The house of the profiled bar with their own hands: the

How to build a house from a profiled bar with your own hands, how difficult it is, is it possible at all, provided there is no experience in construction? All these questions can stand in front of you if you decide to build a house on your own.

Photos of the house with a loft of timber

Build a house by yourself

First of all, the project is always determined. Accordingly, all other calculations are carried out further from it.

Despite the fact that timber, like wood, weighs less than a brick, the project will need to calculate the load, and, on the basis of them, a decision will be made on the foundation.

You can define the main points that are needed for the project:

  • Floors. Timber allows you to build not only a one-story structure.
  • The total area, including residential.
  • Foundation type.
  • Roof.

Note! The project itself must be developed in the architectural bureau, where all the nuances will be taken into account, further work, of course, can be carried out on our own.

Where to begin

If everything is clear with the project, then you can decide on another very interesting point that concerns the construction of a house from a profiled bar. The bottom line is that you can build a structure in the usual way, that is, put the part behind the part, and you can order the designer of the house from the profiled bar.

Ready wall constructor

How it works? The house kit consists of prefabricated wall elements that are manufactured with exact dimensions according to the project. In addition, they have already cut all the necessary connecting cups.

Note! If you choose this option of construction, then all project documentation is sent to the manufacturer, where the future structure is almost completely made!

All parts of the house are delivered to the site and here, on the spot, are collected in a short time.

In order to take advantage of the option in which home constructors from a profiled bar are then assembled without problems, several conditions must be met:

  • Availability of all working documentation in which all parameters will be indicated.
  • Production must take place in view of the high precision of all the elements of the structure.
  • Production must be made by specialists.

There is a construction method and cons:

  • Higher cost. Of course, this saves assembly time, but the house ends up being more expensive.
  • The impossibility of making complex designs.
  • If during the construction process the customer decides to change the project, the designer of the houses simply does not imply such changes.

As a result, regarding the designer, we can say that it is ideal for those who want to quickly build a house from a bar, without complicated technical refinements and solutions.

If we are talking strictly about self-construction, then the whole process can be divided into three main stages:

  • Foundation.
  • Walling.
  • Roof.

These are fundamental works, after which, the second “wave” is coming.


The foundation for log houses is selected taking into account several key parameters:

  • Soil type
  • Load at home.
  • The financial side of the issue.

Based on all three points, you can choose the "golden" middle - bored, pile foundation. And it can also be built independently.

To do this step by step, you must perform the following steps:

Foundation with the first crown
  • Prepared plot. Removed all vegetation.
  • Markup is done. On the example of a house 8x8. The distance between the piles should not exceed two meters.
  • It is determined not only the perimeter, but also the inner walls of the first floor.
  • Wells are drilled to a depth of one and a half meters.
  • Sand is poured, 10-15 cm, and rammed.
  • Links armature. You can use 10 mm.
  • The glass is made of roofing material.
  • Everything is poured concrete.

Note! Instructions for the manufacture of this type of base assumes that all the piles will be the same size, which means that they will have to work strictly on the construction level.


For walls, you will need a profiled beam of two sections, if you work correctly and on technology. The bottom line is that for the first crown (the first row of the bar around the perimeter) a cross-section of 200x200 mm is required, and subsequent crowns can already be laid out of a bar of a smaller cross-section.

Crown around the perimeter and inner piers

The fact that it was the profiled material that was chosen for self-erection has several important advantages:

  • Ease of work. The beams are adjusted so that they are simply inserted into the grooves.
  • Mounts are quite simple, and you can make them without work experience.
  • Profiled material makes it possible not to use insulation.

Erection can also be described in several stages:

  • Roofing material is laid on the concrete pillars, this will be an additional waterproofing.
  • The level is set the first crown. This is the most important part of the wall, the wall will go further.
  • Fastening is made as mauerlat. You can make it with steel anchors, and you can drill through the timber and drive in rebar.

Note! The first crown should be carefully treated with antiseptic. Impregnation must be of high quality and comprehensive. A house of profiled timber will last much longer if properly approached to work with wood!

The most difficult thing in the work of building a house from a bar is the moment of attachment. There are several interesting, and fairly simple options, and the most acceptable, this mount nog.

Example of fastening with a round dowel

As a rule, the mount goes for every 2-3 crowns. A hole is drilled, strictly vertical, which goes through 2-3 bars. Holes recommended to perform in a staggered manner. Step can be used in 1-1.5 meters.

Note! Nagel should always be made of wood of more solid wood than timber. For example, if the walls are laid out of birch or pine, then the nog is recommended to use oak. The moisture content of the dowel should correspond to the moisture of the material for the walls. When dry, they will shrink at the same time.

Under the window and door openings are made blocks that are installed according to the project. Here it will be necessary to pay attention to the gaps between the walls and openings. It is best to caulk them with jute.

Door and window unit

The assembly itself, the installation of the walls will pass quickly. Using the strengthening of the dowels, you can assemble the box in a few days.

The price of independent work, no doubt several times lower than at the cost of the builders, but still have to hire roofers. This moment, the installation of the roof, in any construction is very important, and if the walls, the “box” can still be handled successfully enough, then the roof still needs a minimum of expert advice.


Despite the fact that assembling a house from a profiled bar with your own hands seems to be quick and simple work, you need to understand that the box is only the beginning of construction. Yes, this is the main part, but the house still has to go through shrinkage, through the complete drying of the material. Grinding, external and internal work.

All this will take some time, but after 3-4 months, even when working independently, you can enter the house. In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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