give the parameters of all types of manufactured rings for clarity (the parameters will be described in the following order - height, wall thickness, internal diameter and weight):

The figure shows the important parameters that will help to make calculations.

Note! Marking COP means the following - wall ring.

  • KS-7-1, 10 cm, 8 cm, 70 cm, 46 kg.
  • KS-7-1.5; 15 cm, 8 cm, 70 cm, 68 kg.
  • KS-7-3, 30 cm, 8 cm, 70 cm, 140 kg.
  • KS-7-5, 50 cm, 8 cm, 70 cm, 230 kg.
  • KS-7-6, 60 cm, 8 cm, 70 cm, 250 kg.
  • KS-7-9, 90 cm, 8 cm, 70 cm, 410 kg.
Products with a small height are called complementary.
  • KS-7-10, 100 cm, 8 cm, 70 cm, 457 kg.
  • KS-10-5, 50 cm, 8 cm, 100 cm, 320 kg.
  • KS-10-6, 60 cm, 8 cm, 100 cm, 340 kg.
  • KS-10-9, 90 cm, 8 cm, 100 cm, 640 kg.
  • KS-12-10, 100 cm, 8 cm, 120 cm, 1050 kg.
  • KS-15-6, 60 cm, 9 cm, 150 cm, 900 kg.
  • KS-15-9, 90 cm, 9 cm, 150 cm, 1350 kg.
  • KS-20-6, 60 cm, 10 cm, 200 cm, 1550 kg.
  • KS-20-9, 90 cm, 10 cm, 200 cm, 2300 kg.
A wide variety of rings allows you to easily equip the well of the desired size

Pay attention to the presence of reinforced ears for products weighing more than 100 kilograms.

A product marked, for example, KS-10-6 is called a fully wall ring with dimensions:

  • Height is 60 cm.
  • The inner diameter is 100 cm.

There are products with the marking KO (ring support), these products are found in the following version:

  • KO-6, height-7 cm, inner diameter - 58 cm, outer diameter - 84 cm, weight - 60 kg.

Another modification is the lining of wells under the hatch (ring K 1a, the concrete volume of which is calculated according to the parameters below):

  • К - 1а, height -18 cm, internal diameter - 58 cm, external diameter - 100 cm, weight - 160 kg.
PP labeling means - floor slab

Additional products allow you to more accurately adjust the height of the well, in some cases, leveling with the ground, in others - making them more visible. Mounting lining concrete elements on the well cover plate will help raise the hatch above its surface.

Due to this, it is excluded:

  • Leakage of rain and melt water in the well.
  • Hitting vehicles on the hatch if the well is located under the roadway.
  • Flooding of the hatch itself.

One of the important parameters of such a product is the volume of the concrete ring - 1 cubic meter, this is the unit of measurement for all such calculations.

Tip! Often you may stumble upon ads for the sale of used concrete products, including wall supports for the well, our advice to you is to study the goods before buying. In particular, inspect the inner walls, on which irregularities and different shades of concrete can be seen (unfair sellers fix cracks).


We hope that the above instructions will help you find the right answer to the question. If there are any difficulties in this process, you can always use the free electronic calculator, which can be found on the Internet.

In the presented videos in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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