The cost of building a house from a bar - how justified is

Many compatriots are wondering what is the cost of building a house from a bar? And this is not surprising, since wooden houses are becoming increasingly popular, both throughout the world and in the post-Soviet space.

House of profiled timber

What does the cost of a country house depend on and how profitable is it?

First of all, you need to understand that timber is a term that summarizes a wide range of sawn timber with completely different technical and operational characteristics. These characteristics affect the high cost of building materials.

Again, seemingly outwardly similar beams with a quadrangular cross-sectional shape can be manufactured using different technologies. And, of course, profiled timber, due to the greater labor intensity of manufacturing, will cost more than the usual counterpart.

So, what is the cost of building a house of timber? Starting construction works, we draw up an estimate, according to which we get an idea of ​​how much building materials are needed and how much their purchase will cost. In accordance with the project, it is possible to calculate how many bars, taking into account the size of their section, will be needed during construction.

Important: lumber sold on a cubic meter. To calculate the number of beams in a cube, it is necessary to divide 1 by the number obtained by multiplying the length of the beam by the width and height of the cross section.

Pricing for work

No less important than the purchase of material is the cost of building a house from a bar. Immediately it should be understood that it is unlikely that you will be able to cope with the construction yourself without the involvement of third-party assistants. As a rule, a brigade of 6-8 people is enough for carrying out all stages of construction work, of which one employee will have experience in this area (see also the article Calculating the cost of a house from a bar - how to calculate construction costs).

Construction is in full swing

Bars, in that case if the wood is dry, are characterized by low weight. Consequently, it is possible to build with the help of this material quickly and without the involvement of special equipment. Refusal of special equipment (cranes of excavators and loaders) turns into significant savings, since rent costs a lot of money.

The cost of work in the construction of a house from a bar can be determined by the timing of the project. That is, the sooner you can move into a new home, the more expensive it will cost.

What we pay for

It does not matter that you calculate the cost of building a sauna from a bar or the price of building a full-fledged house to fork out for the following types of work:

  • drawing up project documentation;
  • site preparation for development;
  • foundation laying;
  • assembly of log walls;
  • arrangement of casing for windows and doors;
  • flooring;
  • installation of ceiling;
  • construction of the roofing system;
  • external wood processing.

Each of the listed steps is carried out in a strictly defined sequence as prescribed by the instruction and is evaluated differently.

On what we save

No matter what kind of wood house you decide to build with your own hands, it will be cheaper than brick stone or reinforced concrete structures. But, despite the more affordable price, lumber construction objects are durable, reliable and durable.

A cottage may be available if it is from a bar.

To save money during construction is obtained for the following reasons:

  • low price of bars in comparison with traditional building materials;
  • low weight of sawn timber and, as a result, ease of loading and unloading;
  • ease of processing wood without the need for special equipment;
  • ease of transportation;
  • the possibility of construction work without the use of special equipment, which is an advantage if the number of access roads is limited;
  • low degree of moisture of the building material (not more than 20%), which reduces the time required for shrinkage;
  • no need for external wall treatment.

The cost of a wooden house turnkey

A separate type of service is turnkey construction. When ordering such a service, it should be understood that the cost of the offer will be somewhat higher than when conducting independent work. But in this case, you save your time and you can count on a deliberately successful result (read also the article Calculation of building a house from a bar: features and stages).

Comfort justifies the price

Speaking of pricing, we note that, on average, they are about 10 thousand dollars for a house and a half floors from a bar 150x150. At the same time, a premium cottage will cost you, on average, 50–100 thousand dollars.

Is it a lot or a little? For comparison, similar objects built of brick or concrete are estimated to be 2-3 times more expensive.

Important: agreeing to the construction of a brick house, you can be occupied only a year and a half after the end of construction. By comparison, a wooden house can be entered literally immediately after construction.

Benefits Guaranteed at Affordable Price

In spite of the fact that lumber buildings are an order of magnitude cheaper than traditional analogues, they are characterized by a number of advantages, including:

  • ecological purity and safety (wood is safe for health and positively influences everyday well-being);
  • attractive appearance for less money (walls from a bar look much more impressive than standard fine brickwork);
  • fire and biological safety (wood is treated with antiseptics and fire retardants, and therefore the timber ignites slowly and practically does not rot);
  • the natural microclimate in the room (wooden walls “breathe”, and therefore there is no condensation on the windows and there is no moisture in the corners);
  • energy efficiency at home (lumber walls are characterized by low thermal conductivity, and therefore they retain heat well).
Photo on which the best building materials


On our site we discuss the pros and cons of cottages built of wood. There are many negative opinions, and it is surprising that most of the “experts” have a very limited idea of ​​the subject of the dispute.

Interior of a wooden house

In fact, a log house is a reasonable and rational investment in the purchase of real estate. After all, it is no secret that such buildings in the countries of Western Europe have been in operation for more than fifty years and will last as many. Therefore, the wooden cottage ordered by you will become the choice for many decades.

You can learn about the advantages of living in cottages from a bar in the video in this article.

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