Universal and economical projects of two-storey baths from

Russian bath is a significant part of our traditions and culture. Having become the owner of a land plot, our people often first of all build a bath on it, and not a residential building. And many build it with their own hands.

If such an idea also occurred to you, we advise you to pay attention to the bath projects with an attic or a full-fledged second floor. This is a very successful solution not only for modest areas, where every free meter of land is on the account - two-storeyed baths from a bar have many other advantages.

Beam - an ideal material for the construction of baths

What are the advantages of double-decker baths?

One of the most pleasant advantages of country life is the opportunity to relax after a working day in a hot warmed bath. But one thing is when there is only a steam room and a dressing room in it, and quite another - when, after a useful and pleasant procedure, you have where to relax, have tea, talk with family or friends.

In other words, a bath which can be considered as a whole complex of functional rooms can be considered as truly comfortable and convenient: a steam room, a washing room, a shower, a bathroom, a rest room, a living room, etc. All this is easy to place under the same roof, if the building is either large enough or two-storeyed.

If space permits, a swimming pool can be arranged next to the bath.

When should one give preference to such a project?

  • In the presence of a small area. In the attic or second floor you can equip a guest room or utility room.
  • If there is no financial opportunity to immediately build a house and a bath. The price of a two-story building is much lower than two detached. The second floor can be made completely residential. You will be where to live during the construction of the house, and after its completion, these premises can be converted or left for guests.
  • If you are hospitable and like to relax in the company, on the second level you can set up a tennis or billiard table, make a bar or arrange a home cinema.
Photo of a lounge on the second floor

The advantages of such a solution are many - from saving space to minimizing the money spent on construction and ensuring maximum comfort. Agree, in frosty or rainy weather it is not very pleasant after a steam room to wear warm clothes to get home. Instead, you can throw a bathrobe and go to rest on the second floor.

Features of two-storey baths from a bar

Choosing a project of a two-story bath from a timber, one should pay attention to such moments as the size and layout of the building, the principle of heating, the type of foundation and roof, etc. When a suitable project is found, you can solve the problem of choosing the material for the walls.

What to look for when choosing a project

In the first place should be the needs of your family and the amenities that you want to receive.

Therefore, to begin with, we study the following parameters:

  • Dimensions of the log house. They should fit in the space reserved for the bath;
  • The total area of ​​all rooms and each separately. If the steam room and the washing facility are usually designed for 2-3 people, then the rest room should accommodate more people;
  • The type and angle of the floor stairs;
  • Layout.
Sample floor plan

Council The most rational is considered to be such an arrangement, when all the bath rooms can be heated with one central oven.

As for the heating of the second floor, the principle of its design may be different depending on the layout, the number of rooms and their area. The easiest option is when the air gets warm from the chimney. But this is often not enough, so it is desirable to provide an alternative source of heat - a fireplace, electric or infrared heaters, "warm floor".

A two-storey bath of timber or any other material must have a closed vestibule in front of the waiting room and other rooms, preventing the penetration of cold air inside.

Finally, you need to make a choice between a full floor and attic. In the first case, you get more room for planning decisions, in the second - savings on materials and heating.

Project with attic floor

What timber to build

The choice of material today is huge. And we are talking not only about the different wood used for the manufacture of timber, but also about the methods of its production.

For the construction of baths and saunas, it is recommended to use wood for coniferous timber - pine, larch, cedar. It creates a healing microclimate, tones, a positive effect on all life processes.

Note. Steam room inside is better to trim with linden or aspen, resistant to moisture and having antiseptic properties. In addition, at high temperatures, conifers actively secrete resin, which spoils the appearance and gives a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, there is a guideline recommending not to use them for finishing baths inside or making regiments.

As for the types of timber, differing in the method of production, you can choose from ordinary, glued and profiled.

  • The usual preference is given in two cases: when it is necessary to save (it is the cheapest) or if the bath in any case will be cleaned outside and inside with other materials. This is necessary, for example, in order to match the rest of the buildings on the site.
  • Two-story baths of glued laminated timber cost more, but are built faster and do not require finishing. This material does not shrink, does not crack, and better than others resists aggressive external influences. (See also the article What are the advantages of cedar glued laminated timber)
Profiled timber

  • Both ordinary and glued laminated timber can be profiled. The spikes and grooves cut on the working plane give a tight connection without gaps and cracks that do not require the use of tow or other compactors. (See also the article Profiled timber of natural moisture: features of use in capital construction)


Until recently, the bath was only a place where you could steam and wash. Today it has turned into a corner of relaxation, communication and relaxation. Therefore, two-story projects that allow to realize this idea are becoming increasingly popular. In the video in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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