Waterproofing for concrete. chemical composition.

Concrete, without a doubt, is the main building material today. But it is also subject to the ravages of external aggressive environments. The greatest danger for him is water. Therefore, there is a constant need for waterproofing of concrete structures, and penetrating waterproofing for concrete handles this task best of all.

Photos of an integrated approach to waterproofing concrete structures

Destructive effect of water

With permanent contact with water, which is especially important for hydraulic structures, pools, reservoirs, its penetration into concrete pores is inevitable. When this occurs, the leaching of free lime, which is always present in the concrete of any brand.

This process of leaching makes the concrete brittle, which in turn, can lead to serious defects, or the collapse of the whole structure. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to use materials for waterproofing concrete, the best of which are special impregnations.

Materials that can be used as additives and impregnations in the solution for water protection

Note! Today the market provides impregnations for both industrial volumes and works in low-rise construction. Which once again underlines the urgency of the problem of the interaction of concrete and the aquatic environment.

Types of waterproofing

In fact, all waterproofing impregnations are chemicals that are added to concrete, mainly during the preparation of the mixture, to give it waterproof properties.

The following types of impregnation can be distinguished.

Compositions with the extension Compounds having the property to expand after contact with the surface. Stir dry with water before use. An instruction in which the proportions of the mixture and water are indicated is usually attached to the goods. And only after that the mixture is applied to the surface.
Additives of the expanding type Used to urgently eliminate the defect in the structure of the material.
Pressure Sealant Class Additives They differ from all other types in that they are not added to the solution at the mixing stage, but are already used to protect the finished structures. Such mixtures are designed to fill various kinds of cracks and minor defects in concrete structures. Drying, they form a waterproof layer.
Mix for waterproofing concrete surfaces A mixture of penetrating type, or in a different way, penetrating additives. Such a mixture should be introduced into the solution at the stage of its liquid form and evenly distributed. The structure quickly grabs, which saves time. Penetrating type mixtures are widely distributed.

Chemical composition

According to its chemical composition, waterproofing additives can be divided into:

  • Colmatant. The main feature of these additives is the fact that they make the concrete waterproof after the mortar has dried.
  • Polymer. The polymers are added to give the concrete solution greater mobility. Microparticles of concrete form a so-called polymer film, which can make even cracked concrete waterproof.
The effect of using clogging composition

Plasticizing. As in the previous embodiment, plasticizers make the solution more mobile. Some plasticizers form a film. Some create an electric charge that activates the particles, which again leads to the mobility of the solution.

The most effective waterproofing materials for concrete with a combined type of action. In such additives with a double action, polycarboxylate is used, which not only improves the waterproofing properties, but also increases the strength of concrete structures.

Polycarboxylate in the pouring of concrete on an industrial scale

Cords for concrete

Where the application of impregnations is difficult for reasons or other reasons, or it is necessary to carry out the work of sealing structures or sealing pipes, comes to the aid waterproofing cord for concrete joints. Its use allows not only to perform technologically sophisticated waterproofing work, but also to reduce the overall cost estimate.

This cord is made on the basis of synthetic rubber. It provides a very tight contact with the structure under the influence of water, so only expands and completely closes even the slightest gaps that can become a conductor of moisture.

Using a special cord during waterproofing

Note! Some cords in the clamped state form a gel, which, in addition to creating a waterproof barrier, penetrates the pores and cracks of concrete structures, which further enhances the waterproofing.

It should be said that the price of such products is quite reasonable.

Similar cords are used for the following activities:

  • Almost complete sealing of structural elements.
  • Sealing of pipes at the joints between them or in places of contact with the walls or foundations of the foundation.
  • Sealing both vertical and horizontal process joints.

The following advantages can be highlighted:

  • Simple and fast installation of the cord, which can be done by hand without even having initial practical knowledge in this area.
  • The cord can be successfully used even on smooth surfaces, which increases the scope of application.
  • It withstands almost any temperature fluctuations, which allows it to be used in any climatic conditions and zones, ranging from temperate to northern latitudes.
  • Almost eliminated the error during installation due to the simplicity of the device.
An example of an already installed waterproofing cord


When it comes to the waterproofness of concrete, not to mention such a material as waterproofing paint for concrete. Such coatings have excellent water repellency and most often are single-component vinyl chloride containing enamel.

Red for concrete pavement used in the apartment

They are mainly used for painting pools and walls of water tanks. By choosing such compositions for painting, you can be sure that the waterproofing of concrete for storing water is carried out at the highest level.


The need for waterproofing concrete structures can not be doubted, as well as technological and practical advantages of such an action. The video in this article will help you choose the right impregnation.

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