Wall set of profiled timber - the composition and assembly

The use of wood for the manufacture of various kinds of building structures is a fairly common practice. This material is technological and simple in processing; its application for low-rise residential buildings looks especially promising. So, the wall set of profiled timber allows you to build a structure on the prepared foundation as soon as possible.

Photo of the house from the profiled timber

Their production is put on an industrial basis, houses made of such material are very popular in Scandinavia, the USA and Canada. Their main advantage is the relatively low cost and compliance with strict environmental requirements. Wall kits from profiled timber are a complete set of prefabricated building elements and parts necessary for the construction of a typical house.

One of the samples of building codes

The project of this building is being developed taking into account modern standards in the construction industry. The main guiding documents in this area are GOST 8242-88, SNiP 11-02-96, EN 1611-1: 1999 and DIN 68126. These standards are adhered to by all manufacturers of timber and ready-made kits for building houses. The most important characteristic for the consumer is the estimated price of the building.

Scope of delivery of timber profiled to the construction site

Set of stands

Small construction time and low cost of such houses are determined by the peculiarities of the process of their production and assembly. Profiled wall bar is manufactured at the enterprise and passes the technological cycle of preparation for installation.

During this process, the following operations are performed:

  1. Cutting parts of the right size from the finished timber;
  2. In the building elements according to the drawings, the necessary inserts are made to connect them together;
  3. The fasteners necessary for the installation of the building are selected, the metal assemblies - amplifiers of supporting and supporting structures, and the like;
  4. Design and assembly documentation is being prepared for transmission to the customer.

Then the prepared sets of parts are transported to the construction site. Here are already carried out assembly and finishing works. The main time saving comes from the fact that there is no need for fitting prefabricated elements in place and performing other non-core operations.

Note! Such technology is possible only with high precision manufacturing of parts, small tolerances and consistency of actions of all services of the enterprise.

Construction of a house from a profiled bar on a strip foundation

The sequence of assembly operations and is determined by the design features of the house. Specialists participating in the work undergo a special training course and are guided by project documentation. If the assembly is done on its own, then inexperienced craftsmen will need detailed installation instructions. Such a document is developed by the manufacturer and is provided to the customer upon his request.

The procedure for performing assembly operations

The wall set from a bar is established on in advance prepared base. Given the low specific weight of the material, the supporting structure is made lightweight. Mostly used strip foundations, but it is possible to use and slab, and columnar, and pile-caps structures. The choice is determined by geological features and topography of the site.

Particular attention should be paid to the device reliable waterproofing of walls and other structures. Wood, even treated with special compounds is highly hygroscopic. The most popular waterproofing material is roofing felt, from which the gasket is made between the base and the rest of the building construction elements. You can also use a special insulated beam.

The process of installation of load-bearing walls of timber


Quality wall kits from profiled timber houses supplied by specialized companies allow assembling them on the prepared foundation in the shortest time possible.

This work can be done on its own without the involvement of specialists, which will significantly reduce the total cost of construction. The video in this article demonstrates visually the order of actions and helps in the assembly process (also find out whether it is necessary to warm the house from a 150x150 bar).

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