The house from a bar 6х8 with a duo-pitch roof and the tape

Самым оптимальным вариантом для проживания является дом из бруса 6×8, в котором при правильной планировке может хватить места даже большой семье. В основном подобные строения возводятся из сосны, так как она обладает относительно легким весом, низкой теплопроводностью, а также смолистым наполнением, предотвращающим процесс гниения. Строительство начинается с составления проекта будущего сооружения и выбора материала.

Exterior of a 6x8 apartment building with a small extension.

The advantages of lumber designs

Nowadays, timber houses 8 to 6 deserve special attention, as they allow to successfully use the internal space. Wooden elements in the form of rectangular beams allow relatively quickly and simply to build the whole system of walls. Thus, in a short time and at a fairly low cost, it turns out to create efficient residential buildings.

The advantages of such structures

  • Due to the formation of a flat and smooth plane, the side surfaces are quite easy to finish, especially if siding or drywall is used.
  • Due to the thick array of wood provides good sound insulation, so the street noise is not so audible in the home. When using multi-chamber windows, the insulation level increases significantly.
  • The remarkable appearance of the building is also an important advantage, however, this primarily concerns shaped and glued products that do not need additional lining.
  • The relatively low price provides an opportunity to order products to a wide range of consumers, and, if necessary, you can save money by carrying out the construction with your own hands.
  • The simplicity of laying elements allows you to get quality housing for one or two months, which is very much appreciated in today's world.
Presented one of the options for planning.

Addition! As for the dimensions of the future structure, the houses from timber 6 to 8 are considered the most promising from an economic point of view. With proper design, they accommodate all the necessary facilities.

Selection of products for construction

Чтобы построить дом 6×8 из бруса, необходимо сначала определиться с видом продукции и правильно выбрать поставщика. От этого будет зависеть качество строения в целом, хотя есть и другие факторы, влияющие на долговечность конструкции. Например, плохое основание может стать причиной разрушения здания.

Types of elements for construction

The technology of production of timber can vary significantly, so when you purchase you have to choose one or another option. In the manufacturing process, beams are given a certain shape and size.

In addition, fragments for the construction of lumber walls can undergo various processing.

The photo shows profiled bars.
  • Conventional products are made of solid wood, while they have a simplified manufacturing technology. In industrial conditions, four edges are removed from tree trunks. Thus, the elements acquire a square cross section.
  • Profiled bars are further processed, so do not need lining. In addition, they cut spikes and grooves, which allow to improve the insulating quality of the material. Also, due to the ridges, the strength of the created structure increases.
  • Glued analogues have a complex production process consisting of several stages. Pre-tree is cut into individual boards, which are thoroughly dried. After this, the blanks are spliced ​​together with moisture-resistant glue in a special chamber.
It looks like glued laminated timber.

Note! Especially popular are houses 6 x8 of profiled timber, as they are made warm and not very expensive. Energy consumption for heating is quite low.

Purchase of material

To build an individual house from timber 6 by 6 by 6 by 8, you need to buy basic material.

At the same time, you need to choose a reliable supplier, otherwise the durability of the future structure cannot be guaranteed.

  • For a start, it is recommended to make an assessment of production capacity: the size of the site, the volume of the machine park and so on. It is desirable to ask about the conformity of products with generally accepted standards.
  • Next, you can analyze the quality of raw materials supplied for the manufacture of the material. To do this, find out the percentage of returns, because a quality manufacturer always rejects some part.
  • You need to visit the finished or erected objects on which this product was used. Although you can see the buildings in the photos. See how a log house looks like 6 to 8 of this material.
Quality products for walling.

Attention! Along with the above items you need to study the reputation of the manufacturer. Make it quite realistic if you view reviews on third-party resources, where construction companies are discussed.

Construction process

Когда материалы для возведения подготовлены, можно строить брусовой дом 6×8. Краткая инструкция, изложенная ниже, включает все пункты: от устройства фундамента до укладки кровли. В руководстве рассматривается строение с двускатной крышей и ленточным основанием.

Approximate procedure

Shows the basic scheme of laying crowns.
  1. Work begins with laying out the foundation for a log house when the dimensions of the future structure are transferred from the plan directly to the site itself. Pegs are set in the corners, the diagonal is measured. After that, a trimming is performed to help identify the outer and inner sides of the base.
  2. Further, a strip foundation is arranged along certain limits that is able to withstand considerable loads. A trench is pulled out along the perimeter, the depth of which is determined by the level of soil freezing. A formwork of the desired height is created, after which the concrete mix is ​​poured into it.
  3. The lower crown of the structure, which is fixed using anchor bolts, is laid on the finished base. However, before this is waterproofing the upper part of the foundation. The connection in the corners and points of intersection with other elements is made on a half bar.
  4. Next, one of several methods is the assembly of all walls. Each beam is fastened with dowels included in the prepared hole. At the device of window and door openings the vertical elements are inserted, allowing to align lateral parts.
  5. After the box is erected, the truss system is performed, serving as the basis for the roof. The simplest option is the construction of a gable roof, the frame of which has triangular-shaped components connected to each other. Their installation is carried out with the use of building level.
  6. At the last stage, the lathing is done and the roof covering is laid. The distance between the elements of the supporting structure depends on the type of roof used. For example, for shingles, a solid base is needed, and for a profiled sheet a crate with a step of 20-30 centimeters is permissible.
So installation of elements at height is made.

On a note! Modern houses of glued timber 6 x8 are built on the same principle, however, the elements used in the construction of walls are not subject to deformation and do not need shrinkage.

General recommendations

  • Additional thermal insulation is desirable to carry out from the outside, otherwise the usable area will be lost.
  • It is best to buy insulation that is placed between the crowns from jute, as it successfully withstands difficult environmental conditions.
  • Nagel should be purchased from beech, oak or birch wood. They are characterized by a cylindrical shape. Products with a square cross section do not meet construction standards.
  • Spring units of force should be used to compress the side planes vertically, then the quality of installation improves.
  • Прежде чем переходить к отделочным работам, строению необходимо дать отстояться в течение года или двух. Однако дом из клееного бруса 6×8 может быть завершен сразу же.
  • Choosing the shape of the upper part of the building, it is necessary to take into account not only external data, but also functionality. So, a broken roof allows more efficient use of the internal space.
  • It is possible to raise individual elements to a height with the help of additional labor or a special winch, which is quite realistic to make yourself.
Placement of insulation, placed between the crowns.

As a conclusion

Начинающим строителям, которые хотят соорудить дом из профилированного бруса 6×8, рекомендуется ознакомиться с видео в этой статье. В этом случае работы удастся провести с минимальным количеством ошибок. Однако, так или иначе, вам потребуются подсобные рабочие.

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