Profiled timber 150x150 for building a house

During the construction of wooden houses, the most demanded material is a profiled beam 150 by 150 cm, as it has a relatively low price and good performance.

Next, we take a closer look at the features of the profiled beam, and in what cases it is used.

Profiled timber

General information

Profiled timber является материалом натурального происхождения. Его получают путем придания обычному брусу четкого профиля при помощи специальных станков. При этом он получает очень точную форму.

Most often it is produced from spruce and pine. You can also find profiled timber from more rare species - cedar and larch.


Profiled timber 150 на 100 обладает целым рядом достоинств, среди которых можно выделить следующие:

  • Environmentally friendly. Wooden walls can "breathe" freely, so that the optimum humidity and light atmosphere are maintained in the room.
  • Due to the beautiful appearance, you can not perform the interior walls.
  • The speed of construction. Houses from such a timber are built literally in one and a half to two weeks. Even with unhurried construction with their own hands, the house is being built in one season.
  • Each timber has a crest or groove, so that the crowns very precisely fit one another. This allows even inexperienced builders to build houses. In addition, these grooves provide a tight fit of the links to each other, as a result of which no “cold spots” are formed.
  • The presence of cuts removes the internal stress of the material, prevents its internal cracking and deformation. Also, the special design of the beams does not allow water to fall into the gaps between the logs, as a result of which the material is less susceptible to rotting.
  • Special technological gaps, allow the wooden structure to finally "fit into place" within one year.
  • Houses made of profiled timber 150x150 are quite light, therefore less demanding on the foundation and the ground. In particular, you can use a screw foundation.
  • Relatively low cost of material.
In the photo - a house built of profiled timber

Tip! When choosing a timber for the construction of the house should pay attention to the degree of drying. The more dried it is, the better.


Of course, along with the advantages, there are some drawbacks to the material, although there are not many of them:

  • In the process of drying of the beams, they may appear cracks. The lower the temperature at which the construction was carried out, the fewer the cracks. Cracks appear on the side that has a large area.
  • You can finish only after the house has sat down and pick up the relative humidity.
  • Redevelopment after building a house is very difficult.

Given all the advantages and advantages, the use of profiled timber is the most rational, despite the fact that the material is not the cheapest.

Types of profiled timber

All differences between the types of profiled beams can be divided by the following features:

  • The dimensions of the profile link. It may differ in length and section. The most popular is the profiled bar 100x150 cm, which is used for the construction of external walls. There is also a material with a section of 100x150,100x100, 200x200 and 150x200 cm.
  • Profile views. There is a double profile, comb, Finnish, etc.
  • The structure of the material. It can be made of solid solid wood or be glued. Recently, another type has appeared - a warm timber.
  • Appearance May have a D-shaped front or straight.
  • Drying. May have natural moisture or be dried.
Types of profiled timber

Note! All types of profiled material must be made in accordance with GOST 8242-88.

Profile views

When choosing lumber is of great importance profile. Despite the fact that there is a rich assortment on the market, there are also certain standards.

I see the profile by the following types:

  • With one thorn.
  • With two spikes.
  • With beveled chamfers.
  • "Comb", i.e. with a lot of thorns.
  • Finnish profile.

For residential buildings, it is recommended to use a comb-type profile. It creates the most reliable barrier to penetration of moisture and cold. If the design is easy, then you can use a profile in one or two spikes.

Separately, it should be said about the Finnish profile, which recently appeared on the market. At the bottom of such a workpiece is one big groove, and on top - a spike, which is formed by two parallel strips. The depth of the groove is greater than that of a regular profile. The result is a tighter connection, moreover, shrinkage occurs more evenly.

Profiled glued laminated timber

Glued and warm timber

Glued profiled timber is made of several glued together boards (lamellae). Between themselves, they are glued with a special glue, while the boards are stacked so that the fibers are perpendicular to each other. Thanks to this approach, the beams are more durable.

Before production, boards are subjected to special treatment, which improves the material properties, including aesthetic ones. The main disadvantage of this lumber is the high price.

The construction of the walls of profiled timber

Warm timber in its structure resembles glued, however, has the best thermal insulation properties. This material was developed specifically for difficult climatic conditions. Such a house can withstand temperatures up to -50 degrees. (See also the article What are the advantages of cedar glued laminated timber)

In its manufacture, make a layer of extruded polystyrene foam. This provides the material with such heat-shielding properties.


Profiled beams with a section of 150 * 150 cm are used in the following cases:

  • For the construction of the walls of residential buildings, warm verandas, baths, gazebos, outbuildings.
  • As the bearing elements at the device of a balustrade, a penthouse, a small porch and a canopy.
  • As a basis for floors, ceilings, as well as the formation of interfloor ceilings.
  • Strengthening window doorways.
  • Mounting of frameworks of interfloor transitions, flight of stairs and platforms.


Profiled timber is an excellent alternative to other building materials. In addition to good performance, it allows you to build yourself. To do this, it is not necessary to have a lot of experience, the main thing is that certain instructions should be followed during construction.

You can get more information on this topic from the video in this article.

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