Putty for concrete - the main types of compositions for

Very often there is a need to level and strengthen the bases of concrete. As is known, this material is characterized by high strength and durability, but sometimes its structure is disturbed due to wear, cracks and other adverse factors, in this case, you need a strong and reliable finishing material. There are several options on the market: for the floor, for walls and for cellular concrete, and when working with your own hands, it is important to choose the best option.

Despite its high strength, concrete also needs protection and repair.

Types of compositions for concrete foundations

You should not try to save and use low-cost options in the hope that the result will be normal. It is important to use the mixture that guarantees reliability and durability, therefore, depending on the type of work, you need to choose a solution.

If reinforced concrete was cut with diamond circles and the resulting seams need to be sealed, it is best to use an epoxy compound regardless of the type of surface. This option will be discussed in more detail below.

Hard putties for floors

As you know, any floor coverings are subject to increased loads, so concrete is often their foundation - it copes well with the task. But sometimes an additional leveling of the surface is required before the installation of self-leveling floors or sealing of the fit around the pipes (when diamond holes were drilled in the concrete for laying communications).

The product consists of a base and a hardener (in the photo), which are mixed immediately before use.

For these purposes, a two-component epoxy putty for concrete is used, which has the highest strength properties and a number of other advantages:

  • Excellent crack filling, potholes and other damage to the concrete surface.
  • Strengthening of all adjacent areas, and also joints and other responsible sites on a surface.
  • A solid finish makes it possible to achieve an almost perfectly flat surface.which can be used as a floor covering. This is often done in warehouse and industrial premises, because, apart from other advantages, the frozen composition is characterized by high strength and wear resistance.
  • The solution is excellent against most negative effects.: moisture, detergents and various chemical components.
  • High adhesion ensures the reliability of the surface and ensures that the frozen solution does not peel off from the concrete.
  • Putty for concrete floor very quickly gaining high strength, which allows for repair work as soon as possible.

Tip! Whatever brand of composition you choose, for the best effect, do not forget to pre-clean the surface and treat it with a primer solution. This will improve the adhesion, which has a positive effect on the durability of the coating. The best solution - the composition of Betonkontakt, which is excellent for preparatory events.

Soil - an important part of the process

It is worth noting that it is important to mix the components in the correct proportion - the manufacturer's instructions are required for execution, and you should not break it in any way.

Wall Compounds

If you need a full or partial finish of concrete walls, you can purchase a special composition, its price is much lower than that of epoxy variants. In addition, working with such solutions do-it-yourself is much easier, because you do not need a scrupulous calculation of the components for mixing.

Products of the Italian brand Akron are of the highest quality.

Whichever option you choose, it is important that it meets the following requirements:

  • The composition must be suitable for both internal and external works, it guarantees its high strength.
  • The mixture should quickly set, it greatly facilitates the work and improves the result.
  • Fiberglass must be present in the composition, it allows to significantly increase the strength of the finishing layer.
  • The frozen layer should have high waterproofing properties, this provides additional protection for concrete. (See also the article Plastering of aerated concrete walls: features.)
  • High elasticity of the finished solution ensures excellent adhesion and penetration into all surface irregularities.
  • The composition should not have a shrinkage in the drying process, it provides a high quality finish.

Solutions for aerated concrete foundations

Putty for aerated concrete is sold in bags of 25 kilograms

Again, the market presents a huge number of products from different manufacturers.

Choosing one or another option, it is worth checking that its properties meet the following criteria:

  • High adhesion properties, since the surface is fairly smooth, and not every option will stick to it.
  • Moisture resistance - putty on aerated concrete should reliably protect the surface from high humidity and temperature changes. (See also the article Aerated concrete facing: how to do.)
  • Vapor permeability is a very important property that allows excess moisture to easily escape from the material.

Note! For the best adhesion of the solution to the base, it is best to use a primer with a quartz filler; it creates a rough surface that allows the solution to stick much better.

It should be noted that the products for concrete in any case can not be used for aerated concrete, and vice versa. The materials have a different structure and properties, therefore, for each of them their own group of solutions was developed.

When finishing large surfaces, it is best to use a reinforcing mesh to increase strength.


It should be noted that the quality of the final result depends on the choice of the optimal composition, therefore it is worth paying close attention to this issue. The video in this article will help to understand some of the features of this topic even better.

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