Projects of a country house from a bar: features and options

Houses from a bar are an evolutionary leap in such branch as construction of houses from a tree. The use of timber for the construction of a country house - the best that you can choose today.


In this photo, you can appreciate the dignity of the appearance of the house of timber

Let's look at the advantages that this choice gives us:

  • low price of used materials;
  • no need to pour a solid foundation;
  • high speed of construction of the box;
  • ecological cleanliness of timber;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • ease of interior work;
  • reliability and long service life.

Kind of timber

To build a house from a bar, first of all you should familiarize yourself with the varieties of this material. This will help the manual with the technical characteristics of the various options for raw materials. So you can choose a bar of natural moisture or profiled. Consider the features of the use of these types of material in the construction of houses.

Features of the use of natural moisture bar

The main difference of this house is the low price. If you use planed timber of natural moisture, then this will increase the cost of the material, but it will provide an opportunity to save on domestic work. This type of timber shrinks around 5% over a period from six months to a year.

Tip: start building such a house in the winter, as in cold weather the shrinkage process runs evenly.

To prevent shifts in the horizontal plane, special wooden dowels are used to erect log walls. In the future, the walls of such a structure need to be supervised. It is recommended to sheathe their siding to avoid permanent care. Also suitable for these purposes brick or blockhouse.

Bar of natural moisture

Features of the use of profiled timber

What exactly is a profiled bar? This is a log, finished to a strong core and trimmed to a special shape with spikes and grooves. Such technical features allow you to tightly join the crowns of the house, thereby preventing the ingress of moisture.

This type of timber, of course, is more expensive, but easier to operate, does not need additional processing of the joints, internal and external decoration. The best choice, especially if you are building your own hands.

Tip: impregnation of wood with a special protective compound will significantly increase the life of your home.

Profiled timber

Projects of houses from a bar

Now we will give to your attention some projects of country houses from a bar:

Two-storey cottage from timber

House for a large family

This is a house for a large family, in which there will be enough space to also receive numerous guests. It will be convenient in it at any time of the year.

The decoration of the first floor is, of course, a living room, with large windows looking directly onto the terrace. Immediately from the living room you can get into the kitchen, striking in its size, able to accommodate all the necessary home appliances for the hostess.

There is an additional room for an office or a lounge. It is connected to the bedroom, which has access to the terrace and backyard. That will allow you to enjoy the freshness of the morning air immediately after waking up.

1st floor plan

More on the first floor there is a room for guests and space for bathrooms and boiler room.

In the economic part there is a garage for two cars and an adjoining workshop.

The second floor is a spacious hall in which you can perfectly place a recreation area. There are also several bedrooms, for each family member, and a large bathroom.

2nd floor plan

Outside, the house is surrounded by a spacious terrace, which will protect you equally well from the rays of the hot sun and from drops of prolonged rain while walking in the fresh air.

The exterior of the house has a dark graphite color, in which there are wood shades in places.

If you have a delicate architectural taste, you like comfort combined with multifunctionality, then this project is for you.

The country house from a bar with a mansard

View of a country house with an attic

Such project of a country house from a bar is very popular for construction at summer cottages.

Consider the important features of this layout:

  • reasonable price - the layout of such a structure can always be adjusted to suit your budget;
  • convenient size - occupying a relatively small area on the site, it perfectly accommodates the second floor;
  • comfort - such a house can be designed so that it is comfortable to live in it all year round;
  • speed of construction - such a project is quickly built up to a residential state;
  • beauty - against the background of other country "samostroev" such a house will look just great.

Tip: decide in advance what period of time in the year you will live in such a building. If all year round, this should be considered when choosing the thickness of the timber and methods of insulation.

Now more about the appearance. The woody natural color of the material will make such a house "their" in any terrain. Window frames, ebb and other parts of the interior have a white color, which betrays a certain completeness in the European style. The green roof adds freshness to the overall picture.

Inside the first floor, we are first awaited by the entrance hall, in which it is convenient to arrange a closet or coat hanger for outerwear and footwear. Further the door leads us to the hall. Partially this room is occupied by a staircase to the second floor, and there is also a large window.

To the right of the hall we enter the kitchen. Its impressive size of 10 square meters allows you to use it also as a living room.

Another door leads to the bedroom, which is not inferior in the proportions of the living room. This will allow to experiment with the arrangement of your sleep.

Also on the first floor there is a bathroom with a window and a room for household needs.

Ground floor plan

The second floor consists of two rooms. It is a spacious, almost 12 square meters, bedroom and office. Instead of a cabinet, you can equip a guest room.

Second floor plan

Thus, if you do not pursue value and maximalism, but proceed from the realities of today's life, then this project is for you.


Such a structure combines at the same time reliability, classic beauty and relatively low cost. You can choose a project of a country house from a bar that will be optimal to your budget and your desires. The video in this article will provide you with additional information for selection.

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